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100s of deaths linked to TSA 'virtual strip searches' Travelers choosing more dangerous driving over fear of invasive airport technology

TSA quits using computers to look at you naked

TSA to remove controversial X-ray scanners

Ex-TSA Screener: Officers "Laughing" At Your Naked Image

Major Airports to Remove Invasive X-ray, Body Scanners (before election day....)

Report: TSA wasting money on screening machines

TSA cancer danger coverup?

How Safe Are TSA's Porno Scanners? .... Still no Rigorous Hard Data for the Safety of X-Ray Airport Passenger Scanners

TSA 'ignored warnings' on cancer cluster

TSA 'ignored warnings' on cancer cluster

Napolitano's email- lies about safety of full body scanners

2008 Document obtained by EPIC shows that a growing number of TSA workers diagnosed with cancers are voicing concern that the full body scanners and x-ray machines are indeed to blame for their illnesses.

John Hopkins study - radiation zones around (airport) body scanners could exceed the “General Public Dose Limit.”

New Documents Prove TSA “Mischaracterized” Safety Aspects Of Full Body Scanners

Biochemist says 'naked' X-ray scanner may be unsafe

'Naked' scanners at US airports may be dangerous: scientists

Columbia University: Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer

According to tweeting travelers, many backscatter and millimeter-wave AIT scanning machines at airports are not in use at all, making opting out impossible

“Inexcusable”: TSA STILL Refusing To Release Naked Scanner Safety Reports

EPIC v. DHS (Suspension of Body Scanner Program)

EPIC v. Department of Homeland Security - Full Body Scanner Radiation Risks

VIDEO: Ron Paul attacks TSA Screenings, cites deals to companies, illegalities

VIDEO: The ObamaMEter measures the MEness in Obama speak

VIDEO: Charges ex-DHS chief Chertoff got 'sweetheart deal' selling naked scanners to TSA, Rep. Duncan makes charges on House Floor

Scanner-gate: Coincidence? Soros Apparently Sells Off All Shares of TSA Scanner Company

One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans

Nudie-scan CEO an Obama ally, Donor

Bush’s Homeland Security Secretary flacking for nudie-scanners, too

OSI Systems Chief Executive Officer Joins US Presidential Visit to India

George Soros also profiting off controversial new TSA scanners

George Soros also owns a piece of the scanner company (OSIS)

Scanner-gate: Airport Scanner Manufacturer accompanied Obama to India

Another slimy big $$ scam: Obama gave instructions to the Homeland Security Department to spend one billion dollars on purchasing airport electronic body scanning equipment

Former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff is a lobbyist for Rapiscan Systems

VIDEO: Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber Cover Up- The Body Scanner Scam

Group slams Chertoff on scanner promotion

'Naked scanners': Lobbyists join the war on terror   

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