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The Obama Administration: Year Five

President Obama's Two Hundred and Fifteenth Week in Office



It's 3am and nobody's there

Sen. Paul holds floor for hours in filibuster of CIA nominee, over drone concerns.... at 6 hours... 10th hour and beyond... 12-hour mark.

Harry Reid Tries to End Rand Paul's Filibuster

Obama and Israel

Michelle Obama, John Kerry to Honor Author of Anti-Semitic Tweets: Samira Ibrahim

U.S. and Israeli officials said President Obama would not delay his trip to Israel in the event that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unable to form a government.

Biden to AIPAC: No, really, Obama's not bluffing on Iranian nukes


CBS News Source: Benghazi Documents Reveal White House 'Specifically Warned of Imminent Attack'

Benghazi Gate - Where Are The Survivors? - Still No Word From Benghazi Attack Survivors - Greta Van Susteren: Time to Subpoena Obama Officials on BenghaziGate - "Put Them Under Oath"

Report: 'Press Shop' Removed Al-Qaeda from Benghazi Talking Points

Report: Libyan Officials Warned of Imminent Benghazi Attack Days Before

Divisions Among Republicans Stalling Formation Of Benghazi Select Committee


HHS Mandate: Court Rules Against Catholic Business Owners

Florida will pay a high price for Medicaid expansion

Obamacare’s Predictable Problems: Reality isn’t playing out according to the media script

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this morning scotched the daily White House briefing because it is snowing in Washington.


Carney: Americans Too Busy to Understand Sequester

White House Tours, Arranged by Congress, Halted; But WH-Arranged Easter Egg Roll Is Still On

Top CDC Official Clueless on WH Vaccine Claims

Chief White House calligrapher gets paid $96,725 a year

Capitol janitors making 'ends meet' with overtime? Nope

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

"Morning Joe" Crew Mocks White House's False Sequestration Claims

Texas Rep.: No more Obama golf trips until WH tours resume

Community Organizer to the World

White House: 2014 is "not a focus" for Obama yet

White House Staff Not Pleased Tours Canceled Due to Sequestration

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Video: Ted Cruz Gets Eric Holder to Admit That Killing Americans With Drones On U.S. Soil Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Once Again, Obama Suggests That Laws Don't Apply to Him: No budget submitted- again

Rand Paul: Obama Wants No Judicial Oversight To Kill An American - Hannity 3/5/2013

Internal doc reveals ICE plan to release thousands of illegal immigrants

6 Obama administration sequester claims shot down by fact checkers

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents ....Document link here

Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

Author Quotes Then-Professor Obama Saying, 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns'

Amanda Collins at HB 1226 Hearing

Colorado: Another firearms manufacturer, Magpul, considers leaving its home over restrictive gun laws

DOJ Fighting To Deny Veteran Right To Own A Firearm Based On 40-Year Old Misdemeanor


U.S. Attorney steps up case against Reese family by going over judge’s head

Obama Dead Pool File

SSDI changed Adam Lanza's date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012...according to the original SSDI entry, the man who we are told was the lone gunman who perpetrated the Sandy Hook massacre, had died the day before he killed his 27 victims

Conn. massacre records secret, media seek access

Newtown clerk refuses to issue Sandy Hook victims' death certificates



Kerry Stammers: 'Can't Answer' Why No One Allowed To Interview Benghazi Survivors

John Kerry on Benghazi attacks: 'Justice sometimes takes a while'

Obama and Israel

Obama 'hates' Netanyahu- Expert: 'President is going to use money to force Israel to bow'

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Fitness Plan Starves Kids for Hours

Veteran's Story About Michelle Obama Using War Amputees as Photo Props

It's 3am and nobody's there

Black Drone spotted over JFK Airport by Pilot

U.S. dismantling outposts in Afghanistan as it begins pulling back


Airports to Janet Napolitano: You're wrong about delays

More sequester pain: White House cancels tours

 Flashback, Oct 2012: Obama Tells Des Moines Register He’s Counting On Sequester, It’s A Good Thing

Obama Appears to Have Exaggerated Effects of Sequester on 'Head Start'

Letter: Tom Coburn tells the USDA to cancel "wine tasting" at upcoming conference to save money from the Sequestraion

TSA Sealed $50-Million Sequester-Eve Deal to Buy New Uniforms- at a cost of $1,000/employee... partly manufactured in Mexico

Economic Optimism Plunges To 15-Month Low; 59% Say U.S. In Recession

The Last Time The Dow Was Here... ("We all know it's going to end badly --Jim Cramer)

Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field

Obama and Agenda 21

Waxman on Keystone: 'We Don’t Need this Dirty Oil'

Obama Voter Fraud

Top Obama Officials Held Secret Scott Walker Recall Meeting In 2011: Report

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Not a Dictator- Obama's declaration of ineffectuality.

 Pre-Selling The Coup? Obama Says America Would Be A Better Place If He Were Dictator ...repeated 3 times..-on November 19, 2012; on Feb 15, 2013 and on March 1st, 2013

Email tells feds to make sequester as painful as promised

DHS plans to release 5,000 illegal immigrants due to sequestration

House Judiciary Committee-ICE Intended to Release 6,000 Criminals

Martial Law: Tucson City Council Hands Authority Over to Military

Blackmail: Obama will continue releasing criminal aliens until taxes are raised

Obama's White House: Hostile Work Environment for Reporters

DHS Signs $4.5 Million Dollar Contract With Weapons Mfr Heckler & Koch

Why Is Obama's Growing DHS Army Buying Armored Vehicles?

The Great Ammunition Myth The government is not planning a violent putdown of civil unrest.

Coast Guard Investigator Jeffrey Coffman swears in affidavit that Obama's Selective Service application is a forgery

Obama Admin Wants to Deport Christian Homeschoolers

Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood

John Brennan and the Bin Laden Files

Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

Obama Pushing "Most Anti-Second Amendment Judicial Nominee" in Recent History: Caitlin Halligan



$253.5B—Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year

Carney: Obama Open To "Petite Bargain" On Budget That Would End Sequester

The Rich Get Richer: Obama-Style Crony Capitalism

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama Administration Buries Good News on Keystone Pipeline

Obama rounds out Cabinet with EPA, Energy picks: Gina McCarthy, Ernest Moniz

Gina McCarthy, Obama's 'Green Quarterback,' Has a History of Working With Industry

Environmental Groups Target Ernest Moniz, President Obama's Likely Choice for Energy Secretary

Obama and Israel

Biden: U.S. Committed to Israel 'as Long as I and He Are President and Vice President of the United States'

Biden: Obama Most Supportive President of Israel in 30 Years

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Calls Himself President Again

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Another Journalist Tells Fox About White House Abuse: 'Like My Mother Giving Me A Guilt Trip'

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

Proven: TSA Hires Murderers, Rapists, Thieves

Sheriff Joe's Lead Obama Investigator Mike Zullo Meeting With Congressman At CPAC

Napolitano: Obama Secret Service team sheltered from cuts

Janet Napolitano blasts media for sparking 'mythology' about release of illegal immigrants

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to Speak at Naval Academy Graduation

Ultra-assertive Obama adopts new strategy: Taking no prisoners

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Banks to 700 veterans: Oops, sorry for the foreclosures

Obama Dead Pool file

Are FBI Informants Working Inside America's Churches?

It's 3am and nobody's there

Napolitano promises to release more illegals

Obama vs. The 2nd Amendment

DHS Plans Backdoor Gun Registration?

Colorado Senate Meeting to Restrict 2nd Amendment


Obama and Israel

'Israel Lobby' Author Addresses State Department- Coauthor of 'The Israel Lobby' tells State Department why 'American foreign policy fails'


Report: FBI Benghazi Survivor Interviews Delivered to Senate Intel Committee

McCain, Graham Demand Benghazi Answers Before Brennan Vote

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

4 Navy air wings grounded, 8 deployments canned

Nuclear missile program's future in doubt, retired general warns

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers' money to build giant solar power plant in middle of the desert

DOJ: Children Do Not Need—and Have No Right to--Mothers

Beat the press Reporters reveal how the Obama administration threatens and controls the media

Acxiom Database Pull Shows Obama Also Used The Name Barack Soetoro

Sperling Admits Obama Misled in Debate: The President Did Propose the Sequester

China Deal Benefits Obama Donors Administration-approved takeover by Chinese oil company provides Obama backers windfall

Surrender: Rep. Issa Reportedly Cut Deal to Ease Up on Obama Investigations

White House tried to muzzle Dr. Ben Carson's health care reform message?


New Cars Increasingly Out of Reach for Many Americans

No, Obama has not offered a plan on entitlements

It's 3am and nobody's there

Iran claims it has 3,000 advanced centrifuges

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Reich: Tea Party 'Conspiracy to Undermine the Government of the United States'

Obama vs. The 2nd Amendment

Colorado Bill Would Ban Shotguns

Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood

John Brennan and Islam

Obama and Egypt

Kerry says US releasing millions in aid to Egypt

Community Organizer to the World

Stymied by a GOP House, Obama looks ahead to 2014 to cement his legacy

Obama Voter Fraud

Sotomayor, Kagan Browbeat Scalia over Voting Rights Act Argument

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Sorry 'for Not Being a Part of the Civil Rights Movements in Selma' And elsewhere.



Obama, his team struggling with accuracy when explaining impact of sequester cuts

U.S. Capitol official: Obama wrong on janitors' pay cut

Wall Street Legend Warns: A 'Storm' Is Coming

Obama´s sequester idea is now Congress´ fault

Personal Incomes & The Decline Of The American Saver

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama camp identifies more bundlers

Lawmakers Accuse Obama Prosecutors Of Lying About Espionage Probe At NASA

Dr. Carson: WH Told Me 'Not To Offend The President' Before Prayer Breakfast Speech

Duke Energy soaks shareholders to pay for Democratic National Convention

Armed Services Chair: Never Seen Such Lack of 'Truth-Telling' from Commander in Chief

Obama Trashes Whistle Blower Protection for Federal Employees


Congressman Wolf to Sec. Kerry: Turn over Benghazi Survivors

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: Walmart Fulfilling Its 'Moral Obligations' by Selling Healthy Foods


Judicial nomination held over for U.S. Attorney in Reese case

It's 3am and nobody's there

DHS built domestic surveillance tech into Predator drones  Homeland Security's specifications say drones must be able to detect whether a civilian is armed. Also specified: "signals interception" and "direction finding" for electronic surveillance.



Obama Asks Reporter For Suggestion On How To Solve His Problems (video)

Obama blames GOP for the next six months of economic news

Consumer Spending in U.S. Climbs Even as Taxes Hurt Incomes: Incomes Drop Most in 20 years

IRS Furloughs to Begin After Tax Season

Obama´s Sequester Math: $300 Billion In New Revenues Called 'Spending Cuts'

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Tells Press: "I Never Want To Make Myself 100% Clear With You Guys"

Documents: US released more than 2,000 immigrants

Obama: 'I am not a dictator, I'm the president'

Woodward on White House email: 'I never said it was a threat'

Axelrod Mocks: 'Bob Woodward Feels Intimidated By Gene Sperling? Please!'

When the Obama Administration Goes After a Journalist for Reporting the Truth

The Obama-Media vs. Bob Woodward

Napolitano: Not sure why released detainees were in jail in the first place

Janet Napolitano: Decision to spring detainees made 'in the field'

Carney Lashes Out At Press: Do Some 'Old Fashioned Reporting'

Queen Michelle

 Michelle Obama Was 'Absolutely Not' Surprised By Reaction To Oscars Cameo: That’s Just 'Where We Are'


New Bills Would Halt Health Law's Employer Mandate

GOP lawmaker says medical-loss ratio adds to fraud

ObamaCare Kicks Wives Off Husbands' Health Plans

Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

Michelle Obama says 'hard choices' needed on guns

Shouting match erupts in Senate hearing on gun ban

Let them Eat .... Kale

DOJ Spends Millions On ‘Nonmission’ Luxury Travel For Attorney Generals, FBI Director

Obama and Israel

 As Kerry Heads for Ankara, Turkey's PM Equates Zionism With Fascism

Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood

US to send $60 million in aid to the Syrian rebels aka Muslim Brotherhood

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Sen. Reid to the Press: 'You Guys Have an Obligation to Report' that Democrats Are Right

 Video: Maxine Waters - 'Over 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost' Due To Sequestration

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Mixes Star Wars, Star Trek for Jedi Mind Meld

Spending cuts due to ground Navy's Blue Angels flying team

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Official & Colorado Power Broker Resigns Following Transparency Inquiry

Obama Voter Fraud

Obama & left-wing nonprofits ignore voter registration laws & limits on electioneering

Obama and Israel

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu suspends housing settlements ahead of Obama's visit

President Obama's Two Hundred and Fourteenth Week in Office


Obama and Egypt

NSF leaders refuse to meet Kerry in protest against US pro-Morsy stance

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Entering Jerusalem same day as Jesus did?

Obama Ethics, Year 5

ICE: Report About Director's Resignation 'Inaccurate And Misleading'

  Napolitano Breaks Silence On Release Of Criminal Illegal Aliens To Say She Had Nothing To Do With It

Woodward To Hannity: Not ‘Threatened’ By White House, But Still Concerned About Intimidation

White House on Woodward: Sperling Email Wasn't 'Threatening Anybody'

Former Newsweek Editor: Robert Gibbs Sent Me 'Abusive Email' In '08 For Article I Wrote About Obama

Ron Fournier: Yeah, I Got the Abusive Treatment From the WH

Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column

Cult of Obama: List of Journalists Throwing Woodward Under Bus

As Left ramps up campaign to discredit him, others proudly #StandWithWoodward

Economic Official Sperling Warned Woodward

New sequester battle: Woodward vs. White House

OFA Email: Attack Congressional Republicans on Sequester......True Intent of the White House?

  Holder Spends Millions on Luxury Travel, Used Law Enforcement Aircraft for Jet-Setting

Obama's DOJ targets religious freedom, again Argues gov't knows better than parents what benefits children

More Details Emerge on Obama's Prison Purge

Obama Desires Constant Chaos


Brennan Accused of Involvement in Altered Benghazi Talking Points


Eric Holder: I have no respect for lawmakers who held me in contempt

AG Holder: That contempt vote? Nah, doesn't bother me

Queen Michelle

White House Stats on Childhood Obesity Decline Pre-Date 'Let´s Move'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Illegal Alien Who Killed Nun Was on Obama's Supervised Release

Obama Terrorizes Public with Illegal Alien Releases

Democratic congressman says 'no additional enforcement' needed on Southwest border [Video]

Human Smuggling Ring Broken: Illegal aliens release 8 times

Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

Obama donor in process of buying up and 'destroying' America’s top pro-gun media outlets

Gun maker CEO: 'We're selling everything we make' (not raising prices)

Police Chief Shouts at Graham: Gun Background Checks Just 'a Paper Thing'

Obama donor and pro-gun media manager faces conflict of interest accusations

Joltin' Joe Biden

New Biden brag: He desegregated movie theaters


Obama Is a Tyrannical 'Borderline Communist' Says Black Chamber of Commerce CEO

Wage Recession Hits 5 Years; Worse Than Jobs Drought

Republican leaders' 'meeting' with Obama: Seven minutes

Obama Administration Sends 1,400 Jobs Overseas

Delinquencies On Student Loans Surpass Those On Credit Card Debt

Is the Banking Industry About to Cut Another 100,000 Jobs?

Obama and Agenda 21

Environmental Protection Agency Funding Up 51% Since 2008


Obama Ethics, Year 5

Bob Woodward on threat from White House staff: " makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, you're going to regret doing something that you believe in"

BOB WOODWARD: A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret' What I’m Doing

The AP’s Claim that a DHS Official Resigned Over the Illegal Alien Releases Turns Out to Be False

AP Headline: Homeland Security official quits after illegal immigrants freed over budget cuts

Lawmaker Grills Border Protection Official on Efforts to Track 40 Percent of Illegal Aliens with Expired Visas

House Homeland Security Committee Chair demands answers from ICE on illegal immigrant release  

White House was not involved in ICE's decision to release detainees says agency

Carney Flees Podium When Cornered About Obama's Pay-For-Access Scheme

Rep. Goodlatte Blasts Obama for Releasing Illegal Alien Inmates to 'Promote His Political Agenda on Sequestration'

Hagel Approved for Defense Secretary in 58-41 Vote; Obama Calls Confirmation 'Bipartisan'

DOJ seeks deportation of family persecuted in Germany for homeschooling

A FOIA Fiesta DOJ to celebrate transparency fail during national 'Sunshine Week'


CBS' Sharyl Attkisson May Get A Personal Threat from the Obama White House After This

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Budget Cuts Could Force Army and Marines to Cut 200,000 Troops

Communists/Socialists in the White House

Communism an 'Exaggerated Fear'? Social Security a 'Right'? We Have Jack Lew's College Thesis

Community Organizer to the World

Black Chamber of Commerce CEO on Obama: 'I Had Hopes Because He Was Black, Shame on Me'

Dr. Carson: White House Repeatedly Asked for Advanced Copies of Speech Before Prayer Breakfast

Obama activists now soliciting "sequester stories" from worried citizens


OSHA promises to protect workers who report healthcare reform law violations

But-But-But Premiums Were Supposed To Go Down By 3000%! (video)

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Gov. Brewer: Biden's Clearly Out of Touch ... Needs to Get Out

BOB WOODWARD: Obama Is Showing 'A Kind Of Madness I Haven't Seen In A Long Time'..........-Video

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: It's hard to find time to reflect on my legacy

For Michelle Obama, the Oscars were an unbecoming frivolity

First lady of publicity? Outcry over Michelle Obama´s FIVE television appearances in past two weeks (not including her two Sesame Street PSAs)

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Increases Mandates For Fuels That Don't Exist

California Girds for Electricity Woes Increased Reliance on Wind, Solar Power Means Power Production Fluctuates

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Kerry: Obama Remains Willing to Hold Bilateral Talks With Iran's 'Elected' Government

It's 3am and nobody's there

Pentagon Clarifies Hagel's Position on U.S.-India Relations Chuck Hagel's 2011 gaffe sparks international incident

Cold Warrior Putin calls for Russian military upgrades as U.S. troop cuts loom

U.S. moves toward providing direct aid to Syrian rebels

Rumor control: Did the Dept. of Homeland Security recently request to purchase 21,600,000 rounds of handgun ammo?

Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

Biden: 'Just Fire the Shotgun Through the Door'

Biden Recruits Retired Brig. General to Help Push Gun Control

Bloomberg Buys IL Congressional Primary for Anti-Gun Radical

Chris Matthews: Support Gun Control or an American President Could Be Murdered

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: 'I Tend to Say What I Mean, and That Gets Me in Trouble--Except in Mississippi'

Obama and Israel

20 Crazy Things Hagel Believes About Israel


J.C. Penney overhauls pricing strategy as sales plummet



J.P. Morgan Pulls Belt Tight- Biggest U.S. Bank by Assets Plans to Cut 17,000 Jobs as Trend Accelerates

Black Chamber Of Commerce President: Obama Doesn't Feel Our Pain, He Issues It (video)

GM says docs over GM CEO's $11.1M salary request misinterpreted, leaked for "political points"

Video: Biden - Americans 'No Longer Worried' About Economy

US Dependence on Middle Eastern Oil Grows

Report: Chevy Volt Battery Supplier Wasted Millions In Stimulus Funds

Napolitano: Sequester Cuts Will Make US More Vulnerable To Terrorist Attack

White House Denies Republican Charges of Scare Tactics Around Sequester

Obama warns spending cuts could idle Navy shipbuilder

White House raises terror threat, warns illegals could flood borders after sequester cuts

TransUnion: Late auto-loan payments rose in 4Q

Attaaaaack Waaaaatch

Democrats launch ‘Battleground Texas’ project to end GOP dominance

MSNBC, With Ex-Obama Aides, Now Almost 'A Bona Fide Organ of State Propaganda'

Queen Michelle

WashPo's Sally Quinn Admits Michelle Obama’s Oscar Appearance Was Propaganda

One Percent Perks: First Lady's $9K Oscar Dress

Donny Deutsch on Michelle Obama at the Oscars: "As far as I'm concerned, she was an uninvited guest"

It's 3am and nobody's there

The 41 "no" votes against Hagel the most against a Secretary of Defense nominee since 1989

Obama: U.S. now has the defense secretary it needs

Hagel Confirmed as Defense Secretary

There is a 'diplomatic path' with Iran, insists John Kerry

Taliban attacks not down after all

Obama: As president, 'you can’t do things by yourself' -VIDEO

Testimony: DHS No Longer Uses Control of Border as Measure of Border Patrol

In face of coming budget cuts, U.S. frees illegal immigrants from custody

2006 Speech: Hagel would have appeased Hitler

India: Chuck Hagel's Views Not Based in 'Reality' The Blog India: Chuck Hagel's Views Not Based in 'Reality'

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Releases 'Waves' of Illegal Aliens From Holding Centers

Rachel Maddow Confronts Robert Gibbs On His Shock Drone Claim - and He Dodges Masterfully

Union That Helped Bring Down Hostess Gets to Snack on Federal Funds

Obama's Treasury Nominee Got Unusual Exit Bonus on Leaving N.Y.U.

Obamaworld full of lies

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Pentagon Frets Billions in Sequester Cuts But Wastes $1.5 Trillion on Non-Working Fighter Jet

Top General: Protecting U.S. from 'Catastrophic Attack' is Lower Priority than Protecting 'Global Economic System'

The first time since WWII that five U.S. aircraft carriers were docked together.- This breached a long standing military protocol in the Navy

Obama and Israel

Biden to address AIPAC conference

Chuck Hagel’s Plan for U.S. Forces in 'Palestine'

'Obama To Tell Netanyahu US Gearing Up For Iran Strike'

Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who's 'Entitled' to Second Amendment Rights

ABC broadcast edits out Michelle Obama claim that Chicago teen was killed by an 'automatic weapon'

Pro-gun-law forces cancel showdown


Assault on For-Profit Medicine Begins

GAO Report: Obamacare Adds $6.2 Trillion to Long-Term Deficit



Obama's Paycheck Exempted from 'Sequester'

Why is Wal-Mart worried? Payroll tax could cut consumer spending. (+video)

GM proposes to pay CEO $11.1 million in '13

White House (OMB) Report Claims Sequestration Will Affect Federal Department That No Longer Exists

Obama Warns: Budget Cuts will Slow Economy, Eliminate Jobs

Personal Assets Crash 22% Under Obama, Recession

Canadian Officials Make Climate Case In DC Ahead Of Keystone Pipeline Decision

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama’s Oscar presentation raises questions about the role of a first lady

"Loud Groans" Heard in Academy Awards Media Room When Michelle Obama Announced As Surprise Presenter

'Statist propaganda:' Michelle Obama slammed for using military as 'props' during Oscars appearance

FLOTUS prop flop: Michelle Obama's use of military as props sparks disgust

FLOTUS Interruptus: Obamas Hijack The Oscars

Michelle Obama's Oscar moment: Says Hollywood sets an example for nation's children

Harvey Weinstein Arranged Michelle Obama's Best Picture Oscars Surprise

Chris Christie gets chair of honor next to first lady Michelle during annual governors' dinner

Obaama and Israel

Another Missing Hagel Speech: Keynote Address to the U.S. Middle East Project Jan. 2008..-peace could be "imposed"

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Congressman @SteveStockmanUS Exposes Obama's Anti-Gun Spambots

NRA Uncovers DOJ Gun Memo, AP Not Pleased

Team Obama spamming fake twitter messages to support gun control

Exclusive: Obama Fails to Register ''; Site Points to NRA Home Page

LaPierre: 'Registry Will Be Used to Confiscate Your Guns'

Illinois: NRA's Second Amendment Victory Upheld by Federal Court

'Berettas Don't Bluff' -- Gun Maker May Leave Maryland

Obama and Agenda 21

Open for Business-Oyster company wins emergency injunction

Electric utility forced to shut down three coal plants in settlement with environmentalists/EPA

Beaverton to host first of 100 White House meetings on federal-city cooperation

Beaverton urban renewal district selected for Environmental Protection Agency program

It's 3am and nobody's there

John Kerry refuses to back Britain in battle over Falklands as new US Secretary of State starts first global tour in London

John Kerry Makes Up New Country: Kyrzakhstan

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Comcast 'a threat to the open Internet,' former Obama adviser argues

IBD: DOL Decision to Grant Hostess Workers 'Trade Adjustment Assistance' Is 'Corruption'

Wall Street Wins Again - Fraud Totally Unchecked

 Wall Street wins again The secret truth: There never was a "task force" dedicated to ferreting out mortgage fraud

Chuck Hagel's Indian Problem- Said allied nation is funding attacks on Pakistan in Afghanistan in previously unreleased 2011 speech

Flashback 2007 - Obama Laments Big Donors 'Get Access'

White House says $500K won't guarantee Obama meeting

Obama Snubs Media Again: 'Clear Out the Press So We Can Take Some Questions'

Jay Carney Struggles To Deny $500,000 OFA Donation Gets You Access To The Presiden.( Video )

MSNBC On OFA Fundraising: This Just Looks Bad


DOJ to Federal Judge: We Can Force Your Wife to Violate Her Religion



White House releases state-by-state breakdown of sequester's effects

The Bating Game: Obama Doubles Down

Queen Michelle

British PM to Obama: Leave Michelle at Home During G8 Summit

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

Jindal To Obama: Stop Campaigning And Scaring The American People

Obaama and Israel

Hagel, at Obama's bidding, plans to send troops to Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") where they would soon be victims of Hamas terror. It's in writing. An investigative report.

Flashback: Obama Advisor Samantha Power Calls for Invasion of Israel

Major Jewish, B'nai Brith, Expresses Concern About Hagel, Asks Senators to Think 'Carefully'

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Wash. Post: Senators Near Deal on Background Checks for Most Private Gun Sales

Biden: 'No Law-Abiding Citizen Has Any Fear That Their Constitutional Rights Will be Infringed'

Army Vet Faces Seven Years In Prison Over Empty Ammo Mags

OBAMA to bus people in to protest NRA in Albany… Is This Even Legal?

NRA uses Justice memo to accuse Obama admin of wanting to confiscate guns

Calif. lawmakers seek toughest gun laws in nation

Obama Ethics, Year 5

CBS's Bill Plante: Obama Administration 'Undercutting First Amendment,' 'It's State-Run Media'

Robert Gibbs: As press secretary, I was ordered not to acknowledge the existence of the drone program

2009: White House -- 'We control news media' Shocking confession offered by Obama administration to foreign government

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's new political group to lure unlimited donations

Obama Attends Church With Planned Parenthood CEO

It's 3am and nobody's there

Afghans accuse U.S. special forces of being involved in torture

Karzai expels US special forces from Afghan province

State Dept. Erases 'Muslim,' 'Islam' From 2,000 Page Terror Memo

Is Obama Gay?

Obama administration to argue for gay marriage in Supreme Court case


State Department to Spend $250,000 on Afghan YouTube Channel, Had No $$$ for Benghazi Security

Obama Voter Fraud

Memo Allegedly Leaked From Soros-Backed Organization Shows Progressive Plan to 'Eviscerate' Conservative Government


Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Gaining Momentum: Now 44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling to Law Enforcement In Anti-2nd Amendment States

Frederick Douglass Society President: 'Direct Correlation Between Gun Control and Black People Control'

Federal court: No Second Amendment guarantee for concealed carry

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Obama Threatening Veterans' Gun Rights


Coordinating Their Stories?

Obama administration to provide emails on CIA's Libya talking points to Senate panel

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama selling White House access to wealthy donors who support Organizing for Action

Video: John Brennan, Alleged Obama Blackmailer, Gaining Dictatorial Power?

Obama, The Puppet Master, Weaves his Tales with the Mastery of Technology

SCOTUS Employees Caught withholding legal documents from Supreme Court Justices

How Media's 'Team Hagel' Did Obama's Dirty Work

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Does 'The Bump' With Cross-Dressed Jimmy Fallon

Obama Voter Fraud

NC: Obama Campaign Voter Fraud

Obama and Israel

Kerry To Push For Relations Hamas

Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Powerful US Company


Obama: Sequester is Congress' fault, not mine

Obama getting cold feet on sequester?- According to Roll Call, the president wants to kick the sequester can down the road two months

Why close airports? FAA's annual budget for 'consultants, travel' is larger than sequestration cuts

Abercrombie & Fitch to close up to 50 stores in the U.S. following weak sales during the holiday season

Real Federal Spending Up $822.90 Per American Since 2008


Florida doesn't have enough doctors for Medicaid expansion, lobby group says

The ObamaCare War On Marriage

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: 100 US Military Personnel Deployed to Niger

Community Organizer to the World

 Obama urges Supreme Court to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act


Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

NRA Ridicules Joe Biden's Advice on Women's Self Defense in New AD - ' BUY A SHOTGUN '

Ammo Prices Have Doubled Since December At 'America's Largest Gun Shop'

Comcast Bans Gun Ads as Cable Giant Takes Control at NBC

Democrats Hope To Ride Gun Control, Minimum Wage To 2014 Victory

Why do Democrats hate American manufacturers?

Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVERNMENT Agencies In Areas That Restrict Gun Rights

Oregon Democrats Push Legislation to Ban Guns and Search Homes Without Warrants

WV House passes bill to prevent seizure of firearms

"Progressive" Group Paying People $9 Hour To Agree With Them On Gun-Control

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Females in Combat Can Use Birth Control to 'Regulate or Eliminate Their Periods,' Advocate Says'


Obama administration to provide emails on CIA's Libya talking points to Senate panel

Obama Ethics, Year 5

FBI probe of defense tech allegedly leaked from NASA stonewalled, sources say

Transportation head: Obama negotiating sequester the way Lincoln negotiated on slavery

Obama ally got $340 million to set up health care co-ops

13,753 Gov't Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA inspector general warns sequestration will diminish agency transparency

Obama Administration Moves Forward on Climate Change Without Congress -Forthcoming regulation likely means no new coal-fired power plants will be built in the United States

Obama and Israel

Obama's award is from Peres and not from the people of Israel


Transportation Secretary on Budget Cuts: Over 100 Air Traffic Control Towers May Be Closed

The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts


OBAMACARE: Companies dump spouses from coverage

 ObamaCare-supporting Congressman suddenly not so sure you can keep your insurance after all

Insurers: Cuts to Medicare Advantage will hit poor, minorities

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama deploys 300 troops, 2 drones to assist French in Mali

 Former Security Officials to Obama: Cancel Nuke Cuts New arms reductions could undermine U.S. security, former military and national security officials warn in letter

The Homeland Security Department has launched a new online resource that makes cybersecurity career and training information more readily available to federal employees and the public.

Obama holds off-record meeting with top White House reporters

Mark Steyn: Obama is crushing the media just like the Soviet Union did [AUDIO]

Community Organizer to the World

Obama gets emotional to sell public on second-term agenda

Obama's Speeches Chilling

President Obama's Two Hundred and Thirteenth Week in Office


Obama Ethics, Year 5

In sensitivity training, USDA employees recite 'If we work for a federal agency, we've discriminated in the past'

Gowdy Devastates White House NLRB Appointees Talking Points & Big Labor Witness

White House refuses to hand over secret documents on drone killings to 'ensure the confirmation of Brennan as CIA chief'

Obama: Only Thing Keeping GOP Together Is Its Love Of Helping Rich People

U.S. Gov't 'Cancer' Research: Tobacco Industry's 'Astroturfing' Helped Create Tea Party

The Vetting: Obama's Favorite Congressman Hangs With Commies

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Troops getting gear from charity as U.S. military braces for budget cuts'

Obama Voter Fraud

True The Vote: Obama Campaign Targeted Citizens Trained To Prevent Voter Fraud In Ohio

Obama campaign caught in major NC vote fraud scheme

NC: Elections Bureaucrats Ran Amok

Obama and Israel

Hagel Declined to Sign Schumer Letter in 2007 Asking Arab Allies to Recognize Israel

John Kerry will skip Israel as part of his first trip abroad as secretary of State, the Obama administration announced Tuesday.

Obama's visit to Israel gets a logo

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Are these Muslim graduates of the first-ever Mosque Police Academy part of Barack Hussein Obama's Civilian National Security Force?

Obama and Agenda 21

Kerry Gives First Foreign Policy Speech … on Climate Change

CEI: Lisa Jackson used yet another non-EPA email account as 'safe harbor' from transparency


Senate Democrats Protect Corporate Jet Loophole

Obama Says 75% of the American People Agree With Him

Baucus: "The President's Part Of The Sequester; The WH Recommended It"

U.S. household expenditures for gasoline account for nearly 4% of pretax income

Obama Calls Boehner, McConnell as Cuts Loom

Patronizing Carney To 'Filling In' Female Reporter: 'This Is Complicated Budget-Speak'

President Obama's About-Face On His Sequester (video)

Federal Reserve Grappling With When To End Stimulus Program

GM Recovery in Reverse as Earnings Disappoint

Wal-Mart Sees Flat U.S. Sales

US consumer prices flat in January for 2nd month...-------jobless claims go up by 20,000

Obama strategy to protect U.S. corporate secrets limited to diplomacy, law enforcement

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Sen. Orrin Hatch: ‘I Don’t Think There's Any Question' Obama Wants to Repeal the 2nd Amendment

Veterans are receiving letters from Obama administration prohibiting the ownership of firearms

OFA Email Asks for Anecdotes of Gun Violence

NRA ramps up campaign against proposed gun control measures

NRA Stand and Fight: We Are America

 NRA Ad: Obama Is 'Elitist Hypocrite'

Texas bill would block police from enforcing new federal gun laws

Oklahoma House Committee Passes Firearms Freedom Act, 13-0

Actress Marg Helgenberger: 'One can only hope' NRA members are shot dead


Here Comes The Boom: CMS Slashes Medicare Advantage; 'Disarray For Many Seniors'

Massive Obamacare Sales Tax Increase That Is On the Way

Rick Scott´s Medicaid Decision is a Big Win for the White House

Dem Senators look for someone to blame for Obamacare

Is Obama Gay?

Obama considers urging the Supreme Court to overturn California's ban on gay marriage

It's 3am and nobody's there

Carney: Hagel's Nomination Will "Absolutely Not" Be Withdrawn

HHS: Head Start Students Fare Worse in Math, Behavior by Third Grade than Non-Head Start Students

Lawmaker pushes to kill Internet anonymity

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy's Destruction at the Shore, Four Months Later "There used to be a house there."


Benghazi Survivors Remained Gagged By Federal Law

US denied direct access to Benghazi suspect held in Egypt

Benghazi: Blow by blow Exclusive: Jack Cashill summarizes book about night during John Brennan's 'private war'

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: "Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times" For African Americans

The Shaky Science BehindObama's Universal Pre-K

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

David Axelrod And Robert Gibbs Promise Fair Analysis On MSNBC

Axelrod, Gibbs: We won't be Obama surrogates on MSNBC

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama's Marxist past


Community Organizer to the World

Hillary Clinton to charge '$200,000 a speech'... which is more than her whole YEAR´S salary as Secretary of State and the same fee that Bill charges


Susan Rice: Investigation Into Benghazi Talking Points 'Bigger Tragedy' Than Actual Terrorism Attack

Obama Called Hillary at 10PM on Night of Benghazi Attack--About Same Time Clinton First Publicly Linked Attack to YouTube Video

Axelrod, Benghazi & NBC

Attaaack Waaaatch

With White House press peeved, Obama sits down with local media

Pro-Obama election flier marked with NAACP seal featured Klan, lynching imagery

Stuart Varney on MSNBC Editing Paul Ryan's Comments on President Obama: 'They Are Misleading America Quite Deliberately'

Obama and Agenda 21

5 Crazy-Funny Moments from Lisa Jackson's Secret Emails

EPA covert email system scandal deepens

Renewables constitute all new US electricity capacity added in January

Coal Industry Regulations Were A Laughing Matter to the EPA

Obama advances globalist '2-ocean' plan Grandiose expansion of 'North American Union' pushed by Bush

Of course: Former EPA chief "Richard Windsor" had some buddies


White House Credits 'Let's Move' for Halting and Reversing Childhood Obesity Trend

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Documents: Hagel staffers met with 'front group' for Iranian regime


Reporter Grills Obama on Lost Tax Exemption Costing Kansas Jobs

Carney admits hundreds of thousands would not immediately lose jobs in sequester

Sequester threat: 3 hour airport security waits under sequester

Obama renews call for $50B in new spending on roads, bridges: The proposal is a repackaging of Obama proposals from his 2011 "American Jobs Act"

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Unexpectedly Fell in February

Having Added Record $5.9T to Debt, Obama Claims He’s Cut Deficit $2.5T

Boehner to Obama: You created spending cut crisis, you fix it

Top Fed member says minimum wage hike kills jobs

Obama Admits: 'Energy Is Going to Be a Little More Expensive'

Administration revives wage and overtime fight for home-care workers

Another Business Visited by Obama Closes: Star Brewery in Dubuque

Flashback: In 2011 Obama Threatened to Veto Any Efforts to Undo Sequester Cuts (Video)

Obama and Israel

Graham to Hagel: Did You Say Israel Risked Becoming an Apartheid State?

