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The Obama Administration: Year Four


President Obama's One Hundred and Ninety-First Week in Office


Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

American Taliban lawyer appointed to third-highest Justice Department position

New Ad Implies Obama Is Cozy With Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Ethics, Year 4

DoJ silences Obama associate Daniel S. Mahru with his freedom

The Obama you don't know: Series of pieces on the Washington Examiner

Chapter I: A childhood of privilege, not hardship, Chapter II The myth of the 'rock-star professor'; Chapter III: The 1997 speech that launched Obama; Chapter IV: For the slumlord's defense, Barack Obama, Esq.; Chapter V: Obama's toughest critics on the Left; Chapter VI: The poor people Obama left behind; Chapter VII: The myth of Obama as state Senate reformer; Chapter VIII: Obama's state pension scheme; Chapter IX: The Arab-American network behind Obama; Chapter X: Obama brings Chicago politics to Washington

Obama’s law school course description cited 'institutional racism in American society' (Daily Caller)

Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.?

Obama and Israel

Obama Continues to Snub Israeli Leaders, Refuses All NY Meetings

Video: Netanyahu Ads Being Ran by Conservative Group in Florida: America, Waiting Until When?

The real reason Obama snubbed Netanyahu


FHA Short-Sale Program may have Cost HUD $1 Billion in False Claims

$1.8 trillion shock: Obama regs cost 20-times estimate

More Americans Than Forecast Filed Jobless Claims: 382,000

The Worldwide Consequences of Obama's Manufactured Crisis Strategy

Canada rises to Top Five in world economic freedom ranking as U.S. plummets to 18th

Extended tape: Obama touts 'the marketplace' and 'competition'... 'some redistribution'

Seven of nation’s 10 most affluent counties are in Washington region

Siemens Layoffs: Wind energy company to lay off 400 at Fort Madison, Iowa, wind turbine blade plant

The Massachusetts unemployment rate inched up to 6.3 percent in August, up from 6.1 percent in July and 6.0 percent in June, the latest sign of the state’s slowing economy.


IG: White House 'Made it Impossible' to Pursue Lead in Fast and Furious Probe

Obama: Holder 'has my complete confidence'

Issa Expects More Resignations after Release of IG Report on Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious: Justice Department report faults 14 officials

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama says Arab blasphemy protests are 'natural'

As Carney labels Libya strike terrorism, Obama continues to cite anti-Islam film

Evolution of administration statements on Libya attack

Obama and Hillary Apologize for Free Speech on Pakistani TV

Report: Never an Anti-American Protest in Benghazi, Only a Planned Attack (CBS Video Report)

Pakistan hit by anti-Islam video protests.. US embassy in Islamabad is the latest target of demonstrators angry at an anti-Islam video made in the US.

U.S. officials clarify administration description of two heroes in Libya attack


Estimate for health care penalty rises

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: 'You Can’t Change Washington from the Inside' Major gaffe overshadows appearance at Univison forum

Obama slammed on Fast and Furious in Spanish-language TV interview: Shouldn’t you 'fire' Holder?

Obama pressed on failures at Univision forum..............-refuses to admit that he broke his promise to Hispanic voters

Obama’s flag reminds many Twitter users of U.S. consulate blood stains

President Obama, First Lady to Appear Together on 'The View'

Queen Michelle

Conservative student denied entrance to Michelle Obama rally.Told rally for "supporters only"

Obama Dead Pool

Report: Murdered Ambassador Knew He Was On Al Qaeda Hit List

Clinton: 'No Info' Amb. Stevens Was on al Qaeda 'Hit List'



Quayle on Fast and Furious report: Holder 'lied to my face' during House testimony

 Management failures cited in 'Fast and Furious' report

DOJ Fast-and-Furious Report: WH Aide Declined Interview With IG; 'White House Did Not Produce Any Internal White House Communications'

Comprehensive Graph of the key players in the fast and furious affair

Issa Statement on DOJ IG’s Findings of Widespread Failures by Senior DOJ Officials in Operation Fast and Furious

‘Fast & Furious' operation: Justice probe clears Eric Holder

'Furious' report slams 'disregard' for public safety as DOJ officials quit

Major report released on Fast and Furious, DOJ official resigns: Jason Weinstein.......-ATF chief Melson retires

DOJ and Media Matters coordinated Fast and Furious reports

Obama Dead Pool

Report: Terrorist Behind Ambassador Murder 'Ally of Sorts' to Obama Admin

It's 3am and nobody's there

Department Of Defense File On The Man Who Led The Attack On The Libyan Consulate

Obama Gave Entertainment Mag Interview on Peak Day of Embassy Protests

Tapper: Why No Marines at Libya Posts on 9/11? Carney: Ask State Dept.

Obama Reverses Position on Intel Briefs, Drops iPad for Live Meetings

 Jay Carney Struggles To Explain Why Protestors Had Heavy Weapons If Libya Attack Wasn't Preplanned

Senators probe security officials over consulate attack in Libya

Obama Homeland Security Brass Spent Day B/f 9/11 Golfing w "Resigned" Sexual Harasser Suzy Barr

Letter Sent by House GOP Demanding U.S. Not Release Blind Sheikh

Obama official: Benghazi was a terrorist attack

'U.S. Global Leadership Is Back' Under Obama, Administration Official Tells U.N.

Obama: 'There’s More Than Enough Blame to Spread Around'

US Ambassador to China’s Vehicle Caught in Protests

DHS report warned last week of call for 'burning the embassy down' in Cairo


Flashback - Pelosi: Obamacare Means People Can Quit Their Jobs

The Emerging Obamacare Truth Is Disarray

CBO raises estimate of those hit by Obama health care tax

More Americans expected to pay health insurance penalty

Obama Admin Argues Gov Can Violate Religious Beliefs

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama Team Tweets Picture of Supporters Writing Obama is “Pro-life” and “Woring” Hard (and then deletes)

Andrea Mitchell: NBC Hasn't "Authenticated" Obama Redistribution Clip, Won't Air

Selective Edit? Mother Jones Admits Romney Tape Missing 'One to Two Minutes'

Obama Fakes Amnesia, Refuses To Say What The National Debt Is When Asked By David Letterman…

Obama Jabs Romney: As President, 'You Have to Work for Everyone'

Obama: 'Not a lot' think they're victims

Obama contrasts himself with Romney, calls Americans 'good and decent'

Community Organizer to the World

Obama campaign now selling its version of American flag, complete with 'O' logo

Obama Campaign Features Celebrities Pledging Allegiance To Barack Obama…

Speaking to the 47%: The $105,000 champagne tower featured at Obama fundraiser..

1995 Obama: The Entire History of America Is Towards Concentration of Power and Oppression (video)

Obama in 2006: As president 'vacations, leisure is gone'

Education, HHS Secretaries Celebrate Constitution Day Line Dancing in Colorado Schools

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Influence in Pentagon Prevails; Material on Radical Islam "Purged,” Outstanding Army Officer "Disciplined," TMLC Enters Case

US State Dept. Considers Releasing Blind Sheikh to Egypt

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Though Illegal, Obama Appears to Solicit Super PAC Money at Jay-Z Fundraiser

Joel Pollak on being targeted by DOJ, Media Matters: 'Holder should resign over this alone' (Daily Caller)

WH Calls Sebelius Lawbreaking 'Inadvertent Error' [law calls for Sebelius to be fired]

Re: DoJ and Media Matters...-The Justice Department's Tracy Schmaler and 3 Characteristics of Political Thugs

 Farenthold: Congress will likely investigate DOJ-Media Matters collusion, target group’s tax-exempt status (Daily Caller)

Financier Eased Obama Aide's Path From Government;  Former body man Reggie Love got financial assistance from Orin Kramer. Obama's 'little brother.'

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Institutes Minimum Gas Purchase Requirement For Some Stations

Coal company facing aggressive regulations announces 1,200 layoffs (Daily Caller)


Obama Says He Can't Remember What The National Debt Was When He Took Office

(Audio) Obama '01 - laments Constitution hasn't been interpreted to provide for 'wealth redistribution'

The author of a study that says tax cuts on high-incomes and small businesses have little to no impact on economic growth has personally donated at least $3,400 to President Obama since 2008...  -, Thomas L. Hungerford

White House Refuses to Refute Barack Obama’s Redistribution of the Wealth Comments (Video)

Government Dependency Rises As Number of Taxpayers Declines

CRS report: number of able-bodied adults on food stamps doubled after Obama suspended work requirement

BLS: Obama Unemployment Rate Above 8% Longer Than Any Other President Since 1948

Obama and Israel

Picture:  The person Obama met instead of Netanyahu (a pirate)

Wolf Blitzer Excuses Obama's Netanyahu Snub for Letterman Appearance: He Was 'Very Smooth'


Obama Dead Pool

Stevens was a CIA operative and weapons dealer-  Glenn Beck "the Blaze TV" 9-17-12 US arms terrorists in Middle East?

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House: Libya attack may have been preplanned

Eyewitnesses: no protest at U.S. consulate in Libya before attack began - over 125 armed men....

Obama admin sent unarmed British firm to protect U.S. mission in Benghazi

Libya: We gave US three-day warning of Benghazi attack

Intel agencies warned U.S. Embassy in Egypt of possible violence

Obama: I can "walk the walk" on China (video)

Libyan reports shred White House claim that Benghazi attack was spontaneous, driven by anti-Islam film

Installed by UN and Obama, Ivory Coast Regime Attacks Press and Opposition

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama Visitor Logs Must Be Public, Lawyer Tells Court

Obama calls for 'democracy with a small d'; Pushes society based on collectivism, 'common good'  (video)

 Obama In 1998: "I Actually Believe In Redistribution" (video)

Reporters haven’t asked about Sebelius breaking law in W.H. briefings

Source: DOJ's Gallup whistle-blower made bizarre work requests, said he was 'devout Marxist'

DoJ Civil Rights Division chief can’t commit to protecting free speech

U.S. intel cable warned Cairo embassy — but not Benghazi consulate — of possible violence on September 10; Update: Susan Rice caught lying? posted at 9:47 pm on September 17, 2012 by Allahpundit

NBC News: Obama Administration Not Telling the Truth on Benghazi Security Lapses

Fox News: Justice Dept. thinks its collaboration with Media Matters 'not a big deal'

Emails reveal Justice Dept. regularly enlists Media Matters to spin press

Arpaio investigator: Hawaii still covering up for Obama -Mike Zullo back from another trip to Honolulu with 'more evidence

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Political Perceptions: The Battle Over 'Better Off'

Col. Allen West - Judge Jeanine Pirro 9-16-12  (video)

Fox News' Eric Bolling: Obama administration 'answers to the Quran first and Constitution second'

Video: Romney Claims that 47% of Voters are Gov’t Dependent & Will Choose Obama "No Matter What"

Latest Romney "embarrassment": Israeli-Palestinian conflict unresolvable under current conditions

Radio Ad: Obama's Legacy of Failure

Multi-Millionaire Chris Matthews Mocks Mitt Romney By Singing 'If I Were a Rich Man'

Podesta report: Romney would poison, kill 21,600

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Source tells Glenn Beck: DOJ negotiating with Egyptian government for return of “blind sheikh”?

Friendly' fire attacks have killed dozens of our heroes. The Pentagon's response? Ordering sensitivity training about Islam


Seniors in Eight States Face Biggest Medicare Cuts

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Campaign Tells Court Ohio Early-Vote Laws Are Burdensome

Obama ignores the poor in speeches


Obama On Debt: "We Don't Have To Worry About It Short Term" (video)

For Once, the AP Headline Writers Get It Right; Fedex Aug. 31 Quarterly Results Show That 'the (U.S.) Economy Is Stalling'

8,786,049: Yet Another Record for Americans Collecting Disability

REPORT: Median Income Worse Now Than During ‘Great Recession’

US slips in report's ranking of free economies

Obama to Letterman 3 Yrs Ago: "We’re Going to Come Back Stronger Than Before"

Lambasted Chinese solar panels placed on government building

Mortgage Loans Hit 16-Year Low as Standards Tighten

Obama and Israel

Palestinians may cancel Oslo Accords with Israel, says top negotiator

Is Obama Gay?

Homosexual Activist Lays Out Obama’s Extensive Pro-’Gay’ Record; AFTAH Responds


Community Organizer to the World

Obama Tells Time: Like Mitt, I Take My Faith Seriously

Obama and Israel

Democrats attack Netanyahu on Twitter

Iran six-seven months from nuclear bomb capability: Netanyahu

CNN's Crowley to Netanyahu: "There Are Legitimate Peaceful Purposes For Enriching Uranium" (video)

Netanyahu Blasts Those Who Think Military Strike Worse Than Nuclear Iran: 'New Standard for Human Stupidity'

Joe Klein Eviscerates Bibi Netanyahu: "He wants us to do his dirty work for him"  (video)

Obama Dead Pool

Video: Libyan democratic party spokesman: amb christopher stevens was a muslim (Statement that Ambassador Chris Stevens was a Muslim is made between 1:00 & 1:20);  Col. David Hunt: "State Department just allowed our guys to get killed"

It's 3am and nobody's there

OBAMA FLASHBACK: The Day I’m Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease (audio)

Obama's UN Ambassador: 'There Have Been Substantial Improvements' In US/Middle East Relations

Panetta: No Plans to Bolster Forces in Middle East; U.S. military has no major plans to bolster its forces in the Middle East despite violent protests targeting diplomatic outposts.

Islamists step up pressure for U.S. media curbs, Obama equivocates

State Dept. Rules of Engagement Kept Marines out of Tripoli, Benghazi in Libya

Obama Admin: Blame 'Heinous' Video, Not Our 'Impotence'

Obama Admin Sticks To Its Claim Attack On Benghazi Consulate Not Premeditated….......-Contradicts Libyan Accounts of Attack

Libyan official warned USA 3 days before attack

Did Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose?

 2008: Military Leaders Warned Sen. Obama 'Doesn't Understand Threat of Radical Islam'

The Anti-Islam Film Maker Is Arrested

Obama Ethics, Year 4

New York Times Sent Unpublished Columns to the Obama Administration for Vetting

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Maureen Dowd meets anti-Semitism charge

Turley: White House position on YouTube review request 'perfectly incoherent'

Christiane Amanpour: West Is Extreme, Not Islamists

Bill Press: Anti-Islam Filmmakers 'As Guilty as the Terrorists' Who Killed Americans in Libya

CNN Reporter Sends Obama Donation Request Form to Twitter  Followers

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration


Obama and Israel

Netanyahu Weighs In On U.S. Embassy Attacks: 'You Want These Fanatics To Have Nuclear Weapons?'

Netanyahu: Containment Policy For Iran Won't Work

Report: Obama to meet with Netanyahu, as Naval ships heading for Strait of Hormuz

Panetta: 'Little red lines' on Iran a political ploy

Israeli Foreign Ministry officials say U.S. ignored Arab radicalization; Foreign Ministry official on signs of 'radicalization' in Arab world: 'We knew what was happening, but the Americans preferred to find excuses.'


Fast and Furious Guns Found in the Hands of Colombian Drug Cartel (VIDEO)

Obama Dead Pool

Ambassador Chris Stevens:  Killed by a mob in Libya.  The Obama administration ignored warnings two days prior to the attacks. Hillary Clinton made the decision not to post Marines.  New now comes out that Stevens was gay: meaning that Obama sent a publicly gay man to be an ambassador in a Muslim country.

It's 3am and nobody's there

More sniper ammunition being ordered by DHS. Who are the targets?

US orders embassy staff to leave Sudan and Tunisia

US consulate in Benghazi 'did not have enough security'

K Street Handles PR on Ambassador's Murder for Libyan Government

Sudan rejects U.S. request to send Marines to guard embassy

Obama vows to 'never retreat' from world after Libya deaths

U.S. won't tolerate efforts to harm Americans: Obama

Obama’s 'proud' statements on changing US image may backfire

Chaos at the State Dept?