 Rubio bumps water bottles with Netanyahu in Israel

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Hagel 2007 Speech: North Korea 'Moving in the Right Direction'

Hagel 2007: U.S. Acting Like 'Schoolyard Bully'; '08 Candidates Too Hard on Iran

Despite Controversy, Hagel's Archives Sealed Shut Only Chuck Hagel can grant access.

Abortion group hires Obama-linked consulting firm to grill pro-lifers at home

Obama's immigration bill offers amnesty to illegal immigrants, money for lawyers

Obama’s Special Thirst for Control: Virginia Attorney General

SCOTUS to take first campaign finance case since Citizens United

California Dept. of Transportation: 'Be Sure to Black Out the 'United States' and (the) Motto'

Immigration Fraud Case Busted by SEC, Not DHS

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Missouri House Bill Makes Proposing Gun Control Illegal

Kendall County Sheriff, Illinois Sheriff's Association Call for Support of the Second Amendment

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Pentagon investigates whether ex-Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden revealed classified information for Esquire profile

Pentagon informs Congress of plans to furlough 800K civilians

The disturbing pattern: Obama rids America's military of yet another top general

Obama's New Military Discriminates Against Heterosexuals


US Releases List of Health Benefits Insurers Must Offer

Senate Democrats: Obamacare a 'Regulatory Health Coverage No Man´s Land'

Universal Studios resort to cancel health insurance for part-time employees

Obama Hands Out Free Health Care to Pakistanis

The Obama Dead Pool File

Aaron Swartz files reveal how FBI tracked internet activist

It's 3am and nobody's there

TSA Apologizes for Detaining 3-year-old in Wheelchair

H.R. 748 would require all persons in the US 18-25 to perform 'national service'

Russian Deployment of Missile Defenses


Obama Voter Fraud

Debate Commission Co-Chair: Yeah, Candy Crowley Was a 'Mistake'


Five Months After Benghazi Murders: Killers Frolic Untouched There

Obama and Israel

 Report: Hagel Said Israel Headed Toward Apartheid, Netanyahu a 'Radical' Contemporaneous account by Rutgers University Law student of 2010 speech

Donilon, White House vs. Hagel over Hezbollah, EU Terror List

Obama Voter Fraud

Did Obama supporter vote 6 times in 2012? Ohio poll worker target of investigation

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA official scrutinized over emails to resign: Region 8 Administrator James Martin

Another top EPA official caught using private email account: Bob Perciasepe

EPA releases thousands of heavily redacted emails from secret account

Let them eat....Kale

Finally! Obama is snapped leaving $1m golfing weekend with Tiger Woods after he imposed controversial picture black out: Lavish, star studded trip with friends

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Biden gets testy

DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners:... targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.

Joe Biden: Expect new laws about how guns are stored at home

Noted firearms expert Joe Biden tells woman an AR-15 is harder to aim and use than a shotgun

No Guns!’ New photo reveals Obama signing anti-gun letter

9 States Pass Anti-Obama Gun Law Laws, Many More Trying To Follow Suit

Biden's Chief of Staff: Gangsters Smuggling Guns from Suburbs into Chicago

 Joe Scarborough Not Happy With 'Gun Radical'

Kira Davis Puts President Obama on Hot Seat: Questions Gun Violence Policies

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

White House: Marine General John Allen will retire, not take top NATO spot

6 Generals eliminated over last 4yrs: Gen.David Patraeus,Gen.William Ward, Gen.David McKiernan, Gen Stanley McCrystal, Gen Carter F Hamm and now John Allen


WH Says GOP Wanted to Keep Sequester Talks Secret

Video: Obama Angrily Denounces His Own Idea

Obama: We must avoid these dangerous spending cuts that I signed into law

Obama: Sequester would make federal prosecutors 'let criminals go' (VIDEO)

Sequestration: Obama blackmails taxpayers while blaming Republicans

'This is big government': 500 furloughed at GE plant subsidized and lionized by White House

$5 Gas Returns To California

Obama's Anti-Stimulus: His Energy Policies Take Money Out Of Economy

Paid time for federal-union activities grew in 2011

Deadline looming, Obama urging Congress to deal with budget cuts

Feds Paid Average of $4,000 in 'Means-Tested' Benefits to Households Earning $35,500

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Supreme Court denies Obama birther eligibility case Noonan v. Bowen (Photos)

Hillary Clinton's 1969 Political Science Thesis ("There is Only the Fight") refers to an earlier version of Alinsky’s training manual. "In 1946,” she wrote, "Alinsky's first book, Reveille for Radicals, was published."

Feds Exempt from Unpaid Intern Lawsuits Spurred by DOL Regulations

Obama The Puppetmaster? One Left-Leaning Web Site Says Yes

No results on the ABC website for search under "Joe Salazar".. or NBC, or on CBS...The only mention of "Joe Salazar" on CNN's website is from a 1999 wedding

Joe Salazar: Women can’t be trusted with a gun on college campuses

Atty General Holder Argues Parents Have No Right to Educate Their Children

Suprime Court Social Security Number Lawsuit: 5 justices never received the applications, none received the supplemental brief, no signatures anywhere


Left in Wisconsin Blasts ObamaCare

Obamacare's Health Exchanges Are Customer Free Zones

The Coming Failure of 'Accountable Care'

Attaaack Waaaatch

Obama: Criminals will be let go if sequester cuts go through

Republicans Would Rather Protect the Wealthy Than First Responders, Obama Says

Duncan: Sequester Could Kick 70,000 Children Out of Head Start Preschool

Sequester Could Expose Thousands of Children to Lead Poisoning

They’re Not Media, They're A Democrat Propaganda Shop - Yet Again: NBC Doctors Audio of Paul Ryan’s Criticism of Obama Immigration Proposal

College: Fire Professor Who Forced Students To Vote For Obama

David Axelrod joins NBC, MSNBC

It's 3am and nobody's there

Afghanistan And Iraq Head To Hell, Thanks To Obama

Fineman: "It´s Hard To GetAnswers To Simple Questions"From White House"

Why Some Scientists Aren´t Happy About Obama's $3 Billion Brain Research Plan

Revealed: How elite Chinese army unit masterminds 'thousands' of hacking attempts against U.S. government and companies from this Shanghai office block

United Arab Emirates pays millions for rebuilding of Missouri town hit by tornado as oil rich state pays back US for its foreign aid to rest of the world

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama and the girls spend Presidents Day weekend at a top ski resort with a team of private instructors after closing air space for their plane

Is Obama Gay?

Heterosexuals Need Not Apply: DOD Extends Benefits Only to Gay Unmarried 'Partners'

Rumors Persist Surrounding President Obama's "Body Man" WARNING: Adult Content


Obama and Agenda 21

Regulations, litigation force cancellation of Texas coal-fired power plant construction


Gas prices approaching $4 per gallon, up 60 cents from a month ago

Gas Prices Soar 51 Cents in Just Two Months

Gas prices rise 32 days straight

Price of Gallon of Gas Up 96% Under Obama

US shale oil reviving East Coast refineries

Copper Thieves Plunge Detroit Freeways into Darkness

Over 8% Unemployment Could Lie Ahead

Job Corps Slams Door on 30,000 Young Adults

Community Organizer to the World

Why Are We Bribing Welfare Recipients to Come to the US?

Obama Ethics, Year 5

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the White House doesn't necessarily have to confess to killing American citizens by unarmed drones.

Hagel Highlights

White House: We're pushing Hagel through

USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don’t worry, food stamps won't affect citizenship chances

Former Turkish CIA Agent Says The U.S. Did Not Kill Bin Laden

DHS Advances Plan For "Public Safety" Drones

Sessions: Jack Lew 'Complicit' In Violation Of Medicare Law


Another blow to ObamaCare: The increasing appeal of self-insurance

Obamacare 'sticker shock' coming soon: premiums for plans sold to individuals could rise as much as 50 percent on average and could more than double for particular groups such as the young and healthy.

States worry about rate shock during shift to new health law

Attaaack Waaaatch

Why President Obama keeps the press away - playing golf with Tiger Woods doesn't look good with 12 million Americans out of work and a $16 trillion debt

It's 3am and nobody's there

Kerry Warns About Cost of Sequestration to State Dep't, Mum on $2.4 Billion For Pakistan

Fears over 'extortionate' US fines on British firms

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley presents the Exceptional Civilian Service Award to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, - a lower rank, handing an award to a higher rank

Commander Says ISAF Will Comply With Karzai's Air Support Ban

Supporter of Iranian dictatorship brought Chuck Hagel to Rutgers University for 2007 speech

Complaint filed over school's purge of Islam Legal team challenges accreditation of National Defense University

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Colorado Democrat: Women Don't Need Guns If They 'Feel Like They’re Going To Be Raped'

Chicago's top cop condemns gun owners for political activism

McCain to betray conservatives on gun rights

Dems Purge Pro-gun Heretics

WA Dems Sponsor Bill Allowing Police to Search Gunowners' Homes

All gun shows halted in Maryland county

Missouri Dems: Let’s Just Force Gun Owners to Surrender, Destroy Their Weapons

'Independent' Bloomberg to Deploy Millions Against Pro-Gun Democrat in Illinois Primary

Pennyslvania: Legislator going arms through high insurances legislation

David Frum: Firearm Manufacturers Should Face Tobacco Industry-Like Senate Hearings

Mexico To Ask U.S. Senate To Create Registry Of Gun Owners In Border States

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: Obama Approving XL Pipeline Would Be 'Worst Mistake He Could Possibly Make'

Obama Dead Pool File

Shane Todd :  found dead in his Singapore apartment last summer; he apparently hanged himself, but his family claims he was murdered: - Was he murdered? Mystery death of American engineer working in Singapore on cutting-edge military technology ´who had deep misgivings about his work'


Obama Didn’t Call the Libyans on 9/11/12, But We Did Convene Some Deputies

Is Obama Gay?

Obama Talks Off Record With Press on Flight Home; Returns with Reggie Love


Community Organizer to the World

W.H. press corps: 'Extreme frustration' over 'having absolutely no access' to Obama

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Orly Taitz: clerks of the Supreme Court never forwarded to 5 out of 9 Justices one single page of pleadings, they also did not forward to any of the Justices the Supplemental Brief. Demand for investigation forwarded to Congressman Goodlatte, Chair of the Judiciary Committee of Congress

Brennan Sidesteps Query on Drone Kills in U.S......Obama Openly Hints At Desire To Kill Citizens With Drones Inside America…

White Paper Suggests U.S. Could Launch Drones Into U.S. Cities

Eric Holder: Homeschool Ban Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights

Facebook Gets a Multibillion-Dollar Tax Break

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Veteran charities rush to support US Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden

Feds OK First Burial Of A Veteran's Same-Sex Spouse In A National Cemetery

Report: Army Cancels Hybrid Airship Project

Obama placing America-haters in the U.S. Military?

Obama and Israel

Jewish leader raps US for taking aircraft carrier out of Gulf

Hagel: I Don't Recall Saying Israel Controlled State Dept.

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House: Leaked Immigration Bill Draft Is Plan B

Hagel 2005: OK To Hold Up Confirmation If 'Serious Allegations' Not Answered

Woodward: Dems Have Asked WH to Pull Hagel

Russia Humiliates Kerry, Ignores His Calls for a Week

Obama Reverses Course, Leaks Own Immigration Plan: 'Dead on Arrival,' Says Rubio

Islamist Militia Behind Benghazi Attack Makes a Comeback, Obama Golfs

Texas Preps For Going It Alone


GOP governors reject ObamaCare health exchange partnerships

Obama admin winds down plan for 'uninsurables': the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will stop taking new applications

Legislation Repealing ObamaCare Tax Paid By Small Business Reintroduced

Massive Obamacare Sales Tax Increase That Is On the Way

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition

Vice President Biden twists arms to get Colorado House to move on gun control

How is gun owner 'a proud defender of the Second Amendment'?:... 6 figure ad buy, attacking the NRA

Fear of gun control drives big crowd at Ladson gun show

4 people shot dead within 90 minutes after Obama departs Chicago

Enter the SCAG -- Federal Legal Whore for Firearm Confiscation. "Federal agents are immune from state prosecution even when their conduct violated internal agency regulations or exceeded their express authority."

Memo From Obama's Justice Dept Says Gun Ban Won't Work Without Registration & Confiscation

Chicago Police Chief says firearms owners are corrupt and endanger public safety


Ambassador Chris Stevens didn’t have to die in Benghazi – The real story of what led to his death on 9/11: Book Benghazi: The Definitive Report

Graham: Obama Knew of Benghazi Threat, Acted 'After Everybody Was Dead'

McCain Hammers NBC's Gregory: 'Do You Care? Shouldn't People Be Held Accountable for the Deaths of Four Americans?'

Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack

Attaaack Waaaatch

Critics Slam Taxpayer-Funded Political Attack: National Cancer Institute Funds Study Calling Tea Party Tobacco-funded AstroTurf

Obama and Agenda 21

Under President Obama's Leadership, Permits to Drill on Federal Lands Take 30 Percent Longer to Approve


Obama and Israel

US government funding radical Israeli NGOs' information operations

 How the U.S. Aids Hamas Through the Palestinian Authority

Pence: Obama 'most anti-Israel' president in modern history


After Obamacare health exchange deadline passes, 26 states opt in with feds

White House unveils awaited Affordable Care Act profit margin rule

Obamacare: Democrats Starting to Run But There's No Place to Hide

Funds run low for health insurance in state 'high-risk pools'

Administration quietly winds down program for 'uninsurables'

Health Care Exchanges And The Two Americas

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Gun Companies Refuse Sales to State Governments with Strict Gun Laws

65.4 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush’s First-Term Total

Let them eat.... kale

President Obama visits Treasure Coast: What would a weekend trip to the Floridian cost?

Obama Ethics, Year 5

House Leaders Demand Investigation of Claims NASA Leaked U.S. Space Defense Secrets, Justice Department Quashed Prosecutions

U.S. a step closer to wide domestic use of drones


Susan Rice: Clinton 'Didn’t Want To' Talk on Sunday Shows After Benghazi (video)

It's 3am and nobody's there

NATO air strikes for Afghan security forces must end: Karzai


House overrides Obama, votes to freeze federal pay for third straight year

Attaaack Waaaatch

NYT  Goes "Birther": Attacks 'Canadian-Born' Cruz, Calls Him 'McCarthyite'


Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama in Chicago today to address economy, violence

Democrats Seek to Ban Hunting Ammunition in Wisconsin

The Bangor Daily News has rescinded its request for records about concealed weapon permit holders in the state of Maine.

MN Democrats Abandon 'National Conversation' on Guns - Literally

Guns And Ammo Production Maxed Out: "This is a Society Preparing For War"

Smith & Wesson Launches Page Supporting Second Amendment Civil Rights

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Campaign's New "Non-Partisan" Organizing For Action Considers Selling Access To Obama For $500,000…

Obama: Government has to stop discouraging marriage


Obama: 'The Problem Is ... I’m Not the Emperor of the United States'

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Who is Harrison J. Bounel? According to the 2009 tax return submitted by President Barack Obama, he's the President of the United States

The VERY cozy relationship between President Obama and Facebook –-plus check out the lobbyists

Drone privacy scare: Feds don’t know who is responsible for oversight, GAO reveals

EPA Corruption and Scandal


Obama knew of IED attacks in run-up to Benghazi strike, lawmaker says

Stewart Grills Susan Rice On Obama Administration's 'Confusing' Mishandling Of Benghazi

Maghreb jihadists flock to Syria


Watergate: Media Desperate to Destroy Rubio

It's 3am and nobody's there

Two Russian nuclear-armed bombers circled the western Pacific island of Guam ... hours before the Obama State of the Union address

Kerry: Sequester will 'seriously impair' safety, security at U.S. diplomatic facilities

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Obama Continues Radical Social Engineering of the Military

Obama and Israel

Senators Ask Hagel Whether the State Dept. Is Controlled By Israel

Hagel Claimed Israel Controls the State Dept: Picture of Hagel and Ahmadinajad


Obama to Detail 'Promise Zone' Program to Aid Distressed Areas

State Farm Flees Illinois- for Texas

Fun and games, but no work, at battery plant given $150M in taxpayer money

Internal Walmart Email: 'Sales Are a Total Disaster'

Funding is running low for health insurance in state high risk pools

Attaaack Waaaatch

MSNBC Replays Rubio Water Sip 155 Times in One Day, Far More Than CNN and Fox News Combined

Cornel West: Obama's chickens are coming home to roost


 High taxes prompt boxer Pac-Man to leave Vegas, U.S.

Obama and Agenda 21

Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying so many bullets?

Waxman: Obama Should Regulate Oil Refineries, Household Appliances to Stop Global Warming

Let them eat ...kale

Separate Vacations for Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, daughters going skiing

President Obama's Two Hundred and Twelfth Week in Office


It's 3am and nobody's there

Chuck Hagel makes history as first to be blocked from Defense

 Hagel Confirmation Squashed For Now As Dems Lack 60 Votes – Furious White House Blasts 'Unconscionable' Republicans

FAA Official: No Armed Drones In U.S.