State Department: Stop asking us about the Benghazi attack

Colonel: Hillary Made Decision Not to Post Marines at Benghazi

 Department of Homeland Security using drones that look like civil aviation

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama Admin Argued Churches No Different than Bowling Clubs

Obama's Skipped Intel Meetings Under Scrutiny

 Hull House Blood Oath: Michelle Obama Blood Organ Trade and Missing Children  (audio)

McConnell Links Kristine Marcy Missing Children To Michelle Obama Organ Trades

Sheila O'Grady - Procured PKI Bugging Devices - Converted Chicago Matress Factory - Pedophile Guests - SOS Children’s Villages of Illinois

DOJ Pride’s Root Authority - Fast and Furious Murders - Michelle Obama’s Lesbian Associates - Washington D.C. - SOS Children's [Pedophiles'] Villages

Michelle Obama - SOS Children’s Villages In Lockport, Illinois - Sexual Entrapment Center - VideoGuard-Encrypted Images - Extorted Boeing Directors

McConnell Links Obama’s Hull House Same-Sex Pedophiles To Connexion 9/11

Sidley Austin Lawyers Linked To Pedophile Entrapment Center/ Hull House

McConnell Links Sister’s Missing Children To Jarrett’s Pedophile Clipper Trap

The Human Body Parts Business and the Rockefeller Hospitals: Chinese secret police in the United States

Wag the Dog

Was the anti-Islam film part of a 'false-flag' operation?: Anti-Islam film made by Media for Christ, directed by pornographer... who gave a million dollars to Obama...  who was an informer for the feds

Were "Sam Bacile" and "The Innocence of Muslims" Part of a Salafi Plot All Along?

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Investigation Finds Obama Financing Mosques Worldwide With U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

Producer of Anti-Islam Film Was a Fed Informer

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars To Obama Campaign

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: US has 'profound respect for people of all faiths'

Avoiding DNC, Hillary Clinton gets snubbed in China


White House Cranks Up The Pressure With Stark, But Vague, Sequester Report

Obama Doctrine: Middle East Chaos, Soaring Oil Prices Spark Global Recession Fears

Is Obama Gay?

Two sources in Chicago diplomatic circles identify Ambassador Chris Steves as gay (meaning State Department sent gay man to be ambassador to Libya)

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

FLASHBACK 2008 'Religulous' film mocks Islam et al, starring Jewish supremacist Bill Maher

As Mideast attacks on US intensify, Politico focuses on Critiquing GOP

Valerie Plame Blasts Obama Administration for 'Bullying' Bin Laden Raid Autobiographer

Time Magazine: Anti-Islam Filmmakers Are 'Islamophobic' But Deadly Rioters Just 'Orthodox Muslims'

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: VA School Rejects Her Request to Visit

'Where will you live if Obama loses, do you like Barack, are you the President?' Michelle faces some tough questions on campaign trail... from elementary school kids


House Votes to Fund Obamacare


Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: 'No One Gets Where They Are on Their Own'

Obama and Israel

          US official: Nuclear bomb is our red line: US president has rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to define the size of Iran's uranium stockpile as threshold for US military strike, New York Times reports, citing top official

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested that Israel cannot rely on the U.S. to act against Iran's suspect nuclear program

Netanyahu: I am not interfering in US presidential election

It's 3am and nobody's there

One Year Ago: Barack Obama Declared Peace in Our Time at the United Nations

Obama Notifies Congress of Troops Deployed to Libya and Yemen

Live Map: Obama's Middle East Appeasement Explodes Across Region

Japan Frets Over U.S. Support In China Dispute

Obama Flashback: The Day I'm Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease

White House says 'no intelligence' could have been acted on to prevent attacks

Carney Says Obama Receives Daily Presidential Briefing in Person 'All The Time,' then Backtracks

Carney: Protests not directed at the United States

Obama Cuts $2 Million from Protection of Foreign Missions, $129 Million from Embassy Security

White House asked YouTube to 'review' anti-Muslim film

State Department Denies Holding Up Blackwater Libya Contract

Oppressive Rules of Engagement Are Killing Our Military

U.S. rebuts British report on Libya

Huma Abedin, Elitism and Those Missed Obama Intel Briefings

Obama Had Advance Knowledge of Mideast Attacks

New middle east crisis enters fourth Day

On Day Following Libya Assassinations, Obama Skips Another Intel Briefing

Report: Hillary Ignored Warnings

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA to America: You will use more biofuels, and you will like it

The Green Tape Letters Obama Energy official coordinated message with Center for American Progress, emails show

EPA Honors Hispanic Heritage Month With Poster Of Che Guevara And A Bit Of Plagiarism


IRS Says "Don't Blame Us" When the Obamacare Small Employer Credit Flops

Med Device Firm to Cut Workforce 10 Percent, Says Obamacare the Reason

Health Law Means IRS Quagmire, Former Commissioner Says


House passes 'No More Solyndras Act'

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Katzenberg Funnels $6.6 Million to Obama: It pays to have a friend in White House when under SEC investigation

2008 Flashback: 1 of 6 - Hannity' -Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism; part 2;... part 3; ... part 4;...part 4.... part 5;... part 6

Stuart Grant: Obama bundler, Super PAC attorney Stuart Grant sues party crashers, Wal-Mart

A Possible Explanation for Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number

Flashback: Sean Hannity investigates Barack Obama

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama submits to Brotherhood, asks for suppression of anti- Islam video

Sec. Clinton keeps to 2011 UN pledge to 'shame' and 'pressure' Americans who denigrate Islam

Community Organizer to the World

Hillary Celebrates End of Ramadan at State Department with Libyan Ambassador

Obama Uses Murdered Consulate Staff to Motivate Campaign Workers

Obama: 'I Stand Up for Foreign Aid' to Answer 'Biblical Call'

Obama and Egypt

VIDEO: NBC News Stunned By Obama Gaffe

In Egypt, nationwide demonstrations called off amid anger from U.S.

U.S. State Department corrects Barack Obama: Egypt IS an American ally, Mr President

White House: 'Ally' a 'Term of Art'


Egan-Jones downgrades U.S. credit rating to AA- from AA

Higher gas costs drive up U.S. consumer prices

End of the American Dream: 49% Think Hard Work Doesn't Bring Success

Wag the Dog?

Obama’s Team Sees Campaign Boost in Overseas Attacks on Americans

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: 'I am Supposedly an Expert on Foreign Policy'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Stephanie Cutter Asks Americans To Read China’s Official Communist Newspaper For Criticism Of Romney

Mitt Romney: Obama 'Tends To, How Shall I Say It, Say Things That Aren’t True'

Community Organizer to the World

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Is An Obama Bundler

Prominent Members of Chicago Black Community Confirm: those closest to Obama know there is no second term coming


Industrial Production Plunges Most Since March 2009

Social Security and Disability Payments Hit Annual Records—With Month Left in FY


Fast and Furious Embodies Corruption at Highest Levels

President Obama's One Hundred and Ninetieth Week in Office


Obama and Israel

Obama: Let's Renew the Bond with Israel President Obama says the Jewish New Year is a time to "renew the unbreakable bond we share with our friends and allies."

Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi to meet with him in New York next week. But, not Netanyahu


Obama's Hail Mary: Bernanke Injects Dollars Into Flailing Economy

Illinois posts highest foreclosure rate in U.S. in August

Gas prices hit $9 in New Jersey, Pennsylvania in Lukoil protest

Gas Sends Wholesale Prices Up The Most In 3 Years

Energy, food prices lift inflation in August

Jobless Claims Jump to 382K; Two Month High

Weekly Jobless Claims Jump; Producer Prices Gassed Up

More Americans opting out of banking system: 8.2%

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama’s No. 3 bundler profits from light-bulb regs, individual mandate

Flashback: Major-party nominee uses war deaths to score political points

House Judiciary Committee Considers Obama's 'Go It Alone' Approach to Executive Power

A delegation of American business leaders with lobbying ties to relatives of a top Obama administration adviser wrapped up a four-day tour in Egypt aimed at laying the groundwork for increased economic cooperation

Another House committee jumps into Delphi pensions fight, demands documents from Geithner (Daily Caller)

White House: Sebelius unlikely to be punished for violating Hatch Act (Daily Caller)

Pro-Obama speech ruled Hatch Act violation, Sebelius repays travel costs

ATF creating 'legal' injustice for FFL fighting revocation

Constitutional experts call Obama’s abuse of power historic

Justice Dept. Asks Supreme Court to Review 2 Petitions in Hopes of Overturning DOMA

It's 3am and nobody's there

Pentagon Denies Reports of No Live Ammo for Marines Pentagon denies reports on Marine blogs that U.S. embassy did not authorize service members to carry ammo

REPORT: State Department had credible information 48 hours before consulate attacks.......Did nothing

White House Clarifies Obama’s Egypt 'Ally' Comment

Valerie Jarrett gets more armed protection in the US than Ambassador Stevens got in Benghazi

Consulate attack planned as 2-part militant assault, Libyan official says

Obama Calls Libyan President to Thank Him For Support After US Ambassador Murdered (Video)

U.S. Marines defending the American embassy in Egypt were not permitted by the State Department to carry live ammunition, limiting their ability to respond to attacks like those this week on the U.S. consulate in Cairo.

1 Protester Dead, 5 Wounded at US Embassy in Yemen

U.S. embassies attacked in Yemen, Egypt after Libya envoy killed

Timeline: Obama Admin Took 16 Hours to Disavow Embassy Apology

US sends Marines to Libya after deadly attack

Mrs. Clinton Apologizes for Free Speech in Sophomoric Plea to Terrorist Community

Obama: 'Apology' in Cairo embassy attack was 'an effort to cool the situation down'

Obama Administration Still Not Ready to Call Benghazi a Terror Attack

White House Downplays Obama's Campaigning on Day After U.S. Was Attacked Overseas

Obama alone: This president does not need intel briefers

Send in the drones: U.S. launches military manhunt for terrorists who murdered ambassador and three of his team

State Department: Secretary Responsible for Security Failures

US Ambassador killed in Libya: chased to his death by a mob in the country he helped save

Identifying Navy SEALs puts heroes at risk, say parents of Team Six member who was killed in helicopter crash months after bin Laden's death

Attacks on U.S. Embassies Were Not About a Movie: attacks well planned and executed

Clinton: Video is 'disgusting and reprehensible'

Community Organizer to the World

Obama compares murdered American officials in Libya to his Las Vegas campaign volunteers

White House Downplays Obama's Campaigning on Day After U.S. Was Attacked Overseas

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Calls Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President, Tells Him He "Rejects Efforts To Denigrate Islam"

Obama and Egypt

Day 3 of Riots at US Embassy in Cairo- Rioting has continued at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo for a third day, with 6 police officers and 13 protesters injured in the melee thus far

Obama Admits He Lost Egypt as American Ally

Obama: US does not consider Egypt an ally or an enemy

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

CBS, NBC Morning Shows Push Libya Blame Onto Romney

NewsBusters Outs CBS, NPR Reporters

Obama caves to Romney, embraces free speech for critics of Islam (Daily Caller)

Malkin: Reporters Coordinating Questions Shows Media Are 'Tools' And 'Stenographers' For Obama

Queen Michelle

FLOTUS: Obesity 'Absolutely' Greatest Threat To National Security

Michelle Obama's guidelines for feeding your child


Franchisors warn Obamacare will halve profits

Christian Company Will be Fined $1.3 MILLION a DAY Unless HHS Mandate Repealed or Defeated

Top Obama Advisers Proposed Voucherizing Medicare Way Back In...2010 ?


Issa Committee: The hearing which was rescheduled has itself been rescheduled.

Fast & Furious Guns Found in Colombia

Is Obama Gay?

Claim: Obama Hid His Gay Life To Become President! Documented Report



Major Solyndra Figure in DoE Defies House Subpoena, Refuses to Testify

It's 3am and nobody's there

Clinton: 'How Can This Happen in a Country We Helped Liberate?'

General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with Pastor Terry Jones by phone.. and asked him to withdraw his support for a film whose portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad has sparked violent protests

No Record of Intel Briefings for Obama Week Before Embassy Attacks

Officials say embassy attack in Libya was coordinated

Quilliam Foundation: attack on the US consulate in Benghazi came to avenge the death of Abu Yaya al-Libi, al-Qaeda’s second in command killed a few months ago

Obama Repeats Hillary's False Narrative on Death of Ambassador (Warning: Graphic Photo)

Obama says 'justice will be done' following Libya attack: rejects efforts to blame religious groups

One day before attacks: Egypt intelligence warns of attacks on Israel, US embassies

Obama Camp Condemns Romney Before Condemning Attacks In Egypt, Libya

'He exemplified America's commitment to freedom and justice': Obama pays tribute to Chris Stevens - the first US ambassador killed by terrorism for 33 years

CBS News: Libyan Security team move Ambassador, then told mob.... -Libyan ambassador Blames Qaddafy

Libyan Guards Led Mob to Stevens - Report Some accounts of murder say Stevens "suffocated" to death. Was he strangled by Muslim mob?

U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack

US Embassy In Cairo Deletes Controversial Tweets

Obama Admin Transferred 3,000 Detainees to Afghan Gov't Control Day Before 9/11

Obama and Israel

Jerusalem official accuses White House of lying about requested Netanyahu-Obama meeting

White House denies Obama snubbed Netanyahu

 Netanyahu To Obama: 'Wait For What? Wait Until When?'

Obama and Egypt

Embassy's Arabic Tweets Were Even Worse

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Democrats apologise for using picture of Soviet warships in tribute to American troops

Open mic captures press coordinating questions for Romney

Occupy Graffiti Spray Painted By Egyptian Protesters On U.S. Embassy Walls

 MSNBC host: 'Who’s More Dangerous, the Supreme Leader in Tehran or Netanyahu?'

'2016 Obama’s America' Filmmaker Reacts To President’s Slam; Looking For Network To Air Before Election; Says Mainstream Media Refusing Coverage

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama: 'My Muslim faith'

Community Organizer to the World

Why did Obama use the N-word to describe his grandfather?

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Office of Special Counsel Says HHS Secretary Violated Hatch Act

Investigators: Sebelius Illegally Campaigned on Taxpayer's Dime

Senator Lee to testify at hearing on Obama Administration’s 'abuse of power'

Barack Obama Is a Dangerous Leftist of a New Kind, not a Communist, Muslim, Marxist, or Socialist

Former Univ. of Chicago law school dean: Obama was never offered tenure (Daily Caller)


Household income drops for 4th straight year

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden on slain diplomats: 'As courageous as any of our warriors'

"Wright State University" banner hanging in room where Biden accidentally said "Wayne State


ObamaCare's cuts to hospitals will cost seniors their lives


Obama and Israel

Obama Announces Letterman Appearance on Day He Snubbed Netanyahu

Obama Turns Down Meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu UPDATE: Obama Meets 'The Pimp with the Limp'

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama

U.S. has no right to block Israel on Iran: Netanyahu

MK Danon: Clinton's Words are a Slap in Israel's Face

Poll Shows Obama Getting Lowest Jewish Support Since Carter

Obama and Egypt

U.S. Embassy in Cairo Deleting Tweets

White House disavows Cairo apology

U.S. Embassy in Cairo tweets - Islam is a 'wonderful religion'

State Dept: Egypt attack doesn't necessarily reflect growing anti-American sentiment

Obama Co-Sponsored UN's Free Speech Restrictions--With Egypt--In 2009

U.S. embassy in Cairo apologizes for "abuse of free speech" after protesters tear down American flag

Egypt protesters pull down U.S. flag at embassy in Cairo

It's 3am and nobody's there

Islamists Fire Rocket-Propelled Grenades at US Consulate in Libya - Building Torched to the Ground (Video)

U.S. staffer dies in Libya mission clash: sources

Libya militias storm US consulate over 'insulting' film

American killed as gunmen attack Libyan consulate... as radical Islamists in Cairo tear apart Stars and Stripes flag in protests over film attacking prophet

The U.N. atomic agency has received new and significant intelligence over the past month that Iran has moved further toward the ability to build a nuclear weapon

Obama breaks down crying in tears because his job is too hard.