Obama made no phone calls on night of Benghazi attack, White House says

Video: The John Brennan puzzle is slowly being pieced together

Reid: 'Outlandish' to Say 'Administration Hasn't Been Forthcoming' on Benghazi

Obama Voter Fraud

Did Hagel rig vote to win Senate seat? Details revealed in magazine profile on alleged GOP plan to steal election

Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, Florida

Double-Voting For Obama

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Obama Bemoans Hagel Delay: 'I Need a Secretary of Defense'

GAO: Defense Dept. Lowered Standards for Afghan Forces to Justify Withdrawal

Gen. Allen 'Pushed Out' For Top NATO Post By White House, Source Says

Obama and Israel

 Report: Hagel Said State Department Controlled by Israel Contemporaneous account by Hagel supporter of 2007 speech

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Judicial Watch Breaks USDA Training Video Labeling Pilgrims 'Illegal Aliens'

Obama says his is 'most transparent administration' ever

The Hagel Speech that 'Wasn't': More Evidence Emerges of Failure to Disclose

GM's Mysterious Earnings Report

Senate delays Brennan confirmation at least two weeks

Former Obama spokesman: 'Move on' from Menendez scandal

G20 summit: Mineral water company receives free advertising from Barack Obama

Attaaack Waaaatch

Obama Meets Man Who Secretly Taped Romney’s 47% Remark, "Jumped Forward To Embrace Him," Said "Thank You, Thank You So Much"…

Former WH Comm Directo Anita Dunnr: War With Fox News Was 'Simple Decision,' Their 'Alternative Universe' Now 'Crumbling'

Destroy Marco Rubio

Investigator: Obama's DHS Cyber Army Targets Anti-Obama Sites


Obama: 'At Some Point You Run Out of Money'

Video: Senate Dems to announce sequester-replacement plan today

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama: 'People are going to be able to buy all kinds of guns'

MN Democrats Introduce Law to Confiscate Guns… Using Same Language as MO Democrats

Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms - Gives Gun Owners 90 Days to Turn in Weapons

'Police Chief Wants Citizens As 'Reserve Force' To Defend Against Feds'

Olympic Arms announces New York State sales policy: ...will no longer sell to the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York

Gun show bill OK'd in House (NM - requires background checks)

Obama strategist slams NRA's op-ed in The Daily Caller.......--The Op Ed: "Stand and Fight"

Obama and Agenda 21

Boxer Introduces Carbon Tax Bill Three Months After WH Promised 'We Would Never Propose' One

U.S. Grant Funded Workers' Play at LG Chem Factory

IG: Add LG Chem to Obama's green-tech subsidy flops

Obama plans to bypass Congress to combat climate change

Community Organizer to the World

W.H. releases details of Obama preschool plan

Obama to push universal preschool proposal

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama screens indie Oscar contender 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' at White House


Sebelius Linked to Doctor Who Killed Woman in Botched 33-Week Abortion

Let them eat ...kale

White House Defends Obama's Palm Beach Vacation: "Well-Deserved" Time Off…



Sen. Burr: CIA Has ‘Flatly Refused’ to Give Intel Committee Some Benghazi-Related Documents

Former White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew dodged questions from North Carolina Senator Richard Burr when asked about the Benghazi attack at today's hearing.

What Did Lew Do?...Did Obama admit failure to protect Benghazi embassy?

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

 Sequestration 'Wolf' Eats at Nation’s Readiness, Carter Says

Obama and Israel

Obama Fires 20,000 Marines, But Sends $700 Million to Palestinian Terrorists

Obama Ethics, Year 5

As the U.S. begins to withdraw 34,000 troops from Afghanistan it continues to pump billion of dollars in direct assistance to the government, which is free to spend the money in any way it sees fit.

Jack Lew, White House Chief of Staff doesn't know why ObamaCared doesn't apply to the WH staff (February 13, 2013)

Lew Not Familiar With His Investment In What Obama Called Biggest Tax Scam In The World  ... didn't know

Fact Checking The State of the Union

Obama's Most Dishonest State of the Union Address

DHS Memo Reveals Government Not Screening Out Dependents in Immigration Process

Memo Reveals DHS Ignoring Laws Limiting Immigrant Access to Public Welfare

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Seeks 29 New Programs: 'Nothing I’m Proposing Should Increase Deficit by Single Dime'

'We cannot cut our way to prosperity': Obama sets out vision to support a 'thriving middle class' without spending 'a single dime'

Obama outlines his big government vision for American decline in State of the Union address

Obama’s 'bipartisan' State of the Union paints Republicans as anti-science, job-hating Neanderthals

Obama still thinks "the rich," ...term implying envy, do not pay their "fair share."

Three conservative justices absent themselves from SOTU


SOTU Lie: 'Already, the Affordable Care Act is helping to slow the growth of health care costs'

IRS: Obamacare doesn't require you (employers) to offer 'affordable' family coverage

Could ObamaCare's 'affordability glitch' leave your family without health care?

Attaaack Waaaatch

NBC's Lauer Grills Boehner Over 'Harsh' Words for Obama; Blames Him for 'Division' and 'Animosity' in Washington

CNN Uses Instant Replay To Mock Rubio's 'Water Bottle-Gate Moment'

Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul deliver Blistering rebuttals to Obama

 Marco Rubio 2013 State of the Union GOP Response (English Version)

Scalia: State of the Union "has turned into a childish spectacle"

State of the Union Reaction:Media Gives Obama Thumbs Up

Rand Paul Responds To The State of the Union 2013 (In Full)

Former Obama Adviser/Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Named MSNBC Contributor


Sorry Mr. President, Manufacturing Will Not Save Us

Reuters: U.S. posts $3 billion budget surplus for January

The United States is today $6 trillion deeper in debt than it was before Barack Obama was first sworn in as president.

Obama May Require Carbon Tax of Canada for Approval of Keystone Pipeline

Obama calls for raising minimum wage to $9 an hour

CBO: If Debt Not Addressed, Stimulus Spending Will be a 'Drag' on Future Economic Growth

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama 2003 Flashback: Vowed US Military Response To North Korea Nuke Threat (video)

Russian foreign minister won't return Kerry's call

Obama: When War in Afghanistan Is Over, We Will Fight a War in Afghanistan

Napolitano: OK, The Border Is Secure … Can We Have Reform Now?

Obama calls al-Qaida 'shadow of former self'

‘The Silence Is Deafening, Mr. President’: Obama Has Yet To Acknowledge Death Of Legendary Seal Sniper Chris Kyle

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

SOTU: Obama Hits Emotional High Note on Guns, Not Jobs

Jones pick as ATF chief is in deeper trouble: A sting operation in Milwaukee that went bad is being cited by GOP lawmakers as inept leadership.

Obama and Agenda 21

With almost no media coverage, the White House last week announced its new Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence that will target not only Islamic terrorists but so-called violent "sovereign citizens."

Let them eat... kale

Obama: 57 Vacation Days Since Vowing He 'Will Not Rest Until Anyone' Can Find A GOOD Job

Obama Dead Pool

Jeff Joe Black:  Found dead on a hiking trail from "blunt force trauma to the head":  Chicago activist who claimed that Emmanuel was put into place in Chicago to oversee a coming false flag event.

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Trent Franks: 'Astonishing' that Obama Never Mentions the Muslim Brotherhood

Brennan's Terrorist Associations, Gross Ignorance, and Lack of Candor


Obama and Agenda 21

Obama says he will use executive action on climate if needed

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Homeland Security Prepares Budget Cuts ... Up to 1,000 Furloughs at Secret Service

Top Pentagon Brass Lay Out Details of Sequestration Nightmare

It's 3am and nobody's there

Senate Panel Approves Hagel for Def. Sec........- rare party-line vote

Australian General Gets Key US Army Post

Few Korea hands on Obama administration's Asia leadership team

Re: N. Korea Nukes; Valerie Jarrett: 'We´re Heartened to See that the U.N. Security Council Will Be Meeting'

American Official: 'Very Possible that the North Koreans Are Testing' for Iran

Obama to announce return of 34,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan

Immigration agents demand seat at Obama's talks

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Fort Hood Hero Says Obama 'Betrayed' Her, Other Victims (Helped Confront Shooter Hassan)


Obama's Economic Growth Record Is The Worst In 60 Years

Obama: State of the Union 2013 ideas won't add deficit

CBO director: Debt will be unsustainable without 'significant' changes to entitlements or broad tax hikes

Valerie Jarrett Admits Obama Hasn't Talked To GOP Leaders About Sequester

Obama Vastly Exaggerates The Impact of Sequester Cuts

"Obamaphone" cost 2.2 billion

China's CNOOC $15.1-billion Nexen takeover (oil interests in gulf coast)

Maria Bartiromo Presses White House on Spending Cuts (Video)

Food Stamp Rolls in America Now Surpass the Population of Spain

Obama '09: Stimulus Will Lift 2 Million Out of Poverty; Today: 2.6 Million More in Poverty


Sebelius: Healthcare 'getting stronger'

Hospices Reveal Obamacare's Impact

Dr. Ben Carson On Criticizing Obamacare: "Somebody Has To Stand Up To The Bullies"

Card. George on HHS Mandate: "Institutions for Which We're Responsible Will Simply Not Cooperate"

The Newly Released "ObamaCare Survival Guide" Rockets to No. 2 Spot on NYT Bestseller List.

OH Gov. Kasich Enlists Socialized Medicine Lobbyists to Help Implement Obamacare Governor turns to mathematically-challenged progressives for talking points

Obama Ethics, Year 5

State of the Union Address....The Executive Order The Press Agreed To Keep Secret For Five Hours: Cyber Security Bill

Jay Carney Admits Sequester was the President's idea

White House: Republicans are unpatriotic

 The Atlantic Council’s Sanctions-Busting Backers... Corporations that have evaded Iran sanctions financially support Hagel-chaired think tank

Obama Overstepped Constitutional Authority, Federal Court Rules

Another Federal Government Takeover: Common Core Curriculum

Tom Coburn speaks out against waste in Violence Against Women Act:- DOJ "Waste", "Duplication"

Judge: No Proof Obama's Birth Certificate Is Legitimate

Obama and Israel

Obama to Speak in Israel, but Not in Knesset Israel prepares to host the US president. Obama to give speech outside Knesset as parliament hall not large enough.

John Kerry Wants $700M for Palestinian Authority: Remember Obama Waived Palestinian Accountability Act?


New Benghazi Questions for Brennan: ...scheduled to appear before a closed-door hearing held by the Senate Intelligence Committee

Bam's Benghazi two-step

Book- CIA Nominee John Brennan's "Secret War": And What Really Happened In Benghazi: CIA Nominee John Brennan ran hit squads

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Is DHS Ammo For Obama's "National Security Force"?

Marco Rubio: "I think that the President is not a believer in the Second Amendment, although he states that he is"

65.4 Million Guns Bought Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush's First-Term Total

U.S. Attorney testifying for gun control: I don’t know what causes gun violence

'My baby deserves a revolution': Mother of honor student, 15, shot dead days after attending Obama's inauguration hits out over gun control as two 'gang members' are charged with her murder

Canadian News Anchor: 'Gun Registration Will Lead To Confiscation' (video)

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to host post-SOTU pep rally

Attaaack Waaaatch

MSM serves up big, steaming pile of BS about former Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden

Esquire Fabricates, Drudge Falls For It



For Every Job Created Since Obama Took Office More Than 20 People Have Gone On Food Stamps

Obama: Job of debt reduction nearly done

Nearly half fail Obama on deficit reduction

Gas prices hit a historic high

Shelters seeing more elderly homeless

Obama and Agenda 21

Corn shortage idles 20 ethanol plants nationwide

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

DHS Source Tells Why Military Train in U.S. Cities: .."DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S"......"we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities."

Military Warns Cuts Would Create 'Hollow Force' Akin To 1970s

The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden... Is Screwed

SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Jobless,Offered No Security


White House: All questions answered on Benghazi attack

Where Was Obama on Night of Benghazi Attack? WH Isn’t Saying

Video: Senator Graham Exposes Military Leaders On Benghazi Response

Kerry Had More Security on Trip to Arlington, Va., Than State Dept. Posted in Benghazi


The Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden is now uninsured

California lacks doctors to meet demand of national healthcare law

Rep. Jim McDermott, the "Cock Brothers," and rising health-care premiums

Catholic Bishops: Changed HHS Mandate Is Old Wine In New Bottle - Still Unconstitutional

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

Rumor Check: Ex-FBI Agent Claims Obama's CIA Nominee Is Really a Secret Muslim Recruited by Saudis

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Accuses Obama of Fomenting Hate

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Called Cayman Island Investments 'The Biggest Tax Scam on Record' (2008 video)

Obama's hypocrisy on Jack Lew

White House weighing how many executive orders President Obama can reasonably get away with

Obama meets with Kerry brothers implicated in 1972 'Watergate'-style incident

House Oversight Panel Opens Bipartisan Probe On FOIA Compliance

Hagel omitted two speeches on Middle East from Senate disclosure forms

Community Organizer to the World

Obama--Sued by Catholic Church for Attacking Religious Freedom--Boasts of His 'Work Together' With Pope

President Obama: ‘Michelle and I warmly remember our meeting with the Holy Father in 2009'

During State of the Union, Obama to claim economic benefits from progressive goals

WaPo wonders: Why won't Obama give us an interview?....notices that Obama has done interviews with "Entertainment Tonight," "The View" "Morning Mayhem", but not NYT, WP, WSJ.

The Neverending Campaign: Obama Plans Post-SOTU Public Relations Tour

It's 3am and nobody's there

Arizona Gov. Brewer Refuses to Back Down on Denial of Licenses to Illegals

Dick Cheney blasts Obama's 'second-rate' national security team

Obama and Israel

Israel on Alert Israel appears to be readying for conflict with Lebanon

Netanyahu: Iran Getting Closer to 'Red Line' Netanyahu at the Conference of Presidents: Iran is getting closer to the red line I set at the United Nations.

U.S. Ambassador: Pollard Broke the Law ..."and I do not want to talk about his release,"

Israel approves 90 new homes in contested West Bank area.. weeks before Obama visit

Obama's self-proclaimed 'best friend in the Middle East,' Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has compared Israel to Nazis

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Biden on Philly visit decries 'Sandy Hook-plus' of daily shootings

Parents of slain Chicago teen to attend State of the Union

Dem Congressman: 'It’s Clear That We (Also) Need to Look at Handguns'

Biden: 'Legitimate media' will help pass gun control



White House: GOP spreading 'myths' about Obama's fiscal approach

Obama Administration Touts 38 Million Acre Lease Sale: ...Old Leases available for 30 years.  Nobody wanted.

Obama Breaks 3:1 Cuts-to-Taxes Promise

Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Gov't Debt Hit Record $1,696,691,000,000; Up 257% Under Obama

Dick Durbin Admits the Obama Sequestration Was "Designed as a Budget Threat, Not a Budget Strategy" (Video)

China Eclipses U.S. as Biggest Trading Nation Measured in Goods

After ignoring unemployment, Obama seeks to convince Americans it's his top priority

Obama and Israel

Hidden Hagel 2008 Speech Surfaces: No Attack on Iran Even if Israel Threatened

Officials: Obama coming to Israel to prevent strike on Iran

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Video: Eric Holder - 'Obama Decides Who's ‘Entitled' To Second Amendment Rights'

When Crazed Shooters Can't Be Linked To The Tea Party, Media Displays Admirable Restraint

Colorado Democrats Declare War on Guns

Fiery Meeting About NY SAFE Act - Buffalo 1/29/13  (video)

New York State Resistance - "... prime for something like that." 1/29/13  (video)

Non-Compliance Resistance Evident at Buffalo vs New York State Q & A Forum on the Arms Bill (full video, 33.29 min.)

DHS Ammo Purchases: Gun Control by Another Name?

NJ Plans 24 Gun Control Laws..end of private gun sales

NJ Shotgun Ban

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino: "In a society of wolves, you DO NOT fight back by creating more sheep!"

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

Democrats Slam Dr. Carson for Prayer Breakfast Speech: 'Not Appropriate,' Says Schakowsky

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Newly Released Drone Records Reveal Extensive Military Flights in US

Graham on Brennan, Hagel: 'No confirmation without information'

The Kill List/Drones: The Problems of the White Paper To linger on the hypocrisy is to miss the big picture.

The Secretary of the Treasury: from tax cheat to 'tax scam' beneficiary

GAO: 35% of Major Federal Regulations Were Issued Without Public Notice


ATF Wisconsin Gun Operation Loaded With Mistakes, No Oversight

Community Organizer to the World

Obama has earned 'Great Divider' label

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama to Renew Drive for Cuts in Nuclear Arms (ours)

Hagel Went to Five Colleges, Was'´D' Student; Media Oblivious

Inhofe: I Will Filibuster Hagel's Nomination if Necessary

Is Obama Mentally Fit To Serve As President?

Report: Iraq PM 'Invites' Iran to Seize US Embassy in Baghdad

DHS Watchdog OKs 'Suspicionless' Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border

Twitter isn’t censoring you. Your government is.


Did Obama Administration And John Brennan Lie, And Allow Release Of A Benghazi Suspect?

Source: New Info on Benghazi Is Going to Come Out & Leave People 'Amazed & Shocked'

The secret war behind Benghazi A stealth campaign of assassinations, run by CIA nominee John Brennan, resulted in the death of the US ambassador, a new book claims

Benghazi Bungle: Obama's Pass-the-Buck Presidency

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Cheney criticizes Obama nominees in Wyoming speech

New US commander takes the helm in Afghanistan

Obama and Agenda 21

Woman With Pacemaker Refuses Smart Meter- Has Power Cut In The Dead Of Winter

Administration's New Climate Report: Next Ice Age 'Has Now Been Delayed Indefinitely'

Explosive Fed. Mandate Killing Thousands of Red Snapper


Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Marines had to take the bolts out of their rifles for the Inaugural

List of Proposed California Gun Control Measures - 500 Round Max, No Grandfathering, No Detachable Mags, Mandatory License

First Lady Attends Funeral of Chicago Teen Shot After Performing at the Inauguration: 'Tragic Loss…Due to Senseless Gun Violence'

2nd Amendment 'too controversial' for radio More stations shut down criticism of Obama

Obama Voter Fraud

Voter-Fraud Allegations in Hamilton County, Ohio Not Covered by the Cincinnati Enquirer

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Treasury Sec. Nominee Lew Under Fire for Cayman Islands Investments

Friday News Dump: Partial Hagel Donor List Includes Saudis, Turkey


Now States Cutting Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare Costs

Obamacare 2016: Expect Insurance Premium Hikes of About $400 Per Family

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops pledged renewed opposition to the recently revised HHS contraception mandate

Catholics: Changed HHS Mandate Is Old Wine In A New Bottle

Community Organizer to the World

WH stung by inaugural coverage, expect a less partisan SOTU


WSJ: "Scary" sequester a 5% reduction in discretionary spending -after 14% increase since 2008

Obama wants Congress to fix the sequester he suggested with the new taxes he wants

Washington Auto Show attendees give emphatic 'no' to electric cars

It's 3am and nobody's there

FAA Releases New Drone List - Is Your Town on the Map?

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Brennan Letter: FBI Training 'Substandard and Offensive' to Muslims

John Brennan, Obama nominee for CIA Director, converted to Islam while working in Saudi Arabia, states former FBI agent, John Guandolo...Guandolo wrote the first Muslim Brotherhood training manual for the FBI....detailed story/ interview.


Panetta's Testimony Calls Obama's Benghazi Explanations into Question

Benghazi: Who Was Minding the Store?

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

Dropping combat ban could result in drafting of women

Obama and Israel

Netanyahu ally: Peace with Palestinians impossible


Obama and Agenda 21

Stonewalling Justice EPA shields information regarding administrator's secret email account

Interior secretary nominee Sally Jewell previously served on the board of an environmental group that has filed dozens of lawsuits against the federal government, including against the Department of Interior.


Obama vandalizes White House presidential biographies to insert himself

Obama Voter Fraud

HA HA! Ohio Election Official: 'I Voted Twice for Obama'


ABC Ignores New Benghazi Revelations Showing Disengaged Obama

The Twisted Truth on Obama's Benghazi Response

Panetta: Obama never called back to check on Benghazi

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Illegal Immigrant to Testify in Senate Next Week--With ICE Agent Who Cannot Arrest Him

Chuck Hagel and the White House seem to be playing switch-and-bait with the Senate Armed Services Committee. First, he couldn’t possibly provide information on donors and speeches. Then he said, well, maybe. Now it appears that he will stiff the Senate.

Senators - 'EPA talking out of both sides of their mouth' about illegal human experiments

Bennan: 'I Never Believe It’s Better to Kill a Terrorist Than to Detain Him'


HHS Delays Basic Health Plan Option Until 2015

Obamacare's Fiscal Nightmare

American Action Forum Survey of Insurance Companies Warns of 2014 Premium Sticker Shock

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama Administration Shuts Down 100 Year Old Oyster Farm This Week

Flashback: Obama Interior Nominee Sally Jewell Interview On 'Green Business'

Community Organizer to the World

Mold? Leaky Roof? Clutter? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have 'Healthy Housing'

 Obama Incorporated: The president's left-wing network continues to expand

Attaaack Waaaatch

Univision Employee Calls Marco Rubio Token Slave Boy

Video: Must-See Speech of Dr. Benjamin Carson Calling Out Obama at National Prayer Breakfast

Maxine Waters: Obama Has a Database on Everything About Every Individual

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

California Democrats Introduce Bill To Confiscate Every "Assault" Weapon In The State From Their Law-Abiding Owners…

Suspected cop killer and manhunt target left manifesto demanding 'gun control'


Colo. Stimulus Dollars Wasted, Threatens Small Business

Americans Are Using Their Houses as ATMs Again

Flashback: "Obama pledges to veto effort to undo automatic spending cuts"

Obama considering fracking supporter to head Energy Department

Growing 'Output Gap' Suggests More Hard Times Ahead

The Worst Five Years Since the Great Depression

McDonald's January sales drop more than anticipated

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama to drastically cut immigration and border security budgets

America Gives Up: Obama cancels Mars rover mission

Obama Blocked Rebel Syrian Arms:  A proposal to arm Syrian rebels was backed by the Pentagon, the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency, but the White House decided not to act on the plan.

California no longer requiring eighth graders to take Algebra

Why are the feds loading up on so much ammo?

Is Obama Gay?

Obama nominates openly gay lawyer for patent appeals court

Obama and Israel

After Peres, Kerry Also Phones Netanyahu...after

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

By year's end, troops will be unable to respond to crises, Pentagon says

Navy: Lincoln Refueling Delayed, Will Hurt Carrier Readiness

President Obama's Two Hundred and Eleventh Week in Office


Obama and Israel

Secret Hagel Donor?: White House Spox Ducks Question on 'Friends of Hamas'

Saad Hariri: 'Friend' of Hamas, Supporter of Hagel


Dereliction of Duty: Obama Did Nothing to Save American Lives in Benghazi--and Lied About It

Panetta can’t explain why Obama never called back during Benghazi attack (VIDEO)

Panetta, Dempsey Did Not Talk to Clinton On Sept. 11, 2013 (video)

The Benghazi Debacle - Obama MIA Night of Attack, No Help Sent Once Attack Underway

Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chair: Obama Talked to Them Only Once on Night of Benghazi Attack

Panetta says he personally told Obama about Benghazi attack

Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi

Former Special Forces Commander: DOD Could Have Flown Rescue Team From Tripoli to Benghazi; DOD: State Dept. Decided Whether and What to Fly

Panetta on Benghazi: U.S. Military 'Not a 911 Service'

Jennifer Griffin Reports On Obama Gun Running To Syria

Rand Paul Makes It Clear: 'I Really Think' The Admin May Have Had a 'Gun-Running Operation' in Libya

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Calls for Sequestration: 11.21.2011  (video)

…p. 326 of Woodwards’s book: the White House owns the sequester: Planned far in advance with advisors as a "trigger"

GOP: It's President Obama's Sequester

Zimmerman Brother: Obama 'Bullied' My Family

Scalia rejects appeal, delaying decision on Obama recess appointments

Obama Seeks Broad New Powers in Digital War

Obama's Apparent Pick for Commerce Secretary Has a History of Shady Commerce

As Brennan hearing opens, mounting questions on how Obama chooses whom to kill

Obama Puts Abortion Activists on Global Development Council


Bishops to Administration: You Can't Force Lay Catholics to Act Against Faith

Obama's new Interior Secretary nominee received Obamacare waiver for her company

Obama vs. the U.S. Military

Panetta says US at risk of being second-rate power

Fmr. Defense Undersecretary Outlines Pentagon Pare Down

If cuts take effect, GW may be only carrier ready to respond to a crisis

Sequester Cuts: Navy to ground Blue Angels

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Prayer Breakfast 'Forgotten on the Same Day as the Prayer Breakfast'

White House: Jon Stewart 'more substantive' than other media outlets

Obama Praises Abortion Advocate Who Called Tea Party 'Racist,' Suggested Mitt Romney Who Wants To Heave Rape Victims Into Water

Attaaack Waaaatch

Catholic Bishop: Obama Is 'Proponent' of What is 'Shameful and Criminal in the Eyes of Almighty God'

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Universal background checks would end father-child gun gifts

DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition: Federal agency has now acquired enough bullets to wage 30 year war

Bank of America: You Shouldn't Be Selling Guns on the Internet


DAVID WOO: The 'Moment Of Truth' For The US Economy Is Approaching In Just The Next Few Weeks

Higher Payroll Tax Pinches Those With Least to Spare

Under Obama, Worst Multi- Year Economic Recovery Since World War II

Obama releases 38 million acres for offshore oil and gas development

Postal Service to Cut Saturday Mail

CBO: Interest On Debt Snowballing

It's 3am and nobody's there

F-16s To Egypt, But Not To Taiwan?

Iran's supreme leader shuts down possibility of direct nuclear talks with US

Iran shows footage 'extracted from US drone' Iranian state television has broadcast footage allegedly extracted from an American CIA drone captured in 2011


Government fought bail release claiming gun dealers a 'danger to community'


Obama vs. the U.S. Military

Hagel Vote Postponed; New Audio Surfaces.... (Audio here)

Pentagon delays deployment of carrier to Mideast over budget woes

Panetta to propose military pay cut after Obama raised federal officials pay

CNN: Panetta to Recommend Pay Cut For Military

Obama and Israel

New audio: Hagel tells Arab audience U.S. must 'reverse optics' on Israel, 2007

Obama Timed to Visit Israel just as Netanyahu Attempts to Form Coalition

 Ahmadinejad: Iran already a nuclear state, but has no intention of launching attack on Israel In interview with Al-Ahram on eve of Islamic Summit Conference in Cairo, Iranian president also says his country opposes outside intervention in Syria

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Senate Letter: No Vote Until Hagel Hands Over Info on Foreign Cash

White House: Congress to get classified drone info

Reporter to Carney: 'Why Are You Dancing Around the Question of Whether or Not We Killed Civilians?'

Obama Targeted Killing Document: If We Do It, It's Not Illegal

David Corn: Justification For Obama Drone Program "Almost Orwellian"

Wyden Statement on DOJ Memo on the Killing of Americans During Counterterrorism Operations: Many unanswered questions about administration's policy

ICE Ex-Chief: Obama's Nondeport Rules Would’ve Protected 9/11 Hijackers

Homeland Only Fully Approves 10% of Freedom of Information Requests FOIA staff of 400; costs over $38 million

Obama crony wins contract to give phones to jobless

The dirt on 'Government Motors'

The Dunham and Geithner Familial Connections

Hagel refuses to disclose foreign funding sources

California Judge Does The Unthinkable: Reinstates Obama Eligibility Lawsuit

Maxine Waters: 'Obama Has Put In Place' Secret Database With 'Everything On Everyone

Obama and Agenda 21

 Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare

Sally Jewell: Obama's pick to head Dept of Interior gets the nod from environmentalists

Treasury fights to keep carbon emails secret

Obama administration getting strangely less specific about their electric-vehicle goals

White House Weighs Emission Rules; State of the Union Could Signal Effort to Curb Greenhouse Gases From Existing Coal-Powered Facilities

Is Obama Gay?

Sally Jewell, new Secretary of Dept. Of The Interior big Gay Marriage proponant

Community Organizer to the World

Sharpton's Creepy Obama Image

Obama: Salazar's family 'did not cross the border, the border crossed them'

Attaaack Waaaatch

Jim Messina, The head of Obama's new dark-money group says Citizens United "needs to be overturned."


Remaining jailed New Mexico gun dealers finally freed after bureaucratic delay

Obama Voter Fraud

Democrats selling voter data to retailers?

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Court: NYTimes's Request for New York City Gun Owners Violates Law

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley presses lawmakers for handgun licenses for residents


House votes 253-167 to require balanced budget date from President Obama

House to pass bill forcing Obama to balance budget

US Consumers Subsidizing Venezuela Gasoline at 18 Cents a Gallon

It's 3am and nobody's there

Immigration Law Enforcement Put On ICE By Obama

Biden relishes role as 'most involved' VP in US history

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Gaffes His Way Across Europe

Obama Dead Pool file

Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety


Obama Ethics, Year 5

ICE Union Boss: Obama Doesn't Care If Immigration Enforcement Officers Die

'Judge, jury and executioner': Legal experts fear implications of White House drone memo

Obama 2007: You Can't Just Air Raid Villages And Kill Innocent Civilians

White House Responds To Drones Memo: Strikes Are 'Legal,' 'Ethical' And ‘Wise'

White House declines to explain drone policy

DOJ white paper lays legal basis for drones targeting US citizens

Obama waives "Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008" to... allow child soldiers in  Libya, South Sudan, and Yemen: and has been sending U.S. troops to all of those places in 2012

Obama and Israel

Obama to waste little time in renewing full-court-press on Israel

Obama plans spring trip to Israel

Let them eat... kale

Jet-setting Panetta most expensive defense secretary, with $32,000 tab per weekend trip

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama admitted today in a speech in Minnesota that his gun control policies are not a "perfect solution"

Sotomayor: Gun owners will 'find out soon enough' my opinion on gun rights

New York's 'SAFE' Act: The 'Rape' of the Second Amendment

Obama, Gun Violence & Fort Hood

Attaaack Waaaatch

Study: ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama's Gun Control Crusade

Scarborough Tears Into Drone Program: 'If George Bush Had Done This, It Would Have Been Stopped'


8,830,026: Americans on Disability Hits New Record for 192nd Straight Month

IRS Audits of Charities Up 79% Under Obama

CBO: Entitlements, ObamaCare To Make Up 53% of Federal Spending

CBO Forecast: 1.4% GDP, 8% Unemployment, 7 Million to Lose Health Ins.

Youth unemployment 11.5 percent, 22.1 percent for young blacks

Toyota and Nissan Shift From Electric Vehicles; Death Knell for Chevy Volt?

Former Reagan budget director warns of new housing bubble

America's Creeping New Normalcy: Sluggish growth and high unemployment are now just accepted

Higher Learning Meet Lower Job Prospects

It's 3am and nobody's there

City in Virginia Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation

CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support'  Report finds at least 54 countries co-operated with global kidnap, detention and torture operation mounted after 9/11 attacks

After spending $51B, U.S. can´t verify size of Afghan security force

Queen Michelle

'Fat Butt' Frenzy: WashPost Indicts Football Coach, Rush Limbaugh for Racist Insults of Mrs. Obama, Black Womanhood

Seventh Annual Peeps Contest opens  Super Bowl commercials  Beyonce brings it at halftime  USO opens Warrior and Family Center on Fort... Michelle Obama’s posterior again the subject of a public rant

Obama and Agenda 21

Secretary Chu Says DOE Research Led Shale Revolution, and Forecasts the Same for Renewables

Arizona sues EPA over "absurd" coal emission rules

Coal, solar companies claim Super Bowl outage makes their case

Biden says Obama agrees with French socialist on climate change

Community Organizer to the World

A report suppressed by the INS provides highly embarrassing and potentially politically explosive reading for current immigration reform advocates, concluding the 1986 amnesty actually caused an increase in illegal immigration

Elena Kagan Mania

 Refuse to Recuse- Elena Kagan under spotlight for Obama admin work on NLRB

Obama and Egypt

Ahmadinejad on Historic Visit to Cairo


ObamaCare Exchange Subsidy Cost Hiked By $233 Billion

HHS begins purge of 'excessively burdensome' healthcare rules

Obama's health care law will push 7 million people out of their job-based insurance coverage

Sebelius: ObamaCare is the law of the land, so you might as well help us implement it

Is Obama Gay?

AP sources: Pentagon extending benefits for gays


Obama Ethics, Year 5

White House Contempt for Average Americans

U.S. to sue S&P over ratings ahead of financial crisis

Emails Expose Southern Poverty Law Center Collaboration with DOJ

 Justice Department Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans

Treasury nominee Jack Lew accused of breaking Medicare law by Republicans

Barack Obama, Gun Enthusiast

Obama Lost His US Citizenship! Retired US Army Captain Speaks Out: Obama Never Vetted! Video

Obama Voter Fraud

True the Vote Files Lawsuit Against Supervisor of Elections Over Mishandling of Allen West Recount

Is Obama Gay?

Obama: Boy Scouts Should Expose Homosexuals to Opportunities

Obama and Egypt

Egypt Receives First Batch of F-16s from the U.S.

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Police forensic scientist at Newtown hearing: 'Assault weapons' ban won’t work

Obama tries to undercut NRA in gun control debate

Obama claims 'consensus' forming around gun control proposals

Carney Tries to Walk Back Obama's Boasting on Skeet Shooting

W.H.: Obama never claimed to be a hunter

Sandyhook Dad: You`ll Have to Take My Guns "From My Cold Dead Hands" (Video)

1500+ Gun Owners Flood The Connecticut Legislative Office Building

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: NRA President David Keene

David Axelrod Attributes Chicago Murder Rate to Lax Gun-Control Laws in 'Surrounding Areas'

NRA's LaPierre: You cannot trust the White House on gun control

Krugman: NRA an 'insane organization'

Attaaack Waaaatch

Mika: Wayne LaPierre's 'Stupid' Arguments 'Something Sarah Palin Would Say'

Obama Dead Pool file

The one that got away?...-Massad Ayoob, firearms expert, was in helicopter that crashed in St. Lucie County on Saturday.

Revealed: Marine who 'killed' famous sniper threatened to 'blow his brains out and kill his family months before shooting two men at gun range'

Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe

Suspicions Raised After Deaths of Three Firearms Experts

We Take You Inside the Mind of a Sandy Hook Truther: CIA Conspiracy? 7 Shooters? An Attempt to 'Disarm People and Attack the 2nd Amendment'?


Obama to Bring in 'Progressive and Labor Leaders' for Immigration Discussion

Nearly Half Of American Families Live On The Edge Of Financial Ruin

Gasoline costs take biggest share of household income in three decades

Consumers Taking Financial Hit From Rising Fuel Prices

Obama misses budget deadline

Factory Orders Ex Transports Post First Annual Decline Since July

Employment: The Economic Nightmare Continues

Japan: The Stimulus Trap

Fannie Mae Employees Keep Fat PayChecks at Taxpayers' Expense


Obamacare Allows Government to Take Money from the Uninsured

Obamacare Alchemy

Obama vs. the U.S. Military

Gibbs: Chuck Hagel's military service more impressive than John McCain's

U.S. Navy Cuts Fleet Goal to 306 Ships

Number of unemployed veterans up 150,000 in four months

Veterans in Maryland seeking disability benefits can face a perilous wait


CIA and State Dept. Accounts of Benghazi Contradict Gen. Dempsey’s Explanation

Washington ignores Russia's obsession with America at its own peril

It's 3am and nobody's there

Is the Border Patrol short on uniforms?

U.S. attempts to restart peace talks with Taliban

Gitmo Detainees Return to Field of Battle

Community Organizer to the World

The Real Barack Obama: ..first knee-jerk liberal president.