No budget for 1,231 days, but Obama team lectures Somalia on leadership

Cheney responds to Obama’s reportedly poor intelligence briefings attendance (Daily Caller)

Is Obama Gay?

Claim: Obama hid 'gay life' to become president

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama Campaign Accuses Dinesh D'Souza Of Pushing "Conspiratorial Fear-Mongering" With Hit Doc


Long-awaited 'Furious' report places blame on ATF, Justice

Community Organizer to the World

Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets

Obama Releases Message To Arab Forum on 9/11

FAA Honors 9-11: ‘WEEEE,’ ‘WLLLL,’ ‘NEVVR,’ ‘FORGT’ ‘SEP11’


Moody’s expects to cut US rating without deal to lower debt/GDP ratio

Germany Says 'Great Uncertainty' About US Debt

Federal Subsidies to Chicago Schools: $4 Billion in 4 Years; $10,540 Per Student

Chicago Teachers Challenge Emanuel With Walkout

Under Obama, 11,327 Pages of Federal Regulations Added..............- increased 7.4%

General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again

Employment Is Worse than During the Recession

White House Spokesman: Obama Was Committed to Debt Negotiations By Playing Golf and Sitting on a Patio

Obama Ethics, Year 4

White House Got Some Say Over Journalist’s Obama Story

Senior FAA officials accused of telling workers 'job security' at risk if GOP wins

GOP Pollster On DOJ’s Gallup Lawsuit: White House Resorts To 'Chicago-Style Politics'


DOJ Lawyers Waste Your Money Over Fonts and Obamacare

Feds need 18 pages to define 'full-time' for Obamacare

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden recalls own loss while marking 'bittersweet' 9/11 anniversary

Biden Invites Fireman to WH For Beer, Says ‘This is no bulls***’

Meet Democrat Joe Biden - The Vice Presidential Candidate Who Really Lies, A Lot


Obama and Israel

Israeli Science Website article declaring Obama birth certificate is forged

Israeli science website: Obama birth certificate forged ...Award-winning, former Netanyahu adviser behind assessment

Israel, U.S. Spar Over 'Red Lines' for Iran, Israel responds to Clinton's remarks about setting red lines for Iran, and Clinton's spokeswoman responds to Israel.

Obama and Egypt

Obama aids Egypt as it tries to buy U-boats (Daily Caller)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Why is Obama skipping more than half of his daily intelligence meetings?

White House signs up 80 top chefs to improve foreign relations

$1 Bil Later, DHS Pulls Plug On Faulty "BioWatch" System

Obama Ethics, Year 4

 Paul Harstad: The Pollster Elite: Obama’s pollster doubles as Obama’s moneyman, member of secretive Democracy Alliance

Carney Can't Answer Woodward Book Charge that Sequester Was White House Idea

Worse Than Solyndra: Obama Admin Buying Maine Senate Seat with Crony Energy Loans

Harvard law dean cited 'affirmative action' in 1994; Elizabeth Warren’s academic qualifications questioned (Daily Caller)

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ and DHS for Records about Legal Basis of Obama’s New "Amnesty" Program

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Spends Morning Debating Nicki Minaj on Pop Radio Station (audio)

White House releases Obama NFL highlights

Scott Van Duzer, the Obama hugger: Shop facing boycott

Rahm Emanuel to send his 3 kids to private school this fall....... -as Chicago schools go on strike

Obama changed his personal logo to include a zombie horde


GM loses $49,000 on each Chevy Volt

New GM plant... in Indonesia

The Democrats' GM Fiction

Number of children in New York shelters now at 19,000


Will U.S. Physician be forced to comply by executive order?

Obama and TARP

Treasury launches $18 billion AIG stock offering


'Fast and Furious' guns ended up in Colombia

The Obama Dead Pool

Jeff Kuhner interview with Larry Sinclair. Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama's Homosexuality/Drug Use?: Donald Young


Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden gets friendly with female biker: photo with a female biker sitting on his lap

Obama Pulls a Biden: 'Three Proud Words: Made in the USA' (video)

Biden dares: 'Fact check me,' Romney campaign obliges


Treaty with Mexico takes death penalty off table for Terry murder suspect

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Media Blackout: GAO Says Obama's Welfare Waivers Illegal

Obama At DNC: “I Will Never Turn Medicare Into Voucher” – Next Day: HHS To Begin Voucher Program

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to Iowans: 'You’ll love me even more' when I talk about tax increases


The Federal Communications Commission is rapidly backpedalling from a proposal to tax broadband Internet service after a public outcry over the issue

GM has created 35,000 jobs in China

Part-time nation: 8M and growing: The hidden Underworked

Book: Obama Admits Attacking Ryan Budget Was 'Mistake'

U.S. to auction state shale for drilling

The Great Fiscal Cliff: A growing list of authorities are now warning that one of the deadliest financial crises in U.S. history is set to level the U.S. economy beginning this coming New Year’s Day.

Mortimer Zuckerman: Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look

Obama and Israel

Axelrod Won't Discuss, God, Jerusalem Issues in Dem Platform

 Arutz Sheva Op-Ed Triggered U.S. Worries on Iran EMP Strike: London Times notes spy agencies' 'growing concerns' were set off by article on this page they think was written by Israeli officials.

Villaraigosa defends vote revising DNC platform on Jerusalem, God

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama's 'Gone to Great Lengths' to Keep Gas Prices High, Ryan Says

 Obama pokes fun at birthers by asking seven-year-old from Hawaii for his birth certificate (but Romney's not allowed to mention it) -

Obama and Agenda 21

Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them



Report: Solyndra backers could get more tax breaks


Surprise! HHS pilot program to send 2 million poor seniors from Medicare into … voucher programs


Mexico arrests suspect in Fast and Furious killing of Brian Terry

Chief Counsel’s Office still calling shots at ATF despite report, source alleges

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama To Soldiers Overseas: No Voting For You!

'Journalists For Obama' T-Shirts Handed Out At Democrat Convention

The Audacity of Cronyism: Jarrett, Plouffe, and Donilon

Did Abraham Lincoln Actually Say That Obama Quote?

DoJ loses it's case against Chinese man seeking asylum: Yu (Daily Caller)

Obama Administration Expands ATF’s Power to Seize Property

Community Organizer to the World

10 Celebrities Who Have Made Big Donations To Obama

Mash up of Obama praise for Islam (video)


Seasonal And Birth Death Adjustments Add 429,000 Statistical "Jobs"

Real Unemployment at 19%

Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look

Gulf Coast refineries look seaward for sales

General Motors to establish new plant in Indonesia

Obama and Israel

Presidential Polls, Israel, and Iran's Nuclear Ambition

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama cracks a birther joke

It's 3am and nobody's there

US State Department evades issue of Pakistan's links to Haqqani Network

Video shows Taliban execution of Pakistani soldiers

Taliban terrorists continue to kill, while Obama tries to set up talks: failures and inaction in war setting up larger future wars and massacres

Obama Weekly Address: "Our Country Is Stronger, Safer And More Respected"

 Iran's Hezbollah Creeping Toward Our Doorstep

US Senators Admit Ineffectiveness of Sanctions on Iran

Obama on 9/11: 'We will never be at war with Islam'

TSA Kicks Woman Off Flight For Bad Attitude

War-weary US is numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths

Joltin Joe Biden

Book: Mafia Hit-Man & Teamster Boss Helped Joe Biden Become U.S. Senator

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama's latest fundraising email: skip meals to fund Barack's campaign


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama, University of Iowa disrespect American flag – lays it on the ground for campaign event

More Evidence Defense Sequestration Originated In The White House

Daily Caller: Axelrod 'Attempting to Subtly Intimidate' Gallup

 The Book on Bin Laden Navy SEAL reveals Obama administration misled public for over a year on bin Laden killing


ATF document admits to retaliation and 'ethical violations'

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: 'I have never been a Muslim'

Obama Repeating The Same Lies Again (video)

Obama: I should appoint Bill Clinton as 'Secretary of Explainin' Stuff’

Obama Mentions Compromise, Then Lists What 'I Refuse to Go Along With'

Picture: Former President Bill Clinton bows to Presdent Barack Obama on the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Obama: 'I worked with Congress to cut a billion dollars in spending' (video)


Unemployment Drops to 5.1 Percent— For Government Workers; Lowest Among All Industries

Payrolls in U.S. Increased Less Than Forecast in August

White House: 'Important Not To Read Too Much Into' One Monthly Jobs Report

Young adults drop out of the job market

Real Unemployment Rate Hits 11.7% As Spread Between Reported And Propaganda Data Hits Record

Record 88,921,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’—119,000 Fewer Employed in August Than July

US economy adds 96K jobs, rate falls to 8.1 pct.... unemployment rate falls to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent in July..... as more people give up looking for jobs

Poor Jobs Numbers Fed to dump more cash into the economy

2009 Flashback: Obama Plans to Cut Deficit in Half by 2013

Why is Putin stockpiling gold?

Markets react to Obama speech: Gold spikes $23 at open

Obama and Israel

God, Jerusalem and American foreign policy: By removing both God and Jerusalem from the platform, Obama and his fellow Democrats stirred the furies of that American soul at its foundations.

 Muslim Democrats Not Happy About Platform Flap Keith Ellison to WFB: 'I don't like your attitude'


Biden, Obamas tell health-care tall tales at Charlotte convention (Daily Caller)

Targeted on health law, some Dems skip Charlotte

ObamaCare Adapts The Worst Of Swisscare, Rejects The Best

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Payback for Gulf Oil Spill failure?...Carville Turns on Obama: 'Not Best Speech at Convention'

CNN Hails 'Home Run Derby of Speeches' at DNC

Does Clinton’s Claim of Halving Fuel Costs Hold Water?

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Misuses the Word ‘Literally’ Throughout His DNC Speech (Yes, Literally!)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: U.S. seeks 'due process' in drone strikes

Critics Slam Obama Deployment of U.S. Troops to Guatemala for Drug War

FACT CHECK: Obama and the phantom peace dividend

Obama and Israel

Democrat's Mask Slips on Israel

Obama Dead Pool

Jenny Gallagher: a nurse who treated victims of the “Batman” shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, is dead at age 46. The reported cause of death: drowning. Said, she "saw everything at Hospital"

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama’s War On America’s Fresh Water Supply

President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Ninth Week in Office


Community Organizer to the World

Barack Obama to hail himself as the new Franklin D. Roosevelt: President promises 'bold, persistent' leadership like FDR during the Great Depression

 Rich Dems Downplaying Donations In order for Obama to play populist card, they must keep donations quiet

Obama to Sell Status Quo, Not 'Change' in DNC Speech

Illegal Immigrant Speaks at Democratic National Convention

Barack Obama's Most Egotistical Moments  (video)

Convention teleprompter for Villaraigosa?

It's 3am and nobody's there

Venezuela Holds U.S. Vessel And Crew On Suspicion Of Arms Trafficking

Iraqi leader to Obama: 'Why did you leave Iraq to Iran?' (Daily Caller)

Obama and Israel

If Obama comes through with promised assurances, 'Israel will not attack Iran' — TV report

Dem official: Arab-Americans 'got punched' over Jerusalem switch

Democrats Ignored Advice Against Radical Changes to Platform Language on Israel

Intel Committee Chair Describes Explosive Confrontation Between Netanyahu and American Ambassador

Number 2 US Military Chief in 'Secret' Talks with Barak... The vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff met Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak amid rising tensions over Iran's nuclear program.

Joint Military Drill with Israel scaled down: The US cuts approximately two-thirds the number of American troops supposed to participate

DNC Rabbi's Closing Benediction: No Israel Mention

DNC Platform Still Guts Pro-Israel Language

Obama knew of the omission of God and Jerusalem from the platform before the convention

Division over platform at DNC: Obama had seen language prior to the convention but "did not seek to change it", -and then denies Obama saw it

Wasserman Schultz: Jerusalem Being Left Out Of Platform "Technical Oversight"

DNC Nightmare over Israel Language

Axelrod And Jarret Throw Fellow Dems Under The Bus, Say It Was Their Fault Jerusalem And God Were Left Out Of Democratic Platform…

Arab-Americans object to Jerusalem changes

"Indefinite Leave" for anti-Christian Florida Dem official

Damage control: Palm Beach County Dem chair apologizes for anti-Christian rant

Florida DNC Boss: Christians Want Jews Slaughtered............- video

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama, EPA actions make cap-and-trade more likely

Convention: Climate change so serious Democrats mention it once in over 80 speeches over two days (Daily Caller)

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama On "Court Ordered Inactive Status"

Michelle Obama's Law License that Isn't! Disciplined? New Information

Obama Ethics, Year 4

White House circulating draft of executive order on cybersecurity

Book: 'The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor'

Steelworker Featured at DNC Didn’t Work for Bain

Justice Dept. Gallup lawsuit came after Axelrod criticized pollsters (Daily Caller)

Marine Vet detained for Facebook posts - Brandon J Raub being arrested (video)


Official Accounting: $10T Withdrawn From U.S. Treasury This Fiscal Year Alone

Recovery will require Depression-repairing level of effort, Obama tells national convention

CBO Report Confirms Taxmageddon Equals Recession for 2013

Administration: Bingo Games Can Promote Food Stamp Use

Prepare For The Coming Housing Collapse Part Two

Rural Jobless Rate Rises to 8.4%

Labor Dept.: Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall While Companies Add Workers: Economy

ADP report: 201K jobs added to private sector in August: Job stats flat

DNC Platform Claims Obama Saved Ford from Bankruptcy

Obama tells Americans: You are 'absolutely better off' than you were four years ago

Obama Admits He Has One Regret Over 'You Didn’t Build That' Speech: The 'Syntax'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Reporters Using 'Fake Names' to Buy Obama Campaign Merchandise at the DNC

Thought Police Patrol Convention’s Radio Row

 Barack Obama: The Writing was on the Wall

New Romney Ad Asks: 'What Did Clinton Say About Obama In 2008?' : Ad... Give me a break

Romney campaign tells Obama to 'rein in his supporters' on Nazi comments

S.C. Dem. Party Chairman Explains Comments Comparing Nikki Haley With Hitler's Mistress

SC Gov. Nikki Haley responds to third Democratic Nazi comparison this week (Daily Caller)

Obama Dead Pool

Was Obama Staffer Alex Okrent Murdered Because he was Going to Expose Obama's Anti-Israel Ties?


Obama and Israel

Dems change platform to include Jerusalem language after Obama intervened

Dems Boo Jerusalem on Day Jerusalem-Born Natalie Portman to Speak at DNC

VIDEO: Dem's put 'God' & 'Jerusalem' back into platform by forced & controversial voice vote,  floor delegates boo decision

DNC Overrules Delegates, Rams God and Jerusalem Back into Platform

Iran: We treat Israeli military threats as American

Schumer Says He Doesn’t Know Obama’s Position on Jerusalem

Rivlin says Obama doesn't understand Middle East: Knesset speaker says Democrats' removal of Jerusalem as Israel's capital from platform is a bigger problem than disagreements on Iran, may have far-reaching consequences; Ariel: Obama's true face is revealed

Official: Obama will make Bibi pay after elections

Obama and Agenda 21

Democratic Platform Seeks to Rid U.S. of Oil

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Has Long Held Campaign Events In The Rain

Fearing empty seats, Obama's convention speech moved indoors

Obama acceptance speech moved to TWC arena due to weather threats, DNCC says.....-campaign, -reportedly struggled to fill all the seats in the arena

Mother of Dem convention star Castro called Alamo defenders 'drunks,' 'crooks'

Queen Michelle

Fact Check: First Lady's False Fairy Tale of Struggle

Michelle Obama matches her manicure to her hemline as she wows in a Tracey Reese dress and J Crew heels for DNC speech

Michelle Obama Quotes Saul Alinsky in Campaign Speech

Lawrence O'Donnell: Michelle Obama Is 'The Best Speechmaker in the History of the First Ladyship'

Michelle Obama outlines her alternate reality of hubby Barack

Mrs. Obama: Husband knows what struggle means

'He is still the same man I fell in love with': Michelle delivers a heartfelt tribute to Barack... while insisting that 'change' takes time

Obama Ethics, Year 4

GAO: Obama Admin Circumvented Law with Welfare Waivers

Local reporter takes Obama to the woodshed on constitutionality of 'kill list' (Daily Caller)

Emails: Obama officials enriched former firms, possibly themselves with auto bailout (Daily Caller)

DWS: ‘I Will Definitely Not’ Apologize to Reporter Klein

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 'No one has deliberately taken God out of our platform'

 The Real Elizabeth Warren -Five Extreme Things the Professor Won’t Mention in Her DNC Speech

Pentagon fails to comply with law to help overseas soldiers vote, watchdog says


 Lost Middle-Class Jobs Being Replaced by Burger-Flipping and Retail Gigs

Gold hits five-month high amid predictions of $1,800 by year-end

U.S. Debt Now $136,260 Per Household—Up 50% Under Obama

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Law Enforcement Investigating Hacker's Threat to Release Romney Tax Returns

Obama’s Vow on Opposition Research - 2007 Flashback

In 1994 Axelrod knocks Bush Playing Golf

S.C. Dem. Chair Compares GOP Gov. to Hitler's Mistress

It's 3am and nobody's there

Despite Photo, State Dept. Says U.S. Envoy Didn't Bow to Statue of Dictator

Down-market motels in Charlotte jack up rates during DNC, forcing homeless families into the streets and emergency shelters


Health insurance premiums for NC college students rise 51% under ObamaCare

Stupak: 'No Regrets' on Obamacare; But Contraception Mandate 'Violates Freedom of Religion'

Stupak: HHS Mandate Violates My Obamacare Compromise

2011, Sandra Fluke argued for sex-change-operation insurance mandate (Daily Caller)


Issa: Key Fast and Furious report coming by next week



Red Carpet for Solyndra Figure at Democratic Convention

Obama and Israel

AUDIO: Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Israeli ambassador called GOP "dangerous for Israel"

DWS attacks Examiner for ‘deliberately’ misquoting her, but here’s the audio

DNC chair denies GOP-Israel

Israeli Amb. Calls DNC Chair a Liar   - video

Cold-shouldering Netanyahu, coddling Morsi

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Israeli ambassador called GOP "dangerous for Israel"

Durbin dodges questions on no 'God,' 'Jerusalem' in Democratic Party platform (Daily Caller)

Democrats Strip Pro-Israel Language From Platform

'Jerusalem' comes out of Dem platform language

Obama’s Platform Puts Israel, PA on Back Burner -Democrats' platform states "unshakeabale commitment" to Israel, with no mention of Jerusalem or peace process


HHS takes steps toward protecting transgender people under health-care law

Democratic platform on Obamacare: 'No law is perfect' (Daily Caller)

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: 'Barack knows the American dream because he’s lived it'

Community Organizer to the World

Pictures: Democrat artwork likens Obama to Jesus

DNC video: "Government is the only thing that we all belong to"

Democrats set to move Obama's big speech from 74,000-seater outdoor stadium to 20,000-seater indoor arena


General Motors said it plans to invest close to $500 million in its plant northern Mexico

Construction spending falls 0.9 percent

Food-Stamp Use Climbs to Record

Obama Gives Himself an 'Incomplete' Grade on Fixing the Economy (video)

Queen Michelle

Mrs. Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda: 'Impact Nature of Food in Grocery Stores'

Obama and Agenda 21

USDA’s $18 Million to Help 'Beginning Farmers' Also Benefits a Group That Promotes Collectivism and Off-Grid Living

3 Coal-Powered W. V. Plants to Shut Down

Obama Ethics, Year 4

 Democrats Drop "God" From Party Platform

Holder derides Washington Times for editorial ripping his new targeted disabilities' policy (Daily Caller)

Obama Shortens Soldiers' Holiday

Frank Marshall Davis and the Subversion of the Democratic Party

How Obama Bankrupted Black Homeowners

Barack Obama on Collective Salvation (audio)

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama Quashes Conservative Media Access at DNC

Interview: Obama says GOP drawing 'a fictional Barack Obama'

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama embraces the role of first celebrity

It's 3am and nobody's there

 Elite SEALs taken off duty to deal with aftermath of Bin Laden book as whole command is 'put on the bench'

Obama: Family time prevented outreach to GOP

Van Jones Laugh-a-Thon

Van Jones: This Is A "Fear Election" (video)


Obama and Israel

Israeli Officials See Gap With U.S. Widening Over Iran

Obama's True Agenda For the Middle East Revealed? .... Won't stop Iran's development of nuclear-tipped missiles -- -instead, .. will rely on an antimissile defense system

'US ups threat against Iran to delay Israeli strike'

Washington denies it made back-channel deal to avoid conflict with Tehran

Washington reportedly sends Tehran indirect message saying it will not back Israeli strike on nuclear facilities as long as Iran refrains from attacking American facilities in Persian Gulf

US to Iran: 'In Case of Israeli Strike, Please Don’t Fire on Our Bases'

US rattles saber against Iran in attempt to stall Israeli strike

Summary of recent events over nuclear Iran

Obama and Egypt

To Back Democracy, U.S. Prepares to Cut $1 Billion From Egypt’s Debt

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Photo: Dems To Use Trick Photography to Fill Convention Hall?

California Democrat Compares Paul Ryan to Nazi Joseph Goebbels

DNC Spokesman: 'Clearly We’re Better Off' Than Four Years Ago

Maryland governor flip-flops on 'better off' question … in 24 hours

Obama Team Readjusts On "Are You Better Off?":  Now it's 'Yes!"

National Empty Chair Day

GOP Mashes Up Obama in 2008 vs. 2012


'Extortion': Why Did the Labor Department 'Drop the Hammer' on Oregon Farmers?

Video: Obama promises Janesville that plant will "thrive," "will be here for another 100 years"

Villaraigosa: Obama 'doesn’t want to cut taxes for the middle class'

Household income is below recession levels, report says

AAA reports largest gas price increase in years

Debt set to pass $16 trillion as Dem convention opens

Flashback: Obama: Limited Gov't That Preserves Free Markets 'Doesn't Work. It Has Never Worked'

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's competitive, boastful nature and condescending advice rubs even loyal Democrats the wrong way, a new profile alleges

Obama has to bus in supporters to fill the stadium for Dem convention

Bill Clinton On Obama: "A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags"…

Let’s Be Friends: Two Presidents find a mutual advantage, Obama and Bill Clinton

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Look who parks their cash at Bain

Republican leaders probing stimulus cash for MSNBC ads

Documents: Plaintiffs in 1995 Obama-led Citibank lawsuit submitted class action claims (Daily Caller)

With landmark lawsuit, Barack Obama pushed banks to give subprime loans to Chicago’s African-Americans (Daily Caller)

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden's Green Bay Gaffe: Claims Only 1,980 Troops Have Died in Afghanistan

VP Joe Biden Forced To Address Better Off Question On Stump: "If it weren't so hot I'd go into detail why"

Time Magazine Pens Love Letter to Joe Biden

It's 3am and nobody's there

Yemen: Spies in USAF Operations?

The TSA's now testing drinks after you buy them... inside the airport



Obama ex-advisers want to put $2.8T health care industry on a budget.... rationing

Obama and Israel

Wall Street Journal Editorial: Why Israel Doesn't Trust Obama The U.S. is harder on its ally than on Iran's nuclear program

WSJ in Scathing Editorial Justifies Israel's Mistrust of Obama... Largest U.S. paper says Obama's "animus and incompetence" are pushing Israel to strike Iran

J'lem puzzled by Dempsey comment on Iran strike

Netanyahu urges international "red lines" to stop Iran

Official: Obama will make Bibi pay after elections

Obama and Egypt

Our German subs are none of your business, Egyptian navy tells Israel

Egypt's defence minister forces 70 generals to retire


Study: 58% of Jobs Recovered Are Low-Wage

Video: Axelrod dodges the "better off four years ago" question........:Video Here

David Plouffe Dodges Stephanopoulos 'Better Off Four Years Ago' Question Three Times

Obama policies benefit the 1%

Dems defend Obama on debt, say balancing budget now a bad idea

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA's Alaska power-grab will hurt the nation

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett enjoys full-time Secret Service detail, NYT reports

DHS to assist with DWI arrests over Labor Day weekend

Group says it found 30,000 dead North Carolinians registered to vote

Absentee vote fraud destroying Miami-Dade elections

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Iowa city councilman: Obama has fundraised over touring flood damage before (Daily Caller)

Palace Guard Panic: Stewart, Colbert Rush to Minimize Eastwood, Empty Chair

Obama Says Romney ‘Secret Sauce’ Kept Secret at RNC

Obama says Romney is 'outdated' and Republicans have no new ideas

Obama, a 'huge' Clint Eastwood fan, not offended by skit

 None of the SEALs who got bin Laden wanted to help re-elect Obama

It's 3am and nobody's there

Most of New Orleans still without power; patience 'wearing thin'

Training of new Afghan recruits suspended, vetting process renewed

Axelrod... Jarrett is a 'manageable problem'

While Red States Drown, White House Releases Beer Recipe

White House chefs and beekeper brew Obama's honey ale beer

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden claims Romney wants war with Iran and Syria

Biden Calls Romney 'Out of Touch' on Foreign Policy


Obama and Israel

U.S. Scales-Back Military Exercise with Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike

US disowns Israel over Iran strike: No weapons or military backup

'US is undermining military threat against Iran'

White House claims 'cooperation with Israel has never been closer'

It's too late to stop Iran's nuclear programme: U.S. military chief says Israeli strike would NOT crush Tehran's ambitions

US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East?... study was commissioned by the US Intelligence Community comprising 16 American intelligence

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama Lies While Accusing the Romney Campaign of Lying

Feds end probe of 'America's toughest sheriff' Joe Arpaio; no charges

Handwriting Expert to Review Obama's Signature on Letters to Fallen SEALs' Families, WH Denies 'Autopen' Claims

Is Obama Gay?

ICE chief of staff resigns amid misconduct claims


Obama wants vets to cough up $$$ to pay for Obamacare.......-administration has also requested $12 billion in TRICARE fee increases

Obama Signs Executive Order to Improve Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

'Out of Touch' - Powerful Rebuke of Clinton and Obama from the Heart of a Fallen SEAL's Mother

Obama: Romney's 'got to let people know' about Afghanistan plans

Obama: GOP Convention Was from Era of Black-and-White TV

WH disses Clint Eastwood over anti-Obama speech

Community Organizer to the World

The Obamas Already Preparing for Move to Hawaii in January 2013: Hyde Park neighbors talking about Chicago house being sold soon

Obama: It's time to build a nation that lives up to its ideals

Five Times Obama Has Apologized for America

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Tells Troops That $500 Billion in Defense Cuts (That He Proposed in January) Are Not His Fault

Politico: Obama to troops: We're stronger, Defense cuts not my fault

Joltin' Joe Biden

Ouch: Crowd Boos When Biden Mentions Obama’s Name During High School Commencement Speech…


 From Janesville to Jilin.. Government Motors opened plant in China four months after closing plant in Wisconsin


Obama and Agenda 21

Bureau of Land Management declares Burning Man (Nevada) Second Amendment-free zone

Obama order targets industrial efficiency, emissions

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Barack Obama Muslim Brotherhood Aggregating your Facebook Posts

Jumah event removed from DNC web site

Obama and Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly shouted "Time has run out!" at U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro

Israeli Paper Details Alleged Tense Confrontation Between Netanyahu and U.S. Ambassador Over Obama’s Iran Policy: 'Lightning and Sparks Flew'

Netanyahu initiates shouting match with US Ambassador Shapiro on Obama's Iran policy.

Ya'alon says US is undermining military threat against Iran

Romney: Obama threw Israel under the bus

Many "Rabbis for Obama" Support BDS and the Palestinian Cause against the Jewish State: Do They Reflect Their Candidate?

Obama Ethics, Year 4

DOJ Targeted Public Library for Lending E-Books 'Inaccessible' to the Blind

Taxpayer-funded youth outreach: 435 visits by Obama admin to campuses since 2011

How Obama’s ‘DREAMers’ Will Get Social Security Numbers and Become Legal Residents

Form Letters For Navy SEALs, Personal Note For A Rapper


New GOP platform condemns Fast & Furious, blame agent's death on operation


 Doctor Shortage May Swell to 130,000 With Cap


Gas prices at record levels for Labor Day weekend

Joltin' Joe Biden

'Holy Mackerel': VP Biden Kisses Supporter on Lips for Cracking Clint Eastwood Joke

Biden Tells Greek Men: 'I’m Joe Bidenopoulos'…

Biden: 'Did Caspy the ghost do that?'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama’s flacks try to drown Romney’s speech with digital message avalanche

Obama tweets chair pic in response to Eastwood: 'This seat's taken' (after saying he would not watch)

NBC Skips Start of Rubio Speech, Did Have Time to Pan Clint Eastwood's Obama Slams

Media Strikes Back After Dirty Harry Dares To Mock Obama

CNN: Eastwood's inflated unemployment count

Clive McFarlane, Telegram & Gazette: No honor among GOP liars

Axelrod: GOP event like 'open mic night for 2016 candidates'

Anti-Obama Film Set to Become Box Office Hit

Obama Movie Killing it Despite Negative Press

The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Republican voters 'often agree with me'

Dems Giving Away Tickets to Obama's Speech

State Department: 'Hold down the fort,' other common phrases could be offensive

Campaign for Obama, get college credit

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama marks end of combat operations in Iraq with another portrait of himself

Internal Army Poll: Only 26% of Officers Say Army Headed in Right Direction--'Political Correctness' Cited

Former SEAL: Obama administration leaks 'a personal insult,' will 'get Americans killed'

Russia says Iran's nuclear power plant is fully operational

Oops.. change of plans- Obama will visit the gulf after all...

Romney to Visit Areas Damaged By Hurricane Isaac............ Obama doesn't

Navy chief denies Russian sub entered Gulf of Mexico

 Johnson: Obama ‘literally doesn’t have a clue' 'Not anyone in the world' thinks president will strike Iran, says GOP Senator

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Presents Course: 'Supermarket Shopping 101'

President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Eighth Week in Office


Obama and Israel

U.S. to Israel: If You Attack, We Don’t Have Your Back -General Martin Dempsey: "I don't want to be complicit" if Israel chooses to attack Iran

Obama and Egypt

Egyptian Military Ignores U.S. Request, Opens Suez Canal for Iranian Warship

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA

White House Disputes Charge President Uses "Auto-pen" for Letters to Lost Soldiers' Grieving Families

Obama Honored Fallen SEALs By Sending Their Parents a Form Letter Signed By Electric Pen

Federal Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law, Says 'Unfair' to Blacks and Hispanics

Obama and Al Gore’s Man Playing Politics at CIA

Citizens United leader to Obama on new constitutional amendment: 'Bring it on'

Obama lied about Janesville GM auto plant, not Ryan


Jobless Claims Hold Flat; Spending Tops Income Gains: initial claims for state unemployment benefits were a seasonally adjusted 374,000

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

2009 News Report Proves Ryan Was Correct About Plant Closure

 New Obama video drafts media against Paul Ryan

Ryan delivers stinging critique of the Obama White House in RNC address

George Stephanopoulos Relays E-Mail From 'Top Democrat' Ripping Ryan's Speech

ABC News Airs Less than Two Minutes of Condi's Speech

New frontiers in hypersensitvity: State Department officer says 'holding down the fort' is racist

 SEALs Felt Like Obama Re-Election Props SEAL Team 6 Member: 'We Were Tools In The (Obama) Toolbox'

Anti-Obama documentary '2016: Obama's America' setting records

It's 3am and nobody's there

Second Amendment bloggers share concerns over training police for domestic war

White House: Iran has 'Limited Window' for Talks

Obama Sent US Diplomat With Ban Ki Moon to Meet With Ayatollah Khamenei

Community Organizer to the World

Obama expects a second term to bring more cooperation from GOP, like "popping a blister"



Attorney’s analysis of Project Gunrunner report shows admission of gunwalking

 Fast and Furious: Prosecutions Coming? Congressman Darrell Issa announces that charges could be filed soon.