Queen Michelle

'I am so proud of her!': Michelle Obama praises Beyonce's stunning Super Bowl performance

Obama and Agenda 21

Outgoing EPA chief regrets lack of dialogue with rural America

'Father of the Prius' Declares Electric Cars 'Not Viable'

Greenest Super Bowl in History Goes Dark Mid-Game

Energy Dept. Last Week: 'Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront'

Pitkin Confrontation with Forest Service

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Praises French Military's 'Incredible Competence and Capability'


Reese father, son, still jailed as probation fails to deliver ankle monitors



Snafu keeps gun dealers in jail as attorney urges investigation of prosecutors(Reese, NM)

New trial ordered for gun on sudden turnaround in New Mexico case

Obama and Israel

Not Netanyahu?...  Kerry, Not Wasting Time, Calls Peres, Abbas

John Kerry at State: Disaster for Israel?

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Gun Sales Soar on Photo of Armed Obama

White House Mocks Doubters

Washington Post Fact-Checker Still Skeptical About Obama Skeet Shooting Claim: Pic 'Does Not Quite Answer the Questions…'

Buzz Claim: Obama Skeet Shooting Photo Fraud Proven

Mark Kelly On Fox Presses For Background Checks: 'This Isn’t About The Second Amendment Anymore'M

Obama follows in the footsteps of previous presidents by finally posing with a gun as White House goads the doubters to claim skeet shooting picture is a fake

Obama faces tough sell with sheriffs on gun control

 An Illustrated Guide to Obama's Gun-Grabbing The Democratic nominee wants to take away your guns - specifically, these guns

NRA chief: Public cannot 'trust' White House on gun control

Attaaack Waaaatch

Media Follows Obama's Orders to Mock Skeet-Gate Skeptics

Obama Dead Pool file

Foreign language heard being spoken in the Sandy Hook raw footage

Conspiracy? Chris Kyle The Third High Profile Firearms Business Owner Killed in Past Month, Along With 30 SEALs The Past Four Years

Deadliest sniper in U.S. military history is 'shot and killed point-blank by veteran suffering from PTSD' at Texas gun range


Obama: 'No doubt' nation needs more tax revenue to lower deficit

Gasoline at highest price ever for this time of year

BOND GOD: The World Is Changing, And Bonds Are The Most Overbought I've Seen In My 55 Year Career

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Mosque Makeovers With Your Tax Dollars


Left-wing Organizations Push Obamacare with Dark Money Cash from AARP, Center for American Progress, Business Forward, Democracy Alliance

Cardinal Health restructuring to cost 180 jobs, including 20 in Dublin

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama and the Communists: How They Censored Their Own Website to Protect the President

Obama vs. the U.S. Military

Panetta: 'Shameful and irresponsible' if Congress allows sequestration

Supreme Court asks feds to explain sentence Soldier jailed after death of attacking terror suspect

Defense Secretary Panetta Admits Information from Waterboarding Led US to Bin Laden (Video)


Benghazi, Libya, deteriorating into security nightmare

Panetta: Benghazi Due To "Failure Of Intelligence", No Warning This Was Going To Happen

Panetta on U.S. response to Benghazi attack: 'This is not 9-1-1'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Former Iraqi Parliamentarian Says Obama to Meet With Ahmadinejad

Biden does damage control with European leaders after Hagel’s policy flub

Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: America More Vulnerable to Low Altitude Attack

Chicago murder rate far worse than during Al Capone 'gangland' days

ICE Agents Shut Out of Immigration Reform Talks By White House

Community Organizer to the World

CBS to interview Obama during Super Bowl pregame show

Obama aims OFA where Reagan, Clinton failed

Is Obama Gay?

Boy Scouts of America should allow gay members, says Obama

Obama Immigration Reform's Inclusion of Same-Sex Couples a 'Deal-Killer?'

Obama and Agenda 21

United Nations - Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development and the Regional One Bay Area Plan


Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Out of Ammo

Seven Reasons Why it's a Photo-opp

For All the Skeet Truthers...-  it's not beyond the realm of possibility that,.. the President can play a round of golf, fly to Camp David, and shoot a shotgun at least once all in the same a level target... holding the gun to tightly... with cheap ear protection... and no vest to soften the recoil

White House Issues Warning Not To Manipulate/Photoshop Image of President Obama Skeet Shooting... But actually spent the day (his birthday) on the golf course

Obama Fake Shotgun Photo: Fauxbama

AP Photos: A look at US presidents holding guns

DHS Raids Gun Collector - Confiscates Nearly 1,500 Guns - No Charges Filed

Non-Compliance Evident at Buffalo vs New York State Q & A Forum

Gun-Toting Hollywood Movie Stars

NRA Adding More Than 10,000 New Members - Per Day


 New HHS Mandate Rules Force Hobby Lobby, Any Religious Biz to Comply

Obama Administration: We Will Still Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith

Obama Dead Pool file

Chris Kyle: Author of "American Sniper" among the dead at Rough Creek ; Former Navy SEAL & 'American Sniper' Author Chris Kyle Reportedly Killed at TX Lodge


State Dept. Publicized Names, Photos of Stevens' Benghazi Security Detail Before 9/11/12; Suppressed Their Identities Afterward


Economy Lost 2.84 Million Jobs in Jan.

Approximately 5.2 percent of funds obligated to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) during fiscal years 2009-2011 actually went to the construction of new highways

The Government Generously Offers To Help You "Manage” Your Retirement Account

Obama Ethics, Year 5

New Obama directive will shorten visa wait for illegal aliens with U.S. spouses (Amnesty)

Obama vs. the U.S. Military

Joint Chiefs chairman: Women in combat spins 'the paradigm on its head'

When the President Attacks America's Military - Bradlee Dean

Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

State Department Holds Seminar with Groups Tied to Muslim Brotherhood

It's 3am and nobody's there

Biden raises possibility of direct U.S.-Iran talks

Biden to Iran: Time for diplomacy is not unlimited

'White House rebuffs plan to arm Syrian rebels'

Obama and Agenda 21

Solar development absorbing Calif. farmland


Obama and Agenda 21

Keystone pipeline decision to languish until mid-June-US source

Energy Secretary Chu steps down, blasts climate-change skeptics

Flashback: BP oil spill cap design was stolen, Virginia inventor claims

Obama credits Chu with designing cap for Gulf oil spill


Experts Refuse to Join Obama Administration’s IPAB Death Panel

Latest Obamacare casualty: 100 workers at Smith & Nephew

Obama administration offers faith groups new opt-out of health care birth control mandate....Religious leaders derided the policy as an "accounting gimmick," arguing that the premiums they pay to a health insurer could ultimately end up paying for the contraceptives they opposed.

SEC subpoenas Obama-linked firm that sells Obamacare information to corporations

Tick, Tock: Administration Misses Some Health Law Deadlines

Obama Dead Pool file

Issa, Cummings press Holder for answers about Aaron Swartz trial


Clinton Raps Benghazi Critics for Refusing to 'Accept the Facts'

State Dept. Publicized Names, Photos of Stevens' Benghazi Security Detail Before 9/11/12; Suppressed Their Identities Afterward


Electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrids are off to a tough start in January after a disappointing 2012

Obama Shrunk Private Sector by 8.5M Jobs

Unemployment Rises, More Quit Looking for Work..........-U6 Unemployment Stays at 14.4%

The unemployment rate.. higher to 7.9 percent

Media Spins Unemployment Increase as Good News

WH: 'Employment Report Provides Further Evidence that the U.S. Economy Is Continuing to Heal'

AP Headline's Complaint: 'Economic Jitters Compete With Obama Agenda'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois opposes the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense

Biden to use Obama's postelection 'flexibility' on weapons with Russia

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Former Minneapolis FBI director attacks Jones' ATF nomination

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

DHS adds another 200,000 rounds to its 2 billion round stockpile

Gun Control: Officials Set Sights On Ammunition Background Checks

President Obama's gun orders aren't so benign

Skeptical congresswoman challenges Obama to skeet shooting match

White House Denies Washington Post's Request For Name Of Even One Person Obama Has Shot Skeet With

Source: Obama went skeet shooting twice at most 'He couldn't have been more uncomfortable'

'Tackle crazed gunmen with scissors or just hide under your desk': Homeland Security's controversial advice video for fighting lone wolf shooter

Dishonest Dick Durbin smears NRA at hearing, uses dishonest tactics with panelists(Video)

Orrin Hatch: Gun Background Checks Could Destroy Liberty, Cause Persecution

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Hagel Hearing: Scarborough So Contemptuous Of Ted Cruz, Won't Mention Him By Name

Scarborough Rips Sens. John McCain, Ted Cruz For 'Embarrassing' Handling Of Hagel’s Confirmation Hearing

Mark Levin: "The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government - it's called Barack Obama!"

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: Obama 'Sends Me Mostly to Afghanistan and Iraq' Because I'm VP

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Hillary's State Dept. Farewell Speech Features Muslim Woman Wearing Burqa

Community Organizer to the World

Soda, candy out under USDA's proposed school snack rules

President Obama's Two Hundred and Tenth Week in Office


Obama and Agenda 21

The EPA once again raises its biofuels standards - for biofuels that still do not exist


Panetta expected to testify on Libya after senator threatens to hold up nomination

It's 3am and nobody's there

Sen. Ted Cruz Questioning Chuck Hagel in Confirmation Hearing

Hagel faulted for calling US "world bully" in Al Jazeera interview

Hagel: If confirmed, I’ll be sure to learn much more about the Defense department

Cruz: Has Israel committed war crimes? Hagel: "No, but… No I do not."

Senator to DefSec Nominee: Why Have the Iranians Endorsed You?

Hagel: Iran Has Legitimate, Elected Government...........Carney mum on Iranian regime's legitimacy

Hagel-McCain battle over success of Iraq surge

The Hagel hearing, Part Four...-Sens. Ayotte and Fischer bore into Hagel

Chuck Hagel under fire at confirmation hearing

As 2014 NATO pullout approaches, more Afghans flee their homeland

Obama Ethics, Year 5

U.S. For Sale: Obama Lets China Gobble Up U.S. Energy

NLRB sides with UFCW in Wal-Mart case

GOP Senators to NLRB, CFPB: Take Down the 'Open for Business' Sign

Hatch Act Follies; FEC complaint filed regarding DNC reimbursement to HHS

Report Suggests Solyndra-Like Problems in Federal Nuclear Power Loan Guarantee

Hillary Clinton Only Secretary Since Nixon Years to Skip the Vatican


New U.S. jobless claims jump 38,000 to 368,000

US economy has 'paused', says Federal Reserve

Economic jitters compete with Obama agenda

Obama to Shut Down 'Jobs Council'

Report: IRS hiring new employees faster

Dems Tout Claim: 'Best-Looking Contraction in U.S. GDP You'll Ever See'

Student Debt Climbs, Credit Risk Gets Steeper: Report

Poor Become More Concentrated in Northern Cities

New England fishermen say new regulations may lead to collapse of the industry


Another Plaintiff Beats Obama HHS-Abortion Mandate in Court

IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family

Federal Rule (Obamacare) Limits Aid to Families Who Can’t Afford Employers’ Health Coverage

IRS: Parents Must Pay Federal Fine for Uninsured Kids

DHS revamping immigrant welcome materials, set to include Obamacare

HHS says it ditched 'exchanges' because word doesn’t translate into Spanish

Some Unions Grow Wary Of Health Law They Backed

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Spending Cuts Including to Defense Seen to Start in March

Government Report: Women in Combat to Cost Money

Black helicopters? Army says don't worry Military explains Special Ops units doing 'urban training'

....signs point to impending state of martial law...White House silent on matter

American Military Attacked By Their Commander-In-Chief

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

NRA president: Anti-gun advocates threatened to kill my kids

Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors

Wyoming House Approves Bills Exempting State From Federal Gun Control Measures

Ariz. Senate Panel Passes Bill Barring Enforcement Of Federal Gun Measures

Walmart limits sales of ammunition to three boxes per customer per day

White House: Obama 'Has a Strong Record of Support for 2nd Amendment Rights'

The White House’s curious silence about Obama's claim of skeet shooting

Mag Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting

Attaaaack Waaaatch

MSNBC, Huffington Post respond to 'heckling' issue

67 Percent of Texas Republicans Want Obama Impeached

Obama and Agenda 21

Study: New E15 gas can ruin auto engines

Obama and Israel

Ted Cruz shows that Hagel slandered both Israel and the U.S.

White House Warns Syria: Don't Transfer Weapons to Hizbullah Syria warned that it reserves the right to retaliate to alleged Israeli air strike on a military research center.

Hagel's Greatest Hits

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

State Dept. Recruits Muslim Foreign Service Officers at Jihadist Conference

Why Is Obama Clinging to the Brotherhood?


Remaining jailed New Mexico gun dealer family members granted bond

D.C. official says ATF changed from Fast and Furious era

Rumor Mill

 How Roberts Was Blackmailed To Support ObamaCare


Obama and Egypt

Morsi: Jewish Slurs Misunderstood, Taken Out of Context

Chinese missile technicians spotted in Egypt working with North Koreans to upgrade Scuds

American hero blasts sending F16s to Egypt (video Hannity-Scott O'Grady)

Obama and Israel

Report: Convoy Israel Struck Carried SA-17 Rockets- Russian-made anti-aircraft rockets were intended for Hizbullah, could "change balance of power."

Israel strikes at Syria-Lebanon border, sources say

 Hagel's Lost Speech J St address shows desire to put pressure on Israel

Iraqi Ally of Israel on Hagel, "This is Not a Minister of Defense, But a Minister of Chaos"

Eisenhower's New Fans  Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel look to the 34th president as a foreign-affairs model. But is it a willful misreading?

It's 3am and nobody's there

Army's Public Training Exercises -again

Cornyn Rips Hagel on the Senate Floor

Russia scraps US anti-drug accord after 10 years

Obama Has Not Shown Promised 'Flexibility' on Missile Defense: Medvedev

Obama pledges $155 million additional aid for Syrians

 Pentagon Has No Plans to Engage in Combat in Mali Little: 'There is no plan at this stage to engage in combat with the French in Mali'

Ban the Bomb Test; Hagel favors Senate approval of nuclear test ban treaty voted down in 1999

Los Angeles County 'Birth Tourism' Complaints Spike

Chicago: January homicide count worst since 2002

Obama Doctrine Leading America Toward Another 9/11?


The Cost of Obama's Regulatory Explosion

White House blames Republican "brinkmanship" for GDP contraction

White House: GOP responsible for shrinking economy

The administration blames Hurricaine Sandy and Spending Cuts for the bad economy

In surprise, GDP shrinks by 0.1 percent in fourth quarter........--- The Excuses Begin

US debt headed toward 200 percent of GDP even after 'fiscal cliff' deal

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Non-Profit Organizing for Action Displays Obama Campaign Logo in Immigration Email

Complaint: Sebelius' illegal campaign trip for Obama worse than we thought

Chuck Hagel's Contempt for the Senate

NLRB Appeals to Multiply

ObamaLeaks in the White House

Obama's Escalating War on the Separation of Powers

4 of Illinois' last 7 governors went to prison

Obama Voter Fraud

Author: MSNBC 'Essentially' Ran 'a Voter Suppression Campaign' Against GOP During 2012 Presidential Election

Community Orgainzer to the World

1,471 days in, Obama declares immigration reform is now urgent

Obama Uses Failing High School as Backdrop for Immigration Speech

U.S. Spent $424K on Research With Muslim Scholars to Stop HIV Among Prostitutes, Drug Users in Syria

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Unions, Hollywood open to bankrolling Obama’s advocacy arm

Media Falsely Claims Gun Activists Heckled Father of Murdered Newtown Boy

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama goes 'skeet shooting all the time'? Hardly ever, sources say

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Obama Never Said He Went Skeet Shooting, Guest Proves Her A Liar

Gun-friendly states attempting to lure Remington from New York

Senate Judiciary chair rejects Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons ban

Ted Cruz sends letter to banks being harassed by Rahm Immanuel: Welcome to Texas!

Rahm Emanuel Sends Letters to Mutual Funds Urging Them to Blacklist Gun Manufacturers That Oppose Gun Safety Laws

Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting 2nd Amendment

Obama and Agenda 21

Colorado Energy Office Misspends Millions in Stimulus Funds

Daryl Issa's letter to @EPAgov on evidence "alias" email accounts have been used for official business


Obama Operatives Training Media How to Sell Obamacare

Obama administration issues regulations for individual mandate

Boston Scientific is cutting up to 1,000 more jobs as it deals with a new medical device tax from the U.S. health care overhaul

U.S. bishops say they’re willing to 'go to jail' over HHS mandate

Some families to be priced out of health overhaul

Obamacare's Insurance Exchanges Are Already Turning Into A Disaster

Health Insurance Costs for Smokers May Go Up $500 per month


Judicial Watch Benghazi Report Finds 'Wide Range' of State Dept. Failures


Obama Ethics, Year 5

U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime': leaked emails....