Grassley: Federal judge should overturn Obama’s Fast and Furious executive privilege claim

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Special Operations-OPSEC has asked the Pentagon to scrutinize an upcoming book by SEAL Team Six member

Grandma Sarah's poster celebrates 'Kenyan Wonder-Boy': Film documents calendar in village home of Obama's relative

Is DOJ 'Community Organizing' Occupy Activists at the RNC?

Obama floats constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United

Ex-Marine to sue over detention for Facebook posts

Queen Michelle

M.Obama Quotes Saul Alinsky in Campaign Speech

It's 3am and nobody's there

Book: Bin Laden was already dead.............contradicting original account

Book: Bin Laden killed unarmed standing outside his bedroom

Flashback: There was a firefight to kill Bin Laden

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama calls for cars to get almost 55 mpg (Price of autos to increase by at least $3,000)


U.S. Firms Move Abroad to Cut Taxes Despite '04 Law, Companies Reincorporate Overseas, Saving Big Sums on Taxes

Obama Jokes about Jobs Raining Down as Hurricane Isaac Hits Gulf Coast

Gasoline Rising to Holiday High as Storm Surge Presses Obama

Obama's Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax

Jolin' Joe Biden

 Priebus Mocks Biden On Constant Gaffes

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

President Obama Accuses Opponents of Telling 'Fibs'

Robert Gibbs: 'Angry’ night 'full of insults'

Yahoo News Chief Fired for Offensive Romney 'Hot-Mic' Remark

ABC News: Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown'

WAPO'S Glenn Kessler Has Fact-Checking Tantrum Over'You Didn't Build That'

Juan Williams Calls Ann Romney a 'Corporate Wife'


Obama sneezes while defending Obamacare; blames it on Republicans (video)

Community Organizer to the World

Hillary Clinton headed on cross- Asia trip during Dem convention

Obama Campaign Will Hold Muslim Jumah at DNC..... But Won’t Let Catholic Cardinal Lead a Prayer

Is Obama Gay?

The return of Obama's 'body man'; Reggie Love resurfaces on eve of Republican convention

Obama and Israel

State Department says it will continue to provide support for anti-semites and annihilationalists


It's 3am and nobody's there

Russian Troops Welcomed Into NORAD, America’s Cold War HQ

 Russian Troops Trained in U.S. -- Joint U.S.-Russia military training raises concerns that the U.S. military will increase Moscow threat to friends and allies in Europe

A civilian interpreter at a U.S. military detention center in Afghanistan estimated that up to 75 percent of books in a library used by detainees contained unsuitable 'extremist' material


HHS revises mandate third time; foes say it misses the point

Wisconsin Official on Health Care Exchange: 'Waiting Is the Prudent Thing to Do'

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama touts finalization of fuel standards


Report: Over Half Of Reemployed Workers Now Earn Less Money

US Consumer Confidence Tumbles to 9-Month Low

Obama is still a net job killer

Gas prices expected to jump above $4 today

GM to idle Volt plant for 4 weeks, sources say

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Judicial Watch Obtains More Obama Administration Records Re: Kathryn Bigelow Film Project

Judicial Watch Obtains Stack of ‘Overlooked’ CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Filmmakers

DC Bar Counsel punts Holder ethics complaint amidst conflict of interest concern

Will Obama stage his own "Reichstag fire"?- "DHS Source: It's going hot"


Catholic business owners who beat back ObamaCare denied award from Denver


 Kaiser Thiefs; Obama bundler’s private equity firm could profit from Solyndra bankruptcy

Is Obama Gay?

Obama's Ambassador Tells Czech LGBT Activists: You Have Ally in USA

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama: 'Maybe We Should Call His Plan Romney-Doesn't-Care' (video)

Grenades, machetes sold at store adjacent to protest camp 'Romneyville' outside RNC

Associated Press attacks anti-Obama film

Obama and Israel

Obama campaign refuses to drop 'radical' rabbi

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Gives Exclusive Interview to Glamour Magazine



Scouring the bowels of the internet  DOJ Inspector General’s Report. Local ATF To Blame For Fast And Furious. Local ATF Says Higher Ups Knew

Issa calls DOJ's IG Horowitz to Capitol Hill for September hearing on Fast & Furious  Read more: PICKET: Issa calls DOJ's IG Horowitz to Capitol Hill for September hearing on Fast & Furious

Issa to question OIG head as ATF pores over report

Fast and Furious IG report slams ATF Phoenix personnel


GM to close Volt plant four weeks

Feds: Too few Americans 'turn to government for assistance'

REPORT: Almost Every Household Is Worse Off Now Than It Was Three Years Ago

Obama Ethics, Year 4

DOJ Establishes Alabama Civil Rights Unit in Wake of Illegal Immigration Crackdown

US Justice Department to monitor AZ elections

Queen Michelle

The latest fundraising plea from First Lady Michelle Obama for Barack Obama's reelection campaign:  Daniel -- Before you go to bed tonight, do me a favor and read Barack's note.

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: Gay activists 'freeing the soul of the American people'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Facebook Approved "Kill Mitt Romney" Page

Not a Rabbi for Obama...Rabbi Meir Soloveichik to offer opening invocation at Republican convention

'Bow To Nobody' - Retired Special Ops Hammer Obama

SEAL Ad to Excoriate Obama for Bowing to Foreign Leaders

Priebus Responds To Matthews' Grilling On Morning Joe: He’s 'The Biggest Jerk In The Room'

Chris Matthews Snaps at RNC Chairman Over 'Foreignization' of Obama in Heated Segment

Elizabeth Warren’s Occupiers to attack Tampa’s EMS during GOP convention?

Obama and Egypt

Egypt Rejected U.S. Demand to Fire on Iranian Ship in Suez... Egyptian Naval Forces recently rejected a U.S. demand to fire on an Iranian vessel loaded with arms and heading to Syria.

It's 3am and nobody's there

On Monday @ 2: pm (pst)...Obama finally orders flags at half-staff for Neil Armstrong.........set for his funeral on Friday only

American Hero Neil Armstrong dies, Obama does NOT order flags flown at half-mast

U.S. troops face punishment over Koran burning, urination video

Two US troops killed in ANOTHER insider attack as Afghan soldier flipped'


Solyndra's glass tubes find second life as modern art


Obama Ethics, Year 4

To Honor Neil Armstrong, Obama Posts a Photo of Himself

Despite Criticisms, Obama's Investments Share Similarities with Romney's


The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.


More Obamacare Fiction: Obama said during his weekly radio address today that he wanted to share “some actual facts" about "a lot of accusations and misinformation flying around"

ObamaCare's 'Great Rebate' Was Supposed To Get Votes, Gets Confusion Instead

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Jeb Bush to Obama: Stop blaming my brother

Busted: “Republican” woman in Obama ad has been a registered Democrat since 2006; Update: Another?

Deputies: RNC protestor arrested with machete strapped to his leg

First Protestors Arrested In Tampa Carrying B.B. Gun On A Roof

Box Office Report: Anti-Obama Doc Beats New Films With $6.3 Mil on Eve of GOP Convention

Obama and Israel

Confirmation: Egypt 'Deployed U.S.-Made Tanks, SAMs in Sinai'

'Rabbis for Obama' Boycott Israel and defame Israel: includes many anti-Israel figures who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

It's 3am and nobody's there

 Social Security Administration ordered 174,000 rounds of bullets, but not to quell civil unrest

Army Report Buried Islamic Motivation For Afghan Murders of US Troops


Community Organizer to the World

Embarrassment for Obama as University of Virgina DECLINES request to host President's campaign speech

Obama: 'In America we believe in keeping promises'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama Campaign Breaking an Honored Gentlemen's Agreement: Will try to interfere with GOP convention

Brandon Darby: Anarchists Plan to Take Down Emergency Medical Services at RNC

Obama's 'Republican' Woman A Registered Democrat

Anti-Obama Film Director At National Press Club

Box Office: Obama Doc '2016' Stuns Hollywood

Bow to Nobody (anti-Obama SEAL ad)

The Hope The Change Movie site: Democrats who will not vote for Obama

Obama Pouts: 'America Doesn't Need a Birther-In-Chief'

Obama: Romney won't 'own up' to presidential responsibilities

Obama Denies Really Hating Mitt Romney

AP Interview: Obama on Romney's 'extreme' views

Obama and Israel

Egypt to Israel: Our tanks needed in Sinai

It's 3am and nobody's there

California OKs bill shielding undocumented immigrants

US Army distributes guide to troops: "Avoid arrogance" and "respect Islam" in order to avoid attacks by Afghan soldier

Get Ready For TSA 'Chat-Downs' - Author Tells TheBlaze About a New Airport Security Procedure You Might Not Know About

Obama Ethics, Year 4

British National Archives Show A Son Was Born To Obama Sr. In 1961 In Kenya?

Obama Demands Race-Based School Discipline

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama to appear on 'Oz'

Michelle Obama Continues to Increase the Government’s Role in Parenting

Obama and Agenda 21

Calls to lower ethanol quota rise as U.S. corn crop withers


We Can’t Wait: Obama Administration Announces Four Surface Transportation Projects to Be Expedited

White House Seeks to Spark Agribusiness Growth -- in Uganda


Community Organizer to the World

Obama Rejects Catholic Leader for Democratic Convention Prayer (GOP accepts him)

Obama Campaign Mass Emails People Gifs of Obama Touching People

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Flashback: Obama Jokes About Birth Certificate Controversy (video)

Obama Tweets Response To Romney's Birth Certificate Joke

Obama spokeswoman: Romney joke latest in 'pattern' of 'gutterball politics'

Romney To Hometown Crowd: 'No One Has Asked To See My Birth Certificate'

Report: Obama has more fake Twitter followers than Romney

Trumka slams ICE union-led lawsuit against Obama administration

Obama to Heckler: 'That Young Man Probably Needed a Good Teacher'

New Obama Ad: ‘Real’ Conservative Women Should Vote Democrat Because Romney Wants to Ban Abortion & Contraception

Obama and Israel

Egypt Fully Remilitarizing Sinai - with US Help

Obama 'Using Israeli Paper to Foil Iran Strike'

President Lists Anti-Israel Activists Among 'Rabbis for Obama'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Arizona sheriff: Border is a mess, union rules hamper Border Patrol work

U.S. General Links Spike in 'Insider Attacks' to Stress of Ramadan Fasting

Report: State Dept. Considers Eliminating US Nuclear Arsenal

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Unearthed audio: Obama calls newborn baby a 'fetus outside of the womb'

New documents reveal Obama administration 'cooking the books' to achieve record deportation numbers

Issa probes talks between White House, IRS on healthcare law

ICE Agents Sue Napolitano for Ordering Them to 'Violate Federal Law'

Carney on Exelon: 'I’m not sure what the issue is, frankly'

Ties to Obama Aided in Access for Big Utility

Is Obama Gay?

Holder: Justice Dept., gay advocates united in 'common cause'

Inside Napolitano’s 'Frat House' Department

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Levies $40,000+ Fines on Landlords Who Fail to Provide 'EPA-Approved' Pamphlets to Tenants

Obama's war on coal can be stopped, not reversed, says CEO of coal company


'Skim' Proponents, State Department Struggle to Explain Health Care Scheme

Obamacare Loses Again in Deficit Reduction Debate

Think College Is Expensive Now? Wait Until ObamaCare


Obamaconomy: Spam Sales Way Up Due to Tough Times

Report: Incomes Dropped More During Obama 'Recovery' Than Recession

Labor Secretary Cheers Youth Unemployment Rate of 17.1 Percent

Obama and TARP

Fed says taxpayers earned $17.7B from AIG bailout

Queen Michelle

The Firstt Lady Credits President For Drop In Number Of Unemployed Vets - But, Number EMPLOYED Fell Even More

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

 Brotherhood taking total control of Egypt

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden talks 'trash' about goint to the GOP convention in Tampa


Shipley's father asked Issa and Grassley to investigate son's case

President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Seventh Week in Office


Obama Ethics, Year 4

New Audio Surfaces of Obama Defending Infanticide in Illinois

 The Cashin Bundler... Obama bundler Stephen Cashin tied to George Soros, controversial West African pols

ICE Agents File Lawsuit Against DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano

"The Unvetted" -film on YouTube (32 minutes): Obama's communist mentors, 600 page FBI file....

Marital, personal ties link Obama administration to Commission on Presidential Debates

‘Independent’ Energy Loan Reviewer Gives Big to Obama: Herbert M. Allison Jr.

Watchdog who exonerated Obama on energy loans now an Obama donor

DOJ’s lawsuit against Gallup polling org based on whistle-blower who worked for Obama 2008

Dinesh D'Souza Describes Obama Christianity as Marxist 'Third World Liberation Theology'

A circuit court judge orders that Marine veteran detained over anti-government Facebook posts be released from a state psychiatric hospital

Community Organizer to the World

Donations by Media Companies Tilt Heavily to Obama

Obama Convention Closes Cancer Center

Obama in New Email: I'm Scared that this is "The End"

Obama said this: "It is very rare I come to an event where I’m like the fifth or sixth most interesting person. Usually the folks want to take a picture with me, sit next to me, talk to me. That has not been the case at this event and I completely understand."


Obama assists Bain takeover at OMB and tries to hide it

U.S. Incomes Fell More in Recovery, Sentier Says

Obama's Jobs Council chief, GE CEO Immelt says he will vote for Romney

US manufacturing growth still weak, PMI survey shows

Tapper To Carney On Energy: Why Do You Call It All Of The Above When It Isn't?

Jobless Claims in U.S. Climb for Second Week to One-Month High

Going hungry in America: 'Distressing,' 'humbling' and 'scary'

Americans Having Fewer babies Hinders Economic Growth

Obama and Agenda 21

Environmental regulations hit manufacturing hardest (Daily Caller)

It's 3am and nobody's there

 Nebraska, Mississippi Join Arizona: Deny Licenses and Benefits to Illegals Getting Obama Amnesty

Top U.S. General: We Don’t Know Why Afghan Troops Are Killing Us

TSA Rifles Through Bags, Conducts Pat Downs At Paul Ryan Event

Immigration agents sue to stop Obama’s non-deportation policy

Obama botches rank of top Navy SEAL -- President's latest slip-up was calling Admiral William McRaven a general


Issa says ATF’s McMahon 'will probably be referred for criminal prosecution'

'Fast and Furious' ATF Official Granted Paid Leave to Take 6-Figure Job at JP Morgan

McMahon not only one favored with ATF 'sweetheart deal'

Lawless DOJ Reports on Itself in Fast and Furious

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama mentions 'choice,' crowd cheers

Michelle Obama: 'Get to the Polls on November the 2'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

ABC "World News" Does Four Minute Segment On Mormon Church

Obama: Romney's Big Donors Should Give Their Millions to Scholarships Instead

Obama: Team Romney coming on strong, playing dirty, time to 'put them away'

Three Unions Financing Obama Super PAC Cancer Smear

Obama and Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood: Israel's the One that Violated Peace Senior journalist in Muslim Brotherhood paper launches frontal attack on Israel's demand that Egypt withdraw armor.

Obama and Israel

A 'Rabbi for Obama' once had dinner with Iran's anti-Semitic president: Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb


FoxNews claims Obamacare punishes hospitals if their patients with heart failure live instead of die

More than 2,200 hospitals face penalties under ObamaCare rules

Health Policy Experts Anticipate Fewer Doctors, Less Productivity Under Obamacare


Obama and Agenda 21

EPA to Shut Down LEPC Database: Establishing procedures for receiving and processing public requests for information collected under EPCRA

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: It Won’t Cost Gov’t a Penny to Help More Homeowners If GOP Would 'Just Get Out of the Way'


 Letter sent today from Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Darrell Issa to B. Todd Jones, Acting Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, asked how "a top ATF official involved in Operation Fast and Furious…can remain on paid leave while simultaneously drawing an additional six figure salary from a major financial services company

Holding 'Gunwalker' figures ‘accountable’ evidently involves sweetheart deals

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama Uses Presidential Seal at Designated Campaign Event

DOJ sues Gallup polling firm

 Video: Interview with Facebook-posting Marine Vet, now detained for 30-days in Psych Ward

Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs, Schizophrenics, and the 'Intellectually Disabled'

DOJ Backs Down, Approves Virginia Voter ID Law

It's 3am and nobody's there

Military in Iraq Used 70M Rounds of Ammo Annually: DHS Ordered 750M Rounds in One Month

Mexican Cartels 'Increasingly' Corrupting DHS Employees to Smuggle Aliens From Countries 'Likely to Export Terrorism'

State Dept. Advisers: Let’s Cut Nukes Some More

Russia Begins to Rebuild Soviet Era Military Bases

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: "God Is In Control"…

Pictures: Obama Has Trouble Spelling OHIO  But gets it right on the second try.

Pictures: Obama's Teleprompters

Obama calls for more edu spending — in school district his campaign stiffed on $25,000 bill

Obama returns to school district stiffed by his campaign for four years on $25,000 tab

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama 'Guest Editor' for Website Featuring Sex Tips-- Including from Prostitutes

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Box Office Report: Anti-Obama Doc Drawing Big Crowds, Even in New York City

Navy SEALs Slam Obama Over "Condescending And Belittling" Comments…

Ryan: 'I Have a Lot More Experience Than Barack Obama Did'


Illegal immigrants could reap more than $7B in tax credits this year, senator says

Cutter: Obama Has Created More Jobs Than the Reagan Recovery

Clinton, Napolitano mum on open-door immigrant welfare policy

CBO sees deeper "fiscal cliff" recession next year

Obama and Israel

Dems censor, blindside Jewish debaters in So. Florida again

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

New Photo Of Obama In Muslim Dress Surfaces

Jihad at the DNC: After four years of Obama Administration pandering, Muslim groups have a prominent role at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte


Rewriting Its Own Bad Obamacare Law: Going around Congress


Queen Michelle

McDonald's Fires Back on Food Police First Lady

Obama and Israel

Obama campaign launches 'Rabbis for Obama'..........-600 mostly Reform or Conservative Rabbis

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: We 'Created 200,000 Brand New Good Paying Jobs' Despite ‘Republican Obstructionism'

Biden: "The Middle Class Is Coming Back" (video)

Biden Likens Republicans to 'Squealing Pigs'

Obama and Agenda 21

A federal court has struck down an Environmental Protection Agency rule that forces cuts in soot- and smog-forming power plant emissions that cross state lines, dealing a major blow to the White House's air quality agenda.

EPA denies challenge to biofuels rule

It's 3am and nobody's there

Federal Auditor: 2,527 DHS Employees and Co-Conspirators Convicted of Crimes

Senate Armed Services Committee member demands answer from Navy chief on Russian sub in Gulf of Mexico

US military chief's plane hit by Afghan militants at air base

Blood Of Afghan Betrayal On Obama's Hands

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Explicit DHS/ICE Lawsuit Sexual Harassment Affidavits; More Harassment of Men @ Obama’s Homeland Security

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett’s real-estate investment jumped in value between 2010 and 2011, documents show

Valerie Jarrett’s Bulging Bank Account

Will Obama Keep Power 'by Any Means Necessary'?

Obama meets the press and makes stuff up

Barack Obama And Ruling By Presidential Decree

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Stiffs Taxpayers for $14k in Costs Incurred at Hollywood Fundraiser

DNC Refuses To Reimburse Conn. Town For Overtime Costs During Obama Visit

White House Sets Ground Rules for Local Interviews

Post Racial? Obama praised Supreme Court affirmative action ruling in 2003, applauded racial 'set aside plans'

Obama campaign's spending, outpaces its fundraising


The Real Tragedy of Obamacare has yet to be felt by the poor

 The President’s $8 Billion Coincidence

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

GOP convention session to be themed "We Built This!"

Special operators to anti-Obama groups: zip it

US military chief General Martin Dempsey denounced ex-officers Tuesday for waging a campaign against President Barack Obama

Obama Adds Military Heroes to 'Enemies List'

Madeleine Albright campaigns for Obama: We’re going to blame Bush 'forever'


Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows

After Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars, Green Transportation Is A Bust

California: Revenue from Consumer sales fell a whopping 33.5 percent or $475 million, further demonstrating a severe reality check for the Golden State’s recovery plan


Obama Ethics, Year 4

 There have been zero Wall Street prosecutions under Obama/Holder

Obama Knocks Romney for Not Releasing Medical Records, Hasn't Disclosed His Own

Obama Denies Linking Romney To Woman's Death, But The Claim Is On His Campaign Website

July flashback: Obama team: Romney committed a felony or lied to voters

July Flashback: Obama Campaign: Romney A Liar, Potential Criminal

Obama: "Nobody Accused Mr. Romney Of Being A Felon" (video)

Social Security Administration on Ammo Buy: 589 Bullets Per Agent Is Normal

Facebook posting Marine vet in psych ward: FBI admits questioning, denies arrest

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Campaign Was 'Trawling for Warm Bodies' to Fill Half-Empty Kick-Off Rally

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: 'Sticking to our transition plan' key to stemming Afghan 'insider' attacks

Obama: Not taking ex- SEAL ad blitz 'too seriously'

Obama not worried about criticism by political action committee lead by ex-special ops officers

ABC's Jake Tapper to Obama at end of WH briefing: 'Don't be a stranger'

Obama succumbs to public pressure... takes questions from the White House press corps

The Border Conspiracy: Exclusive Videos Show How One Texas County Fakes Crime Statistics to Make the Border Look Safe

Obama and Israel

 Netanyahu 'determined to attack Iran' before US elections, claims Israel’s Channel 10 TV reporter adds: 'I doubt Obama could say anything that would convince PM to delay a possible attack'

 Israeli defense officials consult with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef over Iran strike

Israel, U.S. View Iranian Threat Differently, Says Top U.S. Gen. Dempsey says Israel and the U.S. have a different interpretation of the same intelligence reports regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Gas mask distribution in Jerusalem


Under Obamacare, Medicare Double Taxation Begins in 2013

Book: Obamacare law designed to unionize 21 million health care workers

Obama and Egypt

Egyptian officials have announced that Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi will be traveling to Iran later this month  to attend a summit. It's the first  such trip for an Egyptian leader in decades

Hamas Terrorist Party Vows To Combat Sinai Terror... -Hamas, outlawed by the US as a "terrorist organization," vows to Egypt it will combat terror in Sinai. Morsi: We are one with Hamas

Egypt's new chief of staff: Anti-Israel, anti-US, pro-Sharia

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama’s Constant BS About Thomas Jefferson and Islam

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama: 'You Can’t Just Make Stuff Up'

 Obama 'cancelled missions to kill bin Laden THREE TIMES after getting cold feet - until Hillary Clinton stepped in', claims explosive new book

Gibbs: Romney Can't Criticize Obama Tone When Supported By 'Right-Wing Nutjob Donald Trump'

ABC's Jake Tapper Confronts Obama Advisor Over President's Reference To Romney Dog

e-book: Obama campaign roiled by conflict


LaHood: ‘I’m very proud’ of DOT stimulus spending at $738,000 per job (Video)

Summertime blues for drivers: Gas at August record

The Obama Administration is Killing the Internet

The High Price of Obama’s Amnesty

Walmart brings layaway back early, tweaks fees


Obama and Agenda 21

Feds propose 1,200 sq. miles for jaguar habitat in S. AZz (and more in NM)


Conspiracy indictments indicate sanctioned gunwalking, government lies

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Gibbs: Obama Has Been Transparent, He Once Took "A Question"

Obama hoping to run out the clock till election without press conference

Stephanie Cutter: I Didn’t Know 'Facts' of Joe Soptic's Wife's Sickness, Even Though He’d Told Story on Obama Campaign Conference Call

Quietly, the Obama Citizen Case Reaches the Supreme Court

Flashback 2008: Obama Warned Us But We Were Not Listening: General Bill Ginn' USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn't follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.... "not taking sides..."

1996 Obama Supported Single-Payer Healthcare, Government-Funded Abortions, Ban on Handguns  (video)

Community Organizer to the World

Picture: Debbie Wasserman Shultz goes to Denver and speaks to a near-empty room

The Obama's go to church

Obama Advisor To CNN: Entertainment Media 'Equally Important' As Political Media...-says People magazine 'equally important'

Rahm to Spend $91 Million on Bike Lanes for the One Percent

It's 3am and nobody's there

Army morale declines in survey: "ineffective leaders at senior levels"

Officials: Federal Agencies Often Don't Share Tips on Potential Terrorist Activity

Obama, Upset by Latin America Criticism, Replaces an Advisor

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Conservative Offers $20,000 to Anyone Who Can Produce Obama’s College Transcripts

Mark Halperin: The Media Pretty Much Does What The Obama Campaign Wants

Gibbs: Biden remark no more racial than Boehner saying 'unshackle Wall Street'

Ryan: Medicare should not be a piggy bank for ObamaCare


Hundreds of Ohio Coal Miners Stand in Line for Mitt Romney

Coal Miners Won’t Back Obama This Time

Norquist: 'Only Took Obama Two Weeks To Screw Lower Income Voters'

Moody's:  More California cites could go bankrupt

Atlas shrugged? Manufacturing seems worn out

Obama and Egypt

Israel Asks Egypt to Take Armor Out of Sinai - Report Arab paper: Israel was only informed retroactively about deployment of armored forces in Sinai.

Who Lost Egypt?

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Huma Abedin and Security Clearances

Joltin' Joe Biden

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Calls Joe Biden "A Distraction"…

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama joins election fight


Obama Senior Adviser Dodges Questions About Impact Of Medicare cuts


Community Organizer to the World

Obama Campaign: "We're Purposely Limiting Attendance"

Wealthy Pakistani has fundraiser for Biden... nobody knows how he made his fortune; won't talk to the press

Obama wishes Muslims happy Eid

It's 3am and nobody's there

Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot?   -SS Admin purchase of ammo leaves questions...

Obama Lags on Judicial Picks, Limiting His Mark on Courts

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

In N.H., Obama blasts Romney's 'trickle-down snake oil'

Obama Attacks Republicans Over Teacher Layoffs

GOP: Unemployment has never been this high this long post-recession


Gas Prices Moving to All-Time High

As ATP Oil Files For Bankruptcy, CEO Blames Obama For Company's Collapse

Obama: 'You can make it if you try'

Government Will Take Almost Half Your Paycheck in 2013

NON EMPLOYMENT rate at 41.6%, Obama Stimulus a Massive Failure

Obama and Israel

Yadlin to Obama: Visit Israel to allay Iran fears.. Former MI head asks US president to publicly display US commitment to stopping Iran's nuclear program.

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama to meet families of Sikh temple shooting victims

Joltin' Joe Biden

Obama Campaign Sending Gaffe-Prone Biden to Solid Blue States


Documents show prejudicial tactics helped result in Shipley conviction

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama Lied To The Illinois Bar About Barry Soetoro

Obama’s Communist Mentor


Obama and Agenda 21

GAO: EPA rules to cause energy price increases in Midwest, 'compromise' electric grid


Reports point to ATF oversight and authorization of illegal rifle sale

Documents Cited in Complaint in Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (Holder)

Rep. Farenthold ...: Fast and Furious Documents 'Incriminating,' 'Explosive'

Obama Ethics, Year 4

State Dept. Uses Children's Rhyme to Deny Hillary Clinton VP Report

DHS Purchases Massive Explosive Nitrates – Scrubs History

Morning Bell: Obama Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself

Former Navy SEAL: Axelrod Speaking 'Out Of His Jurisdiction' When Discussing Military Voting In Ohio

Obama gives $20M in tax money to Biden pal

Community Organizer to the World

Obama's Long History of Political Racial Solidarity

Sox Fan Obama Plugs Visit to Wrigley Field… for the Food

Obama admits he’d like a 'weird superpower' (ability to speak any language.. flying OK too)

Dinesh D’Souza Pays for Obama's Brother's Sons Surgery-Obama Refused to Help

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House Press Corps Wonders When Obama Will Actually Take Their Questions

Panetta Shoots for Islamic Brownie Points

Afghan Policeman Kills Two U.S. Troops Minutes After They Hand Him A Gun

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Ad accuses Obama of defending 'racism against white folks'..........the ad

Axelrod: Romney "Has A Sense Of Entitlement"

Axelrod Playbook Flashback: Obama Demands Clinton Release Tax Returns

Team Obama Offers Romney a Deal: Release 5 Years of Tax Returns and We’ll (Kind of) Drop It

Obama Campaign Strikes Back Against Former Navy SEALs

Is Obama Gay?

Geraldo Investigates: Is There A 'Lesbian Cabal' Leading The Department Of Homeland Security?


White House holds 'We Can’t Wait' funds for almost four years

Obama redirects $470M in 'idle' earmark funds to highway projects

U.S. Unadjusted Unemployment 8.3% in Mid-August

Unemployment rates rose in 44 U.S. states in July

Jobless rates creep up in swing states

California employers add 25,200 jobs; unemployment stays at 10.7%

'2016: Obama’s America' Movie Is Disturbingly Necessary

Obama and Israel

OBAMA AND ISRAEL By Discover The Networks

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Arab Spring run amok: 'Brotherhood' starts crucifixions Opponents of Egypt's Muslim president executed 'naked on trees'

Customs & Border Protection Agents Pressured to Attend Islamic Brainwash Fest by Anti-Israel Museum; Muslim Supervisor @ Airport

Obama to Exclude U.S. Companies from $300 Million Palestinian Project


Obama “Green Energy” Scandals Widen as Lawmakers Probe Deeper

Obama Czars

Another list of Obama's Czars with pictures


AARP bristles at new Obama ad on Medicare

President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Sixth Week in Office




Documents confirm ATF surveillance in U.S. before gun found in Mexico


U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Hits Record $5.29 Trillion

Unemployment benefit applications rose by 2,000 to 366,000

GM could be heading for bankruptcy again

Obama’s Lawless Amnesty Program Begins – Thousands of Illegals Lined Up in Chicago (Video)

Americans’ Views on Economy Are Most Pessimistic Since November

Obama and Israel

NJDC Scours Streets of Israel to Find Obama Supporters... The National Jewish Democratic Council released an ad featuring testimonies from Israelis 'thanking Obama.'

US punched Bibi, Barak in the face -- Analysis: Dempsey's remark regarding IDF's inability to destroy Iran's nuclear capability meant to show Israel who's boss

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama adviser David Plouffe invested in Iran-tied Standard Chartered Bank, disclosures show

DHS ammo specifics now redacted as N’west activists react

Former SEALs, Intel Officers, Form Group Assailing White House for Leaks

 Who is your mama? Who is your papa? Who are you? Barack Hussein Obama Sr. supposedly came to Hawaii on an airlift because he was such a friend of Tom Mboya.

White House Admits Obama Eats Dog

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden sent home by the boss

White House says Obama will stick with Biden as running mate

Chuck Todd Calls Biden's Staff Influencing Pool Reports An 'Outrage,' 'Going To Have To Change This System'

Biden’s Staff Tried To Influence Reporting On His Virginia Trip, According To Report

Obama meets with Biden and Clinton in the Oval Office.