Sessions: Obama Immigration Enforcement Chief Must Resign

Judge rules in favor of ICE agents suing Obama

Frightening Report: Twitter Reveals US Government Makes 80% Of Info Requests

 Treasury Department approves A123 sale to Chinese firm despite security concerns

Obama lawyers to argue recess appointments again in March

Obama to Fly Over 9 Hours Just for Speech on Immigration The speech and photo-op will cost taxpayers over $1.6 million

Hagel's Chevron Does Big Business with Pentagon Hagel's position on Chevron Corp. board may be a conflict of interest


House, Holder may near deal on Fast and Furious contempt

Obama and Agenda 21

Vitter, Issa demand records regarding top EPA official's use of private email account

Pro-Obama company builds wind power project in same area where coal plant closed

Obama Czar Rattner Decries 'Climate-Change Deniers' - But Flies Big Private Jet

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Commander: Special ops to lose $1 billion

It's 3am and nobody's there

WH Claims Bin Laden Burial Details Would Lead to 'Retaliatory Attacks'

No Deal - Obama: No Border Security Before Path to Citizenship

Carney: "Our Borders Now Are More Secure Than They Have Ever Been In History"

Army drill scares residents on Houston's south side

Chicago reaches 40 homicides in January

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the only Republican still left in Obama's first-term Cabinet, says he plans to leave the Obama administration


Lindsey Graham: Hillary Clinton 'got away with murder'

Senator to Block DefSec Nominee Until Panetta Testifies on Benghazi

Obama's Promised Justice Eludes Benghazi Terrorists

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Drops "Let's Move" Campaign

Community Orgainzer to the World

Obama: Unless you were a Native American, you came from someplace else

Obama: 'Now´s the time' for immigration reform

Democratic Senator: 'Much of Progressive Agenda is Going to Be Driven' by Obama Using Executive Power

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton To Hold Global Town Hall

Attaaaack Waaaatch

'60 Minutes' correspondent Kroft defends Obama-Hillary interview: "......' he knows that we're not going to play gotcha with him. That we're not going to go out of our way to make him look bad or stupid'

Megyn Kelly Reacts to Obama Lashing Out at Fox News: 'For Me, This Is About the President Saying If Somebody Disagrees With Him, It’s Because Someone Has 'Gotten' to Them'

Obama vs. Fox News -- behind the White House strategy to delegitimize a news organization


US: Consumer Confidence falls to 58.6 in January

Former Obama 'car czar' likens Paul Krugman's economic analysis to climate change denial

NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama

Unions Crumble Without Stimulus Spending

Blighted home that says Detroit is going bankrupt: Families flee leaving whole streets empty and broken because governor has not made enough cuts

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Eric Holder Goes Around Congress on Gun Control: Starts to implement 3 exectutive orders

Mag Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting Then deletes it.

WAPO: Obama Fibbed About Gun Background Checks

Piers Morgan schooled on need to have AR-15 by 22-year-old woman

Hearing yields explosive testimony about law enforcement corruption in gun case

Obama and Egypt

Egypt army chief warns state could collapse

Aide to Egyptian President Morsi claims Holocaust a U.S. hoax

Obama and Israel

Hagel in 2003: Israel Keeps 'Palestinians Caged Up Like Animals'

Cornyn Blasts Hagel Cornyn asks for help defeating Hagel at Christians United for Israel dinner

Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood

Defense Department’s Actions Against LTC Matthew Dooley Violate National Interests: TMLC Challenges National Defense University’s Accreditation: LTC Dooley was an instructor at the NDU, and one of the faculty members assigned to run the elective course entitled, Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.

Obama Dead Pool File

Aaron Swartz' suicide raises questions for Eric Holder and the Justice Dept.


Immigration reform could boost cost of Obamacare by hundreds of billions


Obama Ethics, Year 5

Treasury approved big pay raises at bailed-out AIG, Ally andGM, report says

Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers

Obama and Israel

ICE raids at Galleria and The Woodlands Mall nab 13 Israeli citizens

Obama Calls, Congratulates Netanyahu,... President calls Netanyahu, almost a week after he came in first in Israeli elections.

Obama’s Inauguration Prayers Featured Three of Soros' Anti-Israel Rabbis

OBAMA SECRETLY PLEDGES TO DIVIDE JERUSALEM. Will press Israel into new so-called land-for-peace talks

Indyk: Obama and Netanyahu have 'bad chemistry'

Netanyahu: US, Israel cooperating closely on Syria

Israel Deploys Iron Dome; Netanyahu Says Syria 'Coming Apart'

As Syria Unravels, Israel Threatens Hit on Chemical Weapons......- preemptive stike possible

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House takes credit on immigration deal

 Syrian Rebels Declare War on Christians


Obama Cracks Joke When Asked About Four Dead Americans In Benghazi

What does John Boehner know about Benghazi that he is hiding?

Hillary's Histrionics Hide Truth

Judge Jeanine Scrutinizes Hillary Clinton's 'Two-Stepping' Explanation of Benghazi Attack 1-26-13

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation

Gun background checks surged in last 6 weeks: highest level in 15 years

Andrea Mitchell Claims Obama Said Only Guests Shot Skeet - But Even New Republic Editor Contradicts Her

Jay Carney has never seen a photo of Obama skeet-shooting

Former ‘Brain Dead Liberal' Filmmaker Pens Scathing Column on Gun Control: 'A Political Appeal to the Ignorant'

Brock's Glock: In anti-gun DC, Media Matters for America gave bodyguard illegal weapons to guard founder David Brock

Sharpton on 2nd Amendment: 'People do not have the right to unregulated rights in this country' (VIDEO)

 Bloomberg Loses Focus Mayor answers gun control compliment with, 'Look at the ass on her'

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Email Scandal Is Worse than Originally Thought


Tactics change in health law fight Attention turns to state capitals

Study: HHS Adds $9.1 Billion in New Regs in January


Obama's Unbridled Hubris: "I Go Shooting All the Time," "Football is Too Violent," "Gays in Military Caused No Controversy"

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Fox News’ van Susteren fires back at Obama

Obama and Egypt

Egypt gives military the power to arrest civilians


Solis Wishes Labor Could Have Regulated More Former labor secretary picks restrictions on children working on family farms as top missed project

Report: Athletes Fleeing California Due to High Taxes

Up to a third of Barnes & Noble stores to close, report says

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Pakistani fertilizer firm to expand in U.S., but balks on controlling bomb materials

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Marines, Army shrinking force size under budgetary restraints

Queen Michelle

Fed up! School junks federal lunch aid after students give new grub terrible reviews



Obama to Kill Jobs Council

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Obama to cut medical benefits for active, retired military, not union workers

Navy orders cuts to begin now; thousands to be fired

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Government procurement reveals hypocrisy on'‘assault weapon' terminology

If 'Assault Weapons' Are Bad…Why Does DHS Want to Buy 7,000 of Them for 'Personal Defense'?

Obama suggests Republicans unwilling to compromise in gun control debate

Obama: Gun-Control Advocates Have to Listen More

Feinstein sees Sandy Hook as an 'epiphany'

Feinstein: NRA is 'venal'

Barack Obama: 'I go shooting all the time'

Obama says he goes skeet shooting 'all the time'

Poll: Two-thirds of American voters with household guns would 'defy' gun laws

'I Need You in the Game': Wis. Sheriff Tells Residents to Learn How to Use a Gun to Defend Themselves

Schools push to 'disarm the minds' of our children

Tiananmen Square Activist Turned American Citizen Speaks for 2nd Amendment

It's 3am and nobody's there

Brit Hume Slams Hillary Clinton's Tenure At State With A Laundry List Detailing Her Mediocrity

Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl: Joint military training excersise drill

Anonymous Hacks Department Of Justice, Threatens To Release Secret DOJ Information, Warns "There Will Be Chaos"

Community Organizer to the World

Carney Doesn't Know What White House Will Do For Women

Barack Obama is Not Pleased The president on his enemies, the media, and the future of football

Obama: Change Coming to NFL to Reduce 'Violence'

Obama Voter Fraud

How Democratic Operatives Are Accessing 2.9 million Private Voter Records - Right Now

Attaaach Waaaatch

CBS Runs Segment Called 'Let's Give Up On The Constitution'

President Obama Laments Rush Limbaugh And Fox News' Influence On Public Debate

Obama and Agenda 21

Chicago Suburb Arrests Mothers for Refusing Energy Meters (Naperville, IL)


Aurora CEO cites Obamacare as partial cause of job cutbacks

Obama and Israel

Obama Vows 'Never Again' on Holocaust Remembrance Day...: 'Those Who…Know Too Well the Pain of Losing Loved Ones to Senseless Violence' and pushes gun control phrase


Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Continues to Violate His Own 'Stimulus' Law by Not Releasing Quarterly Reports

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Biden: Mental Health Check May Have Prevented Virginia Tech Shooting

Gun stores running low on popular ammunition


Obama says Clinton will go down in history as one of the finest secretaries of state in preview of 60 Minutes interview

For a Jailed Filmmaker, Clinton's Benghazi Lies Make a Difference

GOP Rep: Officials Behind Benghazi Failures Enjoying 'Their Paid Vacation'


Obama Pledges to Continue Crackdown on 'Irresponsible Behavior'

Shops to start charging you for paying by credit card from tomorrow

Social Security´s disability trust fund could fail to cover all benefits early as 2016

Illinois credit rating worst in the nation after downgrade

Boomtown: Washington Passes Silicon Valley for Highest Median Income in U.S

Auditors: $230 million in Labor Dept. grants had no criteria for success

With last week's announcement by the Bundesbank of the repatriation of 674 tons of German gold from Paris and NY over the next 7 years

It's 3am and nobody's there

 As candidate, Hagel supported de-funding Radio Free Europe Supported shuttering RFE, Radio Marti, Radio Free Asia in 1996 Senate race

Homeland Security training TSA workers to save themselves in shooting

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Joint Chiefs Chairman: 'We Can Figure Out Privacy' for Young Ladies in Frontline Combat, Including in Navy SEALS and Delta Force

Trashing Tricare

Melissa Harris-Perry Admits: U.S. Military 'Despised By Many Progressives'

Community Organizer to the World

Hillary's Little Helpers; The cult of Clinton is alive and well.


Health Reform Subsidy Calculator

Immigration reform could add millions of people under Obama health law

Obama and Agenda 21

Judge rules EPA can't mandate use of nonexistent biofuels

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

NASA chief: Obama wanted me to make Muslims feel good



US banks shaken by biggest deposit withdrawals since 9/11

Obama Ethics, Year 5

NLRB: We will continue to act despite the Appeals Court decision

Court to Obama: What Part of 'The' Do You Not Understand?

Appeals court panel rules Obama recess appointments to labor board are unconstitutional

Obama's 'recess appointments' unconstitutional, says court

FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans

Chuck Hagel's Shadow Campaign- Pro-Iran group has donated $2.1M to pro-Hagel nonprofits, media outlets

No Inspections- House Oversight calls on Obama to appoint inspector general to State Department

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, sending out mandates to commissioners informing them that their sheriffs no longer have arrest powers.

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes to Pass Senate

Biden on gun control: Limit on magazine rounds a bigger priority

Holder begins gun-control push: The Justice Department is taking the first steps toward carrying out President Obama’s executive actions on gun control

Biden: It's Gun Safety, Not Gun Control

Rahm Emanuel presses banks on guns (Demands they stop doing business with gun manufacturers)

House Gun Task Force Chair: 'I'm Not Interested in Giving Up My Firearms'

 Feinstein gun ban bill draft now online

Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials

San Francisco, 1978, Dianne Feinstein and Gun Control

'Open carry' bill latest proposal to expand gun laws in Texas

Gun Show Cancelled After Ban on Assault Weapons


Where Is Obama Hiding the Benghazi Survivors?

Obama, Secretary Clinton To Hold First Joint Interview On '60 Minutes'

Kerry: 'There Were No Protests in Benghazi' Prior to Attack

Hillary Clinton's Dodgy Testimony

Hillary Lets the Jihadist Cat Out of the Bag

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Anti-tax group creates EPA 'fake identity' generator website

Reagan's home could become a parking lot for Obama´s library

Obama Democrats Mess with Texas, Plot to Turn Lone Star State Blue

It's 3am and nobody's there

 Hagel Backtracks on Nukes Hagel walks back from anti-nuclear positions

UN launches probe into drone strikes- Expert to inquire into drone strikes and whether resultant civilian deaths constitute a war crime

Socialists/Communists in the Obama Administration

Former Think Progress Blogger Denis McDonough Named WH Chief of Staff

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Obama Fires Top General Without Even a Phone Call

Military suffers with sale of company to China: A123 Systems...-will lose access to critical materials used in military technology and the country’s electrical grid

Demilitarizing the Military

Pentagon laying off 46,000 staff

Army Removes Crosses, Steeple from Chapel

Community Organizer to the World

 Corporate Cash Financing Obama 501c4 Wal-Mart, Lockheed, Citi will be financing OFA 2.0

Big Money, Big Protest, Big Muscle: Obama's New Left-Wing Political Machine

Tina Turner 'to become Swiss, give up US passport'

Bindi Irwin 'frustrated' over Hillary Clinton office article revision

Obama's Fourth Year in Office Ties as Most Polarized Ever Seventy-six-point gap in party ratings of Obama ties Bush in 2004-2005

Schools must provide sports for disabled, US says


After Mike Bloomberg's rule for hospitals, FDA panel votes to restrict use of painkillers

ObamaCare Highlights Top Hospitals - And Bars More

Health Insurance Brokers Prepare Clients For Obamacare Sticker Shock

"The American Medical Association praised the reintroduction Wednesday of a bill to repeal the controversial Medicare payments board in President Obama's healthcare law

Individual and Small Group Insurance Premiums and the Affordable Care Act: Analytic Results (American Action Forum)

New health care law might penalize smokers as insurers could charge them up to 50 percent more

Obama and Agenda 21

Turning America's water into Big Green´s elite empire

Video: FEMA won't let us rebuild our home

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood group to 'connect all U.S. schools' Partners with State, Education departments on international initiative

Queen Michelle

Fashion Editor Calls Out Michelle Obama For Acting Like An 'Indulged Starlet'

Obama Dead Pool file

Newtown Is Hometown of Sugarmann; His Group Seeks Assault Weapons Ban

President Obama's Two Hundred and Ninth Week in Office


Obama and Israel

US Urges Israel to Partake in UN Human Rights Review... despite state’s decision to cut ties with council due to blatant bias.

Senator John Kerry hinted Thursday he has a plan up his sleeve to rekindle the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority but warned he was worried the door for a "two-state solution" may be closing


DOJ's Lanny Breuer to Resign in Wake of Fast and Furious Scandal

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Biden: Putting armed guards in schools would be a "terrible mistake"

List of Guns Banned Under Feinstein's Legislation

Biden: 'Buy some shotgun shells'

Sen. Feinstein ready to introduce new ban on assault weapons: 150 types, including handguns

Feinstein Opens Gun Control Presser with Prayer by Clergyman 'The gun lobby is not match for the cross lobby."

Feinstein calls for banning more than 150 types of firearms during dramatic press conference

Feinstein: 'Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time'

Feinstein's Gun Display Breaks DC's Gun Laws - got special permission to do it

Napolitano, Sebelius to Accompany Biden to Richmond for 'Gun Safety' Roundtable Discussion

NRA boycott kills outdoors show that banned assault weapons

Obama's Perpetual Campaign Hits Road for Gun Ban Tour


Clinton Has Talked to Only 1 American Benghazi Survivor in 4 Months; Talked to None in Wake of Attack; Said FBI Needed to Question Them First

What Really Happened in Benghazi: Before, During, and After


Flashback, Hillary Clinton on September 14th, 2012 ...blaming the Benghazi attack on the Mohammed film..-  then Denies it on January 23, 2013

Hillary Didn´t Mind Going On Sunday Show To Do Victory Lap On Libya

US only 'advises' against traveling to Benghazi while other countries say get out 'immediately' from Libyan city as 'imminent and specific' terror threat emerges

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Google Complies With Government Requests for User Data 88% of the Time

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Sen. Barbara Boxer 'infuriated' by Sen. Rand Paul’s attack on Hillary

CNN Protects Obama from the "Fascist" Label

It's 3am and nobody's there

Rand Paul to John Kerry: If it was wrong to bomb Cambodia without Congress's approval, why is bombing Libya without approval okay?

Kerry breezes through nomination hearing

Napolitano: Internet users need to practice good 'cyber-hygiene'


Kerry Calls for 'Economic Patriotism' for Better Standing in World

It's Official: Worst. Recovery. EVER

United Continental to cut 600 front-office jobs

Obama and Agenda 21

Republicans threaten 'formal action' over EPA head's 'Richard Windsor' emails

Obama EPA kills power plant, 3,900 jobs in Texas

3M to Cut 300 Jobs in Restructuring Move

Let them eat......kale

Clintons are home hunting in Hamptons with upmarket realtor - who´s even got a White House on his books

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Exclusive - Van Jones: Inaugural Address Proves Obama's a 'Communitarian'

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Panetta: 'Everyone Entitled to a Chance' to be Combat Soldier in 'Gender Neutra'´ Military

Inhofe: 'Unacceptable' That DoD Leaked 'Women in Combat' Plans Before Briefing Congress

'We don´t shower for a month... and we're often naked': Male soldiers warn female comrades of harsh conditions on frontline as Panetta lifts battlefield ban on women

Women in Combat 'Part of Another Social Experiment,' Says Retired Army General Boykin

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Wants 100,000 American Students to Study in Communist China


Obamacare mandate faulted for breaking rules, Complaint says Washington failed to follow procedures it set up

Confused professors shocked schools are cutting their hours to avoid Obamacare penalties

Obama Dead Pool file

Sandy Hook Panel Set to Begin Review of School Shooting



Limbaugh: Hearings 'cleansing of Mrs. Clinton's record,' 2008 campaign debt tied to testimony

Hillary On Not Doing Sunday Shows After Benghazi Attack: ‘There Are Other Things I Prefer To Do'

Hillary Clinton denies blaming free speech for Benghazi jihad massacre: "I did not say… that it was about the video for Libya"

Hillary Clinton still refuses to say Benghazi wasn't caused by the Muhammad video

Clinton Makes Dubious Claim That Obama Called Benghazi Terror Attack on 9/12

White House defends Secretary of State Clinton on Benghazi...    -Carney denounces GOP 'obsession' with Benghazi response

Clinton insists she initially called Benghazi a militant attack but claims perpetrators not fully known

Hillary Laments Lack of Funding

Clinton: Nobody more committed to security

Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: If I were president, 'I would have relieved you of your post' (VIDEO)... Hillary 'smirks' at question

Clinton: I 'was not focused on talking points' in Benghazi aftermath

At the hearing, angry Hillary "What difference does it make!"