Biden has 'private' lunch with Obama

Obama can still drop Biden from the ticket

WH blows off first black governor’s rebuke of Joe Biden

Obama laments that Biden’s gaffes distract from his message

Community Organizer to the World

White House invests $30 million in Ohio manufacturing hub

President Obama Takes Questions from People Mag, Entertainment Tonight, Disses White House Press Corps

Obama’s Hidden-Hand Politics

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama tweets love to Iowa

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

State Dept. Trained 450 Imams on the 'Compatibility of Women’s Rights and Islam'

 The Biggest D.C. Spy Scandal You Haven’t Heard About (Part Two) The Pakistani spy who went undetected in D.C. for 20 years was deeply involved with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

Obama's Iftar Dinner


Obamascared: Fla. seniors prefer Ryan’s plan to Obamacare

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA actions at mine could hurt $220 billion in investments

It's 3am and nobody's there

Social Security Administration Explains Plan to Buy 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets: For our special agents

July is deadliest month of 2012 for US troops

Seven US soldiers among 11 dead in Black Hawk helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Young illegal immigrants will be eligible for California driver's licenses

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Media Matters' Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert slammed America's Navy SEALs as 'gutless' on the same day that two are killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

MSNBC’s Toure: Romney Engaging In The 'N*ggerization' Of Obama

Obama slams GOP ticket's 'trickle-down snake oil' tax plan (video)

Letterman Booed for Depicting Romney as Male Model on 'The Price Is Right'


Obama and Egypt

In violation of peace accord, Egypt deploying troops in Sinai without Israel's prior approval

How Obama--and the Media--Lost Egypt


Shipley documents point to more government-sanctioned gunwalking

Is Obama Gay?

President Obama Ignores Family Research Council Shooting .............-Shooting suspect was volunteering at LGBT center...... -Carried Chik-fil-A materials

ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama: I Don't Think Anyone Would Suggest I've Tried To Divide The Country (video)

Video: Dishonorable Disclosures: Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage

House Ways and Means chairman demands Delphi pension termination documents from Obama administration

Napolitano has been aware of Barr’s behavior for the last three-plus years at ICE and this pattern of harassment of men didn’t just start in 2009. It probably began in the Arizona Governor’s office.

Obama and Jarrett - Brought Together By Fickle Fate or Something More?

Obama's Ironic Lie About an American Icon: Claims that gov't built Golden Gate Bridge

Obama immigration amnesty to include middle school dropouts

Joltin' Joe Biden

Fmr. Va. Gov. Douglas Wilder to Joe Biden: 'Slavery is nothing to joke about'

Biden: I say 'exactly what I mean, it's not gonna change'

Spinning Furiously: Obama Camp, Allies Emerge To Defend Joe Biden Claim That GOP Will Enslave You

Biden Refers to Ryan as 'Governor'

Wrong century....-Biden: 'Folks, Where's it Written We Cannot Lead the World in the 20th Century in Making Automobiles?'

Community Organizer to the World

Democracy Alliance: Secret Soros Network

 Michael Recanati: The Anti-Midas Touch Shipping heir and Democracy Alliance member has record of business missteps

 Saccas of Money Tech multimillionaire Obama bundler Chris Sacca moonlights as presidential hagiographer

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama's Much-Touted "Reset" Brings Russian Submarines To Our Coast

Executive order from Governor Jan Brewer blocks IDs, benefits for illegal immigrants

 New immigration initiative draws thousands to Navy Pier

The Social Security Administration Is Buying 174,000 Rounds Of High-Powered Ammunition

Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks


Labor Dept. Attempts to Stop Layoffs by Giving $100 Million to States to Subsidize Payrolls

Price of Ground Beef Hits Record High

Economic Recovery Is Weakest Since World War II

Queen Michelle

In Harvard essay, young Michelle Obama argued for race-based faculty hiring

Obama: Michelle was teasing Leno, not Gabby

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

 Huma Abedin was a Muslim Students Association Board Member


Obamacare Doubles Premiums for Many Americans

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Politico's Full Court Press to Destroy Paul Ryan

Romney calls Obama campaign a 'disgrace'

Obama calls Romney's economic policy 'fairy dust'

Obama Campaign: Ryan 'The Worst'



Fast and Furious Question: Can/Will Romney-Ryan DOJ Pursue Chicago-Bound Eric Holder?

A Bright and Shining Lie. The Canonization of Saint Eliot Ness. B. Todd Jones thinks rebranding the ATF will solve its problems and make us all forget about Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Gunwalker Scandal

Firearms Bureau Struggles to Define Its Role

Cartel Member Makes Startling Claim About Fast and Furious

Obama and Israel

Dempsey, Panetta Play Down Israeli Strike in Iran.... General Dempsey says an Israeli strike won't destroy Iran's nukes, as Panetta says he believes Israel hasn't yet decided to attack.

Obama and Agenda 21

 National Weather Service Follows DHS In Huge Ammo Purchase... Hollow point bullets designed to cause maximum organ damage

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Eric Holder’s Goldman Sachs Cronyism

Obama's Strange Dependence on Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Was a Communist - Worked With Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception

 Former Obama Adviser Takes the Fifth ...donor allegedly involved in an illicit gold deal:  Oil mogul Kase Lawal

It's 3am and nobody's there

DHS ready to accept applications from illegal immigrants to avoid deportation, get work permit

Party Time! Top Obama Homeland Security Officials Spend Big Coin at Houston Confab; Roman Holiday

Harass morass at DHS... Complaints jump in Janet era

Joltin' Joe Biden

Giuliani Responds to Biden‘s 'Chains' Flap: I’ve Never Seen a VP Make as Many Mistakes, Say as Many Stupid Things

Joe Biden clarifies "in chains" remark

Obama campaign spokesman: We have no objection to Biden’s "chains" comment

Biden: 'They’re Gonna Put You All Back in Chains'

VIDEO: Biden Imitates Sign Language Lady

In Virginia, Biden calls it North Carolina...

Biden Thinks He Knows What He Thinks…


Flashback: Obama Admits He Cut Medicare

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

 "Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago," Romney said while campaigning in Ohio.

Chris Matthews: Paul Ryan May Be 'Worse' Than Quayle, 'More Trouble' Than Eagleton

Obama Campaign: Ryan 'Kisses The Ring' of Jewish Megadonor Adelson

Axelrod attacks Romney for 'phony outrage' over Biden’s 'back in chains' line

Obama Alludes To Romney’s Dog Seamus In Renewable Energy Speech

Obama’s beer tent stop may have cost owner $25,000

Obama buys beers for 10 Iowans, snubs Romney supporter

John Sununu Tells Soledad O'Brien 'Put an Obama Bumper Sticker On Your Forehead When You Do This'

Obama and Egypt

Fiasco: Islamists purge Egyptian Army

Egypt's president has powers that rival Mubarak's

Terrorists’ Goal: World Jihad in Sinai; International terrorist groups are working with Egyptian jihad

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Is Muslim Brotherhood Paying Huma and Weiner's Rent for $3.3M Apt?

Picture: (Left) Huma Abedin-Weiner (she has buttons on her sleeve) enjoying the company of Muslim Brotherhood member and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) president, Mohamed Magid  during Iftar dinner at the White House

Huma Abedin and The Saudi King’s Manifesto

Clueless Obama administration spins Muslim Brotherhood’s consolidation of power

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood in the West  (video)


Head of Chevy Volt Program Named CEO of Fisker

Report: Auto bailout cost taxpayers $3.4B more than estimated

U.S. Economic Confidence Remains Lower

 U.S. wholesale prices rose 0.3 percent in July

Queen Michelle

FLOTUS: Obamacare keeps women from dying of cancer, but GOP would repeal it

Michelle Obama disappointed in Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama Explains Her Side Of The Kiss Cam Story



House Oversight Committee files contempt suit against Holder

 Book: Holder went on 'Reefer Madness'-like campaign to distract from Fast and Furious

Is Obama Gay?

Evidence that Obama was married to a Pakistani man before Michelle


Obama launches $170million bailout of drought-hit farmers and orders government to buy tons of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish

Hog Prices Rise On Word That Feds Will Buy Pork In Bid To Help Farmers

Energy Dept. Invests $43M in Projects 'Too Risky for the Private Sector'

List of Foreign Countries Receiving BILLIONS in Obama Stimulus Funds, American Jobs

Treasury: U.S. to lose $25 billion on auto bailout

Obama: "A New Vision Of An America In Which Prosperity Is Shared" (video)

FLASHBACK: Obama in 2010 on Ryan Roadmap: 'This is an entirely legitimate proposal'

FLASHBACK: Candidate Obama: 'We’re going to have to take on entitlements to do it in my first term as president"

President Obama Alters Middle Class Tax Promise

Obama: Last in job creation

Motorola Mobility cuts to include 700 in Chicago area

Obama and Agenda 21

Texas prevails at Fifth Circuit in air case against EPA

Obama's Three-Tiered Wealth Redistribution Plan: Individual, Regional, and Global

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Walks Back Priorities USA Comment: 'Of Course' I Know It’s 'Democratic-Affiliated'

Anthony Wiener and wife move into $3.3M Manhattan apt.

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden campaigns before a crowd of 660 in North Carolina

Biden Invokes Paul Ryan's Deceased Father to Question VP Candidate's Values

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Caught Using Liberal Blog To Attack Ryan Plan Joe Schoffstall's picture Joe Schoffstall

Obama Campaign: 'Why The Hell Did Romney Pick This Guy?'

FAIL. Obama Slams Paul Ryan For Not Passing Farm Bill That He Passed 2 Weeks Ago (Video)

Obama: Ryan 'standing in the way' of help for farmers, ranchers

Video: Hecklers try to climb onstage at Ryan event in Iowa

David Brock's Super PAC Releases Opposition Research Book on Paul Ryan

George Stephanopoulos Introduces Ryan as 'Former Prom King That Once Drove the Weinermobile'

Obama Shill? Soledad O'Brien Says Factually-Correct GOP Claim Was 'Debunked'

Chicago Tribune Analysist as Arm of the Democrat Party Campaign

Chuck Todd Corners Robert Gibbs Over Not Disavowing Priorities USA Ad

MSNBC host: Paul Ryan quoting Thomas Jefferson a 'lovely thing' for 'a wealthy white man'

Outrageous Attacks on the Ryan Plan Meet the DNC chair, Democratic congresswoman, HHS Secretary, Democratic 'strategist,' and Democratic president who've smeared good-faith proposal to protect Medicare for future generations

Shifty: NY Times Tries To Change Debate From Obama's Economy To Ryan's Record

The MSM Reports: Candidates of Death!

Obama ‘Welcomes’ Paul Ryan To Race, Deeming Him 'Ideological Leader Of The Republicans In Congress'

Obama and Egypt

Egypt 'Refusing All Contact With Israel' Post-Government Shakeup

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Huma Abedin's Ties to Muslim Brotherhood Deeper Than Rep. Bachmann Suspected

Obama at Iftar Dinner: 'Of All Rights We Hold Sacred, Foremost Is Freedom of Religion'

Queen Michelle

Rock stars and Leno: Michelle Obama on two-day L.A. campaign swing

First lady tapped as women's website guest editor: iVillage

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: 'Chicago Is an Example of What Makes This Country Great'

Lackluster: Obama Fundraising Event in Chicago Sparsely Attended

Obama and Goldman Sachs

DOJ Announces No Prosecutions For Top Obama Donor Goldman Sachs

It's 3am and nobody's there

DHS Orders 750 Million More Rounds Of Ammo



Darrell Issa to Sue Eric Holder Monday

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Scrubbed Photo of Kruglik meeting Obama

Kruglik-Obama Photo Scrubbed?... Obama’s old community organizing mentor Mike Kruglik meeting with the president in the White House appears to have been scrubbed from the Building One America website.

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Flashback: Tim Geithner to Paul Ryan: "We don't have a definitive solution... We just don't like yours"

Axelrod: Priorities ad doesn’t blame Romney for woman’s death

So It Begins: Obama Lies, Claims Romney-Ryan Will Raise Your Taxes

Wasserman-Schultz: 'I Have No Idea' Of Political Affiliation Of People Behind Ad Blaming Romney  (PAC Priorities USA).... -video

Priebus: Obama has 'blood on his hands' for stealing from Medicare

Obama's Campaign One Of The Dirtiest In Modern Times

CBS Still Claiming Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Was About Infrastructure


Flashback: Paul Ryan vs. Barack Obama, February 2010

Obamanomics/Agenda 21

EPA commercial takes a cheap shot at Romney,"Double the Mileage" (video)

Gas prices surge 34 cents since June

Corn production down 13%, Ethanol requirements to use corn remain... corn prices expected to grow 85% this year

Obama and Israel

Obama's Glare at Paul Ryan and Bibi Netanyahu

U.S. Democratic Jews: Choice of Ryan as VP shows Romney doesn't reflect Jewish values

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama at the Ramadan dinner...Muslim Brotherhood offspring ".. example of what we need in this country"

Obama praises patriotism of Anthony Weiner's wife at White House Ramadan dinner

Is Obama Gay?

Napolitano accused of running female 'frat house'

Obama and Egypt

Islamist takeover complete: Morsi Fires Top Defense Brass

Egypt leader Mursi orders army chief Tantawi to resign


Joltin' Joe Biden

Flashback: Obama Also Introduced Joe Biden As The 'Next President'

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama praises Huma Abedin, Muslim American aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton  ....... an 'American patriot'

Obama hails world’s Muslims in White House Iftar remarks: 'Ramadan Kareem'

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama signs bill exempting presidential appointees from Senate confirmation

Holder: Sikh Temple Shooting 'An Act of Terrorism'

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House: We Have Eyes Inside Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Obama says Congress should do something about major drought

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama Campaign Lies About Ryan Medicare Reform

First Ad Attacking Paul Ryan: He Wants To "Cut Aid To The Disabled, Children And The Elderly"…

Cancer Ad Just the Beginning: Obama Super PAC Ready to Launch More 'Incendiary' Ads

Community Organizer to the World

White House Approached Schwarzenegger in 2011


U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse

Is Obama Gay?

Obama appoints 'gay' man under secretary of USAF Former board member of 'Gay' & Lesbian Victory Fund responsible for 333,000 on active duty: Eric Fanning


Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Claim: Huma Abedin's mother is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Abedins were in bed with terror-king-pins

Queen Michelle

Michelle: Undecideds 'Confused,' 'Knuckleheads'

Michelle will make her third appearance on The Tonight Show

Michelle Obama tells West Philly crowd 'it's all on the line'

Obama campaign aides ban voter interviews outside rally


Obamacare Reg Forces Health Plans to Give Free Sterilizations to 15-Year-Old Girls.. Without Parental Consent

Obama says he wants politicians out of your health care


When Solyndra went bust, President said on Oct 6, 2011 that all decisions were made at the Energy Dept:

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama Mileage Rule Called Coercion Favoring Bailed-Out Carmakers

Big Sis Janet Napolitano 'promoted woman with whom she had a 'long relationship' while her female staff tormented male colleagues with 'sexually charged games''

Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano favored women pals for jobs: lawsuit

Janet Napolitano’s DHS, Commences Witch Hunt Against Whistleblowers on Amnesty

DHS document shows Obama administration wrestling with 'DREAM Act' policy


Welfare State Grows by Nearly 19% Under Obama - to Almost $1 Trillion a Year

Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart 'enormous spike'

Obama Requests $542 Million In Housing Aid for Drug Addicts

It's 3am and nobody's there

Three US special forces gunned down by traitor Afghan soldier they were training - the THIRD such deadly betrayal of allied forces in a week

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Obama Administration twice met with Bain "death squad" investor

 New Obama Ad Questions Whether Romney Paid Taxes

Jay Carney On Obama Campaign’s Links To 'Cancer Ad' Star Soptic: 'We Are Not In Control Of Third-Party Ads'

Romney Ad Hits Obama For Use Of Woman’s Death

Romney aide says Obama diminishes presidency

Obama to finally solve America’s problems by sending bus to chase Romney around

Team Obama’s new ad attacks Romney’s "blatantly false" welfare ad

CNN makes up poll numbers

Special Operations Speaks TV Spot: Stop the Leaks (Video)


 Federal Agent says Approvals are SOP for Operations that Break Laws(Gunwalker)

The furor over 'Fast and Furious'

Community Organizer to the World

President Obama declines to sing in public, citing vow to First Lady Michelle Obama

Is Obama Gay?