Durbin compares Susan Rice statements to claims of WMDs in Iraq

Some Algeria Attackers Are Placed at Benghazi

Clinton denies 'delay' in Benghazi response, despite accounts

Menendez leads hearing questioning Clinton on Benghazi

CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson tears into Obama Admin over Benghazigate

Former Special Forces Commander: Congress Should Ask Clinton If Panetta Denied State Dept. A Plane to Rescue Americans in Benghazi

It's 3am and nobody's there

Hillary Clinton State Department Blew $80 Million on Mazar-e Sharif Consulate That Will Never Open

Obama Ethics, Year 5

 Watergate-era Judiciary chief of staff: Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior

In graduate thesis, John Brennan argued for government censorship: 'Too much freedom is possible'

Obama's Enemies List: The Blockbuster Book By Floyd G. Brown

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Panetta removes military ban on women in combat, opening thousands of front line positions

Pentagon bracing for 30% reduction in Army base operations

Community Organizer to the World

Jarrett: Obama Isn't Going to Debate Government's Role, 'Progress Is Compelled by Action Right Now' Compares Obama to Lincoln

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Report: Military Establishing Active Duty Firearms Database

MILLER: National 'assault weapon' ban coming

NRA’s LaPierre: Obama making 'mockery' of nation’s freedoms

Summerville gun shop loses ESPN advertising spots

Obama Executive Order Quietly Removes 1995 Ban On Using Federal Funds To Advocate For Gun Control

Attaaaack Waaaatch

NBC Laments 'Grueling Day' of Benghazi Testimony for 'Stellar' Clinton

After Rand Paul Grills Hillary, 'Nightline' Host His Foreign Policy Experience

Ben Shapiro: 'NBC News is a disaster area, an unholstered weapon for the left'

Hollywood Kills Tea Partiers, Christians in Movie 'God Bless America'

ABC Discovers That Barack Obama Is a 'Progressive' 'Liberal'


Obama Health Law Needs Delay, State Insurance Head Says

New Yorkers With Private Health Insurance Will Pay $4.8 Billion This Year in Taxes and Fees on Health Insurance

Johns Hopkins ends health insurance program for low-income residents


Obama's new French economic adviser has 'faith in redistribution'

Unions suffer steep decline in membership

U.S. home prices climbed 5.6 percent in the 12 months through November as buyers competed for a dwindling inventory of properties

Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs

Apple May Face First Profit Drop in Decade as IPhone Slows

Obama and Agenda 21

Nebraska OKs re-routed Keystone XL pipeline, now it's Obama's problem

Queen Michelle

Picture: New Michelle hair do reminds of Jane Fonda

Report: Boehner's inauguration smoke joke had first lady's eyes rolling

Let them eat......kale

The First Lady: Gaga and Tony Bennett serenade the Obamas in SECOND night of partying at bash for White House staffers who burst into song for the President with impromptu rendition of Signed, Sealed, Delivered  

Obama and Israel

Two U.S. officials in Israel quietly conceded that Obama's statements to Atlantic columnist Jeffrey Goldberg were an intentional effort to hurt Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in the election

NBC: Surprisingly centrist vote has Israel's Netanyahu reaching to left

Obama and Egypt

Egyptian Authors Speak Out: Muslim Brotherhood Means 'No Hope…No Democracy'

Morsi Explains: The Jews Control the Media

 ‘In Context’: Muhammad Morsi's (Islamically Correct) Jew-Hatred... Someone wake Obama: Morsi has a long history of anti-Semitism, and he is simply carrying on tradition.

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: Obama Inauguration Speech Was More Important Than George Washington's


Obama and Israel

EXIT POLLS: Benjamin Netanyahu Limped To Victory, But Israel´s Far Right Took A Big Hit

Netanyahu tops Israel vote despite losses: exit polls

 Inside Hagel’s Meeting with Jewish Leaders- Source: Hagel apologized for anti-Israel positions and walked back controversial views

Hagel reassures Jewish leaders on Iran position

Schumer, Hagel, and Obama’s 'Good Jews'

Obama Voter Fraud

Israel election marred by 350 cases of voter fraud

Obama and Egypt

 Egypt to Receive F-16s, State Department refuses to delay delivery to Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt


Striking a pose at the second Inauguration

Obama vs the U.S. Military

Shock claim: Obama only wants military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'


Former Special Forces Commander: Was U.S. Running Guns to Syrian Rebels Via Benghazi? CIA: No

In cable the day he died, U.S. ambassador warned Clinton about Benghazi security

Full set of cables between SoS department and all in Benghazi

It's 3am and nobody's there

Whitehouse: Syria is the U.S.'s 'Lafayette Moment'

US begins transporting French troops, equipment to Mali

Panetta: US has to 'fight back' against al Qaeda after three Americans killed

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama's Inaugural Prayer Drops "Under God"

Did Beyoncé Lip-Sync the Star-Spangled Banner?

Eric Holder, Among Others Enabled Child Porn Crimes

DHS gets 2,717 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (April 2012)

Chairman Paul Ryan, Meet DOJ Lawyer Daniel Freeman

Community Organizer to the World

Valerie Jarrett: 'You're Going to See the President Traveling Around the Country More'

Obama's Impassioned Defense of Activist Government

Obama the Organizer: Help Me Win Second-Term Fights

Inaugural address: a defiant Obama reminds Americans why he is the most liberal president in US history

Did Oprah fall out with the Obamas? The queen of talk who spent the last inauguration partying with the First Couple jetted out of the country this time around and didn´t even tweet a 'congrats'

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

US sheriff raps officers who say they'd ignore gun control laws they see as constitutional

Obama smells blood in gun push

Anti-Gun Bills Shot Down in Virginia Legislature

 Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama's Gun Control Laws

Attaaaack Waaaatch

McConnell: Obama Inaugural Means 'Era of Liberalism Is Back'

Katie Pavlich Goes After CBS Political Director For Column Asserting Obama Should 'Destroy' GOP

Woodward to Obama: Sticking Your Finger in Republican Eyes All the Time Won’t Work

Video: Man in Tree Disrupts 2013 Inauguration, Yells, "What About the Babies?!"


Obama concedes: Obamacare didn't do anything for rising health care costs

Universities Slash Teachers' Hours to Evade ObamaCare

Obama Dead Pool file

Probe of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza focusing on murderer's 'psychotic break' and unlocked guns

Obama and Agenda 21

Carney: 'No Specific Storm or Weather Event Can Be Tied to Climate Change'

State Department delays Keystone pipeline decision

Salazar Gets to Work on Last-Minute Push of Obama's Green Agenda

Queen Michelle

Media Give Michelle a Pass for Designer Duds

Let them eat......kale

Inside the White House after- party: How the President took part in a Gangnam Style dance off and Michelle grooved to 'Single Ladies' at celebrity-packed bash


Obama vs the U.S. Military

Report: Gen. Mattis Forced Out of CENTCOM for Questioning Obama's Advisers

Is Obama Gay?

Obama's Inaugural: If God 'Truly' Created Us Equal, Homosexual 'Love' is Equal as Well


Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya

It's 3am and nobody's there

Homeland Security hoarding ammo, depriving police

Community Organizer to the World

Axelrod Attempts to Spin Obama's Partisan Speech

Moments After Inaugural Address, Obama Launches Battle Machine

Obama inauguration: the President starts his second term with a declaration of class war

Obama: 'America Can’t Succeed When a Shrinking Few Do Well and a Growing Number Barely Make It'

Second Inaugural Address: Obama Declares War on Liberty As We Know It

Significantly Smaller Inaugural Crowd Expected "Perhaps only a quarter of the size of four years ago."

Inaugural Ball Ticket Prices Slashed by 50%

Remember Obama´s first inaugural address 1,462 days ago? We don't either

MSNBC Morning Talk Show - Obama is a lousy manager, Admin has been dysfunctional place

Newsweek Editor Calls Obama "sort of God" - Literally

Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards 'honored to be in church with Obama' today

Gallup: Obama average first- term approval ratings among lowest in modern history

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama: 'We Will Respond to the Threat of Climate Change'


As Inauguration Commences, Obama Ignores Jobs Council, Late Drafting Budget Proposal

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson may leave US in response to state, federal income tax hikes

Obama Advisor: President Is Focused on Raising Taxes

First Term: Food Stamp Recipients Increased 11,133 Per Day Under Obama

First Term: Americans Collecting Disability Increased 1,385,418 - Now 1 for Each 13 Full-Time Workers

First Term: Obama Increased Debt $50,521 Per Household; More Than First 42 Presidents in 53 Terms Combined

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Meet the first Muslim president Why an adoring press crowns Obama with every honorary title - except this one

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama Uses Newtown, Slams 'Name Calling' In Inaugural Address

Sen. Mitch McConnell: I Will Stop Obama's Gun Grab

Gun Dealers In Oklahoma Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Wagoner County Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce New Gun Laws

NY Assemblyman exposes real gun control CONFISCATION agenda of Democrats

List of Sheriffs Saying 'NO' to Obama Gun Control

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Inauguration "Reverend" Fails To Mention Jesus At Benediction, Credits MLK For Jesus' Words

After President Denounces 'Name-Calling,' Paul Ryan Booed at Inaugural Celebration

DOJ lawyer Starts Booing of Paul Ryan..........-actual Tweet by DoJ Lawyer

Is Chuck Hagel a George Soros Plant? We Look At the Evidence

Not News: Pastor Goes Off on 'Enemies,' Leads Chants of 'Forward' With Obamas in Attendance

Obama Advisor: Our Political System Isn't 'Worthy' of Obama and the Opportunity He Presents


Premiums set to rise this year in run-up to ObamaCare tax on insurance industry

Obama's Great Health Leap Forward

Joltin' Joe Biden

Joe Biden: We´re just getting started

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama is NOT impressed: First Lady rolls her eyes TWICE at political foe John Boehner as he speaks to her husband during the inaugural luncheon

Isn't it Great that Michelle Obama Spent Tens of Thousands on Avant Fashion for Inauguration?

Let them eat......kale

Obama gut-busting lunch menu tops 3,000 calories

Obama Dead Pool file

CNN video of police charge at Sandy Hook is not Sandy Hook


It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama's first-term promise to close Gitmo prison still unfulfilled

China poised to play debt card - for U.S. land Communist nation could control American land as 'development zones'

White House rejects U.S. embassy report on Syrian poison gas attack

Report: Obama Ousting CENTCOM Chief Mattis

Obama seeks "fuller understanding" of what happened in Algeria siege

Sequestration Will Hollow Out Force Fast, Dempsey Says

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Rand Paul: Obama in guns-to-jihadists cover-up?

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Two-thirds of U.S. weapons owners would 'defy' a federal gun ban

Chris Wallace Grills David Plouffe: Why Won't Obama Challenge Hollywood on Violence?

White House says confident will pass some gun control legislation

NY Democrat pleads with Republican not to share document proposing confiscation of guns

Jennifer Granholm: Obama 'Sees Himself as Protector-in-Chief’'

Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama Started Trying to 'Exploit' Newtown Tragedy 'Within Minutes'

Americans Rally Nationwide Against Stricter Gun Control Measures ... Pictures

Bill Clinton on Rural Culture: 'All They’ve Got Is Their Hunting and Their Fishing'

Bill Clinton Warns Dems: Don't 'Patronize' and Look 'Down Your Nose' at Gun Culture

Va. lawmaker who brandished AK-47 during legislative session was disbarred following assault, death threat

'Voice of the Pope' backs Obama gun edicts

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden's Latest Gaffe: 'I’m Proud to Be President of the United States'

Sotomayor scheduling conflict leads to Biden's early swearing-in

Obama and Israel

Obama-Netanyahu relationship is 'most dysfunctional' ever US president and Israeli prime minister have never been as deeply at odds and for so long, says former top US diplomat

Netanyahu's hard line in line with Israeli electorate


First Term: Americans "Not in Labor Force" Increased 8,332,000

Obama has led the nation into a "full-on depression," according to a new poll that indicates only one in three people believes America is going in the right direction

Community Organizer to the World

DC lowers turnout projections for inauguration

Pastor Leads 'Forward' Chant at Obama Pre- Inauguration Church Service

The First Lady on the Launch of Organizing for Action (video)

Inauguration Poster Likens Obama to Jesus

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Advisers: Obama's theory of government is he is the government

Rick Santorum lists President Obama's constitutional violations

He´s President in 30 seconds! Barack Obama is sworn into office in lightning quick ceremony at the White House

Unions, bundlers and special interests fund Obama's second inauguration party

Presenting The S&P500's 50 Point Surge Courtesy Of The Illegal "Geithner Leak"


Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits

Obama Admin Rebranding Healthcare 'Exchanges' as 'Marketplaces'

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Dear Leader: CNN Correspondent Wrote Obama Letter Every Day for Four Years

Obama Dead Pool

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Edge Toward The Mainstream


It's 3am and nobody's there

Algeria: 32 militants killed, with 23 hostages

Hostages reportedly killed as Algerian desert standoff ends

CIA drone strikes will get pass in counterterrorism ' playbook,' officials say

Dangerous Times: John Brennan's Black Ops

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Hundreds of Second Amendment advocates join pro-gun rallies in U.S. capitals

Arizona: Over 1,000 Support Second Amendment at Capitol

Flashback: Palin Predicts Obama Admin. Using Health Care to Curb Second Amendment Rights

Video: NRA CEO Responds to Obama's Gun Plan; Says 'Americans Are Going to Stand and Fight For Their Freedom'

Vice President Biden was curt, avoiding confrontation when he sat down with the National Rifle Association and other gun rights advocates.

David Gregory calls NRA ad 'inaccurate'


Obama's ATF Nominee on DOJ's Fast and Furious Design Team

Obama and Agenda 21

Government Scientist Gets Fired for Telling the Truth: Eight government scientists were recently fired or reassigned after voicing concerns to their superiors about faulty environmental science used for policy decisions.

Senior State Dept. Climate Official Heads to Department Of Energy

Former Clinton, Obama Officials Call For Halt to Arctic Drilling

Obama's DOE now making "investments" in algae

Obama and Israel

 US, Israeli leaders locked in tension as threats loom

'Mali incursion raises risk to French Jews'


Government Accountability Office Audit Reveals IRS Service Bad - And Getting Worse

IRS Loses Lawsuit in Fight Against Tax Preparers

New rules cut link between mortgage terms, brokers' fees

GOP: $16 trillion in debt but still no Democrat budget for 1,361 days

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's Delivered 699 Speeches Using a Teleprompter Since Taking Office

Opposing views on Obama and future of the country split Ohio community

New Book Claims Journalists 'Swooned' Over Obama During Off The Record Bar Visit Last Year

Lady Gaga to perform at inaugural ball

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Social Security number:  1940 Census Shows Obama Alias Harrison Bounel Born 1890; Ties To Connecticut

Second-Term Exodus Leaves Zero Hispanics in Cabinet, Few on Dems' Bench

Attaaaack Waaaatch

 CBS News' Political Director: Obama Must 'Destroy' Republican Party

CBS News Joins Obama's War on the Republican Party, Civil Rights


Debacle in Ben­ghazi

Obama Dead Pool file

Adam Lanza update: Sandy Hook Elementary shooter has no brain deformities, medical examiner says



A Fast and Furious gun found at the murder scene of Mexican beauty queen Maria Susana Flores, appears to have been purchased by embattled ATF supervisor George Gillett


Algeria attack may have link to Libya camps

It's 3am and nobody's there

AP sources: 1 American dead in Algerian standoff

Algerian Terrorists Demand Release of Blind Sheik in Exchange for American Hostages

Report: Al Qaeda group demands release of two well-known jihadists... -want the "Blind Shiek"

Hillary Clinton urges Algerian leader to use 'utmost care' in hostage situation

Hillary Clinton on Algeria hostage situation

'We don´t do deals with terrorists´: State Department REJECTS Battalion of Blood' gang offer to swap two U.S. hostages seized in Algeria for jailed extremists

'Battalion of Blood' gunmen had one aim... to 'kill infidels and Christians': American and up to TWELVE Brits among hostages killed in botched raid on Al Qaeda gang at Algerian gas field

Panetta: US-British working to free hostages

Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN on March 15th, 2013

Obama Dead Pool file

Still No Police Report, or Toxicology Results, on Sandy Hook Killer

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Eric Holder: We Will Go After Gun Traffickers

Diane Feinstein on Gun Control "Turn 'Em All In!"

W.H. continues using kids in guns push

NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama´s Tactics

America’s largest outdoor sports show to ban AR-15's

Virginia lawmaker's AK-47 sparks gun debate on House floor

Texas Runs Ads Telling New York Gun Owners to Move to the Lone Star: 'Y'all come to Texas'

Biden to NRA: We 'don’t have the time' to prosecute people who lie on background checks

Biden: Gun Control 'Is About Civility in Society'

SC bill would exempt state militia from federal gun rules


TSA to remove controversial X-ray scanners

Obama and Agenda 21

The Mysterious Case Of Richard Windsor

Let them eat....Kale

Dulles may close one runway to accommodate inauguration-bound private planes

Obama and Israel

Defiant Netanyahu set to confound critics

In His Own Words: Chuck Hagel's False History of Israel

PM: Obama and I do have our differences on peace process


U.S. Oil-Production Rise Is Fastest Ever: The surge comes thanks to a relatively recent combination of technologies—horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking,

Ben Bernanke Has Betrayed Us All: Bernanke tried to pretend that the downgrade of long-term U.S. debt from AAA to AA+ by ratings agency Standard and Poor’s occurred because the House of Representatives under Speaker John Boehner didn’t immediately bend over and acquiesce to an unconditional increase in the debt ceiling almost 17 months ago.

Obama Jobs Council hits 1 year without official meeting

Fiat sees at least 100,000 Jeeps made in China in 2014

CBO Says Electric Vehicle Subsidies to Cost $7.5 Billion With Little Benefit

Unions Lose Court Battle to Roll Back Gov. Walker's Collective Bargaining Reforms

Community Organizer to the World

Obama unveils 'Organizing for Action'

Obama's Campaign Organization Turning Nonprofit to Promote His Agenda

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama’s ATF Nominee Criticized for Seeming to Discourage Whistleblowers

 Least Transparent Administration in History FOIA lawsuits rise under Obama, study shows

'Abusive': BuzzFeed Reporter Claims Rahm Emanuel Physically Assaulted Him During Heated Interview


Whole Foods threatened with boycott by liberal customers after CEO compares Obamacare to 'fascism'

Obamacare’s Job-Killer Too little consideration has been given to the consequences of the employer mandate.

"One Size Fits Some" Health Policy

Is Obama Gay?

Liberal Outcry Forces Obama to Replace Inauguration Reverend