Brigadier General Becomes First Openly Gay Flag Officer in U.S. Military

President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Week in Office


It's 3am and nobody's there

Department of Homeland Security orders over a half ton of high explosives, delivery date by 31 August, 2012.

U.S. gives military aid to nations with child soldiers

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Embattled Stephanie Cutter Drops ABC "This Week" Appearance

Obama camp acknowledges knowing man's story

Audio: Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter On Call With Man From Cancer Ad Telling His Story…

Obama camp denies knowledge of cancer tale it told in May

Video: Obama campaign now pretending it didn’t know details of steelworker’s story - after featuring him in two ads

Flashback: Obama condemned PAC attacks in 2007

Was the Obama Super PAC steelworker ad filmed at the same time as Obama’s steelworker campaign ad?

New Romney ad slams Obama over HHS contraception mandate

Sheldon Adelson sues Jewish Democrat group for $60 million

Obama Now Scapegoating Jewish Donor Adelson

Huffington Post Tries to Connect Governor Romney to Death Squads

Community Organizer to the World

Unions preparing to send 300,000 volunteers out to support Obama’s re-election

Lady Gaga's mother, Valerie Jarrett team up to stop bullying (Video)

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Abedin Family’s Pro-Jihadist Journal...a thinly veiled mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sharia-supremacist agenda

Muslim Brotherhood Worldview of the Abedin Family Pseudo-Academic Journal

Gingrich Defends Investigations Into Links Between Obama Administration And Muslim Brotherhood

Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood - My Speech in Washington: Andrew McCarthy

Obama and Israel

Israel defense chief says Obama has new NIE bringing U.S. worries over Iran in line with Israel's

60 Egyptian Tanks in Sinai -Egypt reportedly sends 60 tanks, 400 armored vehicles to El Arish in biggest deployment since 1979

Huffington Post Calls Romney's Jewish Fans 'A Pack of Orthodox Jews'


High-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody is making startling allegations that the failed federal gun-walking operation known as “Fast and Furious” isn’t what you think it is. .....It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them - all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels.

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Bipartisan group of legislators demands stronger probe into Delphi pension scandal

IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants

Barack Obama's Brother to Appear in Anti-Obama Documentary

FNC’s Peter Johnson Says Stephanie Cutter Could Face Charges From FEC For Saying She Did Not Know Soptic

ATF violating dealer license revocation rules in defiance of policy and law


Don't fire me, Obama says: 'We’ve got too many jobs to create'

Obama: Let's repeat auto industry success with every manufacturing industry

Obama campaign, Treasury rely on incomplete GAO report to defend Delphi decision

 E-mails show Chu, DoE staffers claiming "total victory" over WH skeptics of green-tech subsidies program

U.S. Debt Just Grew by $11 Trillion.............- to $222 trillion

Study: Census data show high immigrant participation on US welfare rolls

Number of homes facing foreclosure rose in July

Obama and Agenda 21

Next from the EPA: Four-Gallon- minimum Gas Purchases

An agency of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is walking back an onerous rule change that would have primarily affected trucks at fracking sites after GOP congressmen and industry officials have cried foul.

Napolitano accused of double- dealing after DHS levies $15M fine for towing a rig

E-mails about clean-energy loans provide new details on White House involvement


Health Care Bill Closer to Reality, Child Support to be Extended to 26

Baltimore Archbishop: Catholic Voters Can’t Vote for a Candidate Who stands for Intrinsic Evil

Obama and Goldman Sachs

U.S. will not prosecute Goldman Sachs, employees for Abacus deal

Goldman Sachs Leads Split With Obama, as GE Jilts Him Too



CBO: 30 Million Will Remain Uninsured Under Obamacare

 Obama Campaign Speech: No Compromise on Abortion Mandate

Presidential Advisor Jarrett Touts Contraception Mandate at Anti-Bullying Summit

A Gut Check on What Obama Means by 'Fairness'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Brennan: leaks have been 'devastating...unconscionable'

Obama Administration Making Concessions to the Taliban


Obama Complains that Michelle Doesn't Make Money As First Lady (video)

Over 100 Million Now Receiving Federal Welfare

China Firm to Buy Control of U.S.-Backed Battery Maker

Obama Blames State and Local Governments, Congress for 14.1 Percent Black Unemployment

Gas prices climb 30 cents a gallon

Meet the real workers Obama screwed over: Lost GM Pensions


Report: ATF gun part of plan to kill Juarez police chief Julián Leyzaola

Peter Forcelli, an ATF agent who blew the whistle on management lapses in the gun trafficking scandal known as Fast and Furious, has reached an agreement with the bureau over his retaliation claims.

Report: Drug cartel used Fast and Furious weapon in failed assassination plot

Judicial Watch Raises Questions About Veracity of Holder Testimony on New Black Panther Party

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Is "President" Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?

Obama administration: Trust us on detention... Offers conditional assurances that all's constitutional

Top NY Homeland Security Cop Sues Napolitano; Alleges Obama DHS Officials' Anti-Straight Discrimination, Demands for Oral Sex – "J-No Appointed Lesbian Girlfriend, ICE Chief of Staff Harassed Male Agents"

Book: Blagojevich said he believed $25,000 was channeled to Obama

The microfilm of Obama’s Kenyan ties now mysteriously missing

Justice Department Watchdog Creates Whistleblower Post

Jarrett ignores questions on terminated non-union Delphi pensions (Video)

Did White House Commit Perjury About GM Bailout?

Did Senator Obama dodge taxes on a $400,000 gift from Tony Rezko?

Obama’s Welfare Free Lunch: 1996: Joined the New Party

Young Obama’s Dreams of a Communist Revolution in America

Former Obama Classmate Challenges the President to Release His College Records

Is Obama Gay?

White House: Obama opposes Boy Scouts’ ban on gays

Community Organizer to the World

In Denver, Obama campaigns on free contraception,....Sandra Fluke introduces him

 Knights of Columbus greet Obama recording with silence

Elizabeth Warren daughter secretly behind effort by Mass to register 500k welfare recipients

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Flashback: Obama Team Accused U.S. Chamber of Using 'Secret Foreign Money' in 2010

Sununu: Obama Calls Romney A Felon, But He Hangs Around Them

Team Obama denies knowing story of man in its TV ad, call

Obama campaign: Don't blame us for ad blaming Romney for cancer death

Gibbs on indefensible ad: Let’s change the subject

Gibbs Refuses To Criticize Romney-Responsible-For-Woman's-Death Ad

Jay Carney: I don’t speak for Harry Reid, but Romney sure could resolve this by releasing those tax returns


Obama Ethics, Year 4

General Services Administration - with the Blessing of the Obama White House -Tells Law Enforcement to "Stand Down" and Not Enforce the Law Against Occupy Protestors According to Records Uncovered by Judicial Watch

Leaked DHS Doc Shows Obama Amnesty Provides Safe Harbor To Criminal Aliens

Did Obama admin officials lie to Congress about Delphi pension termination?

 Emails: Geithner, Treasury drove cutoff of non-union Delphi workers' pensions

Eric Holder's DOJ Legalizes Online Gambling; Donors and Friends Make Big Money

Franken Election: When 1,099 felons vote in race won by 312 ballots

New Book Alleges That Voter Fraud Could Be Responsible For Election That Handed Senate Seat To Al Franken

Associated Press: US employers post the most jobs in 4 years


Obamacare Allows Abortion Funding, Doesn’t Cover Pregnancies to 26

Papa John's: 'Obamacare' will raise pizza prices

Community Organizer to the World

Carney: Being President "Restricts" Obama's Ability To Campaign

 Jordan, NBA players to hold basketball-themed fundraisers for Obama in New York

 Sandra Fluke to campaign with Obama in Denver


WH to Spend $7 Billion on Green Energy Contracts For Military

$1.3 billion in ‘clean energy’ subsidies produce 288 jobs, quadruple cost of electricity in NV

Flashback1997: Text of Obama's speech on welfare reform in the Illinois State Senate

Killing Welfare Reform: Obama Runs on Clinton Legacy While Dismantling It

Report says Obama amnesty plan will add 1.76 million new workers

Obama and TARP

  Report: Cronyism, political donations likely behind Obama, Holder failure to charge any bankers after 2008 financial meltdown

One of President Obama’s newest high-dollar fundraisers is a mortgage investment kingpin with close ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac..  Douglas Krupp

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

The History of MPAC

Obama-Backed Muslim Group Blaming Bachmann for Sikh Shooting Blamed Jews for 9/11 Attacks: Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Obama and Israel

Israel said to be readying October attacks on Iranian nuclear sites: Administration is asking for "more time" for sanctions to work

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

White House disses Drudge Report: 'Be mindful of your sources'

Joe Soptic's Wife:  After losing her job with Bain company- Lost health care, gets cancer.  Obama Bundler was running Bain, not Romney.... Obama Bundler Kills Woman, Media Silent  ; Cancer Victim Had Health Insurance For Year or Two After Bain Closed Plant, She died 5 years after the plant closing

In Obama super-PAC ad, worker ties wife’s death to Romney

Obama campaign looks for dirt on Rubio, Portman

 Romney: President's jab is a bunch of 'Obamaloney'

Obama and Agenda 21

Video: EPA Targets Florida With Outrageous "Water Tax"

Obama Administration To Accelerate Seven New Green Energy Plants

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: Nancy Pelosi is 'greatest ever'


Obama Ethics, Year 4

The South African company that paid senior White House adviser David Plouffe $100,000 to deliver two speeches is accused of trafficking illegal arms to Iran,

WaPo: Plouffe took $100,000 from firm doing business in Iran

Navy SEAL Forced to Retire for Criticizing Obama's Policies

Issa to Obama Chief of Staff: Tell Us Who's Been Using Personal Email for Official Business

 Obama has not taken a serious question from the White House press corps in nearly seven weeks

The Pro-Soviet Agent of Influence Who Gave Barack Obama His First Job In Politics (pdf file)

Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival held a critical National Press Club event: The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection.

White House considers executive order, leaves Internet takeover a possibility

Gibson Guitar Corp. Strikes Deal with Justice Dept. to Avoid Prosecution

Obama's power grab flouts Constitution

Obama’s Drive to Disenfranchise Soldiers

Obama’s College Classmate: 'The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia'

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Abedin Family Journal Promoted Muslim Brotherhood Views

Huma Abedin and Form 86

Obama and Israel

Israeli officials slam Obama's 'wretched' Iran red line

When Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Insulted Palestinian Culture

Obama and Agenda 21

Ousted EPA administrator vows to "stop the construction of any new coal plants in Texas"

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

 Obama aides say president now has personal 'genuine disdain' for Romney

Obama dubs Romney 'Romney Hood' - robbing the poor to help the rich

White House: Sen. Reid 'speaks for himself' on Romney tax returns

CNN’s Candy Crowley Grills W.H. Advisor Robert Gibbs Over Demands for Romney’s Tax Returns

 Gibbs Defends Harry Reid: "Have You Ever Seen Anybody Go To Such Great Lengths To Not Put Something Out?"

Stephanopoulos Takes On Wasserman- Schultz: Will You Repudiate Harry Reid’s Comments?


Gallup: Americans Spend $151 a Week on Food; the High-Income Earners, $180

The Real 'Stimulus' Record


Solyndra takes the gold for crony capitalism

It's 3am and nobody's there

India blames the White House for the Wisconsin Massacre

Carney on Plouffe’s speeches: 'Political criticism'

The Polish president has accused Barack Obama of betraying Poland by cancelling a promised missile defence system.

Community Organizer to the World

Obama campaign mobile app reveals which of your neighbors are registered Dems


Obama: America needs "soul searching" on gun violence

Gun That 'Walked' in Fast & Furious Reportedly Involved in Plot to Kill Mexican Police Chief

Justice Department and ATF officials have described the controversial gun-walking tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious as an aberration, but ATF agents have employed variations of the same surveillance techniques for decades.

WH: DOJ will work on background checks for guns until Congress passes gun laws

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: ‘Building Our Economy Starts With the Restaurants

Michelle Obama wants to adopt new BFF Grant Hill

How much did Obama's visit cost Mansfield?


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama goes after Romney Contributer Adelson: Govt probes Las Vegas Sands Corp. on money laundering


GDP Growth the Latest in a Series of Incorrect Obama Economic Forecasts

On FNS, David Axelrod Dodges Why It's Ok To Increase Taxes Now With Less Economic Growth

Gas prices soar to $4 a gallon, could go higher

 Obama's Real Unemployment Rate Is In Double Digits

2010 Flashback: Obama, Biden declare 'Recovery Summer'

Axelrod Denies Ever Touting A "Recovery Summer" (video)

For Team Obama, recovery is always just around the corner


Obama embraces health care law after court ruling

It's 3am and nobody's there

World Picture of Obama holding baseball bat angers Turkish political circles

Bringing the War Back Home. "Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland": Getting the military to start preparing for the violent repression of its own citizenry. US Army "deep thinker" creates an "enemy" out of the Tea Parties & "extremist militias." "Red Teaming" from an Ignorance-Inspired Faulty Premise.

Army colonel ignites firestorm with article on crushing a 'tea party insurgency'

Community Organizer to the World

Record Spending by Obama’s Camp Shrinks Coffers

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Rove: Why Isn't Obama Distancing Himself From Harry Reid's Attack On Romney?

Democrats Versus Military Voters: Not the First Time

Axelrod defends suit on Ohio military voting law, calls Romney's stance 'shameful'

Wait, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 million jobs in July?....that’s not how it got reported


ATF head Jones avoiding volunteered evidence about earlier gun operation

Obama and Israel

Romney Releases Ad Contrasting Policies with Obama on Israel and Jerusalem

Obama and Egypt

Terrorists Kill 20 Egyptian Soldiers, Fail to Enter Israel.... Egyptians said to be killed by terrorists, who were eliminated as they tried to enter Israel in an APC. Dozens of rockets fired at Israel.


Community Organizer to the World

Obama Fundraisers to Deny Thousands a Day at the Beach...Obama shuts down public beach


Obama brings back Biden pitch, suggests tax-paying 'patriotic'

Obama Economic Plan Would Explode Debt to $25.4 Trillion

China Buys U.S. Businesses at Record Pace; Plus Unemployment to 8.3%

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: GOP, Tea Party 'Want To Hurt Americans Economically So They Can Gain Politically'

Obama Ethics, Year 4

GOP asks White House for details of personal email use

Henry Waxman Hits Obama over Transparency

Obama camp: Romney's Ohio voting claim 'shameful'

Joe Biden: "It’s the members of the military and veterans who fought for everyone’s right to vote. The attempt to restrict their voting rights in Ohio - along with the voting rights of all Ohioans — is shameful."

Mitt Romney Talks About Efforts To Impede Military Voting In Ohio

It's 3am and nobody's there

Killer of American Troops set free: Ali Mussa Daqduq.  Obama would not transfer to Gitmo.

Are COIN Foot Patrols Winning "Afghan Trust" or Just Losing American Limbs?

Birthday Golf for Obama: Plays 104th roaund of golf

Obama and Israel

Muslim Brotherhood Joins War in Syria.... Israel may be faced with a choice of two evils if Assad falls: Al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood. Both groups have jumped into the war.

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

New SuperPAC exposing Obama administration's racism:



Obama and Agenda 21

'Wild Lands 2.0': Defeated Salazar Policy Resurrected in Back-Door BLM Move....- Lawmakers compared the policies and found the new language to be even "harsher" than the controversial Wild Lands proposal in the "carte blanche authority" granted.  Western lawmakers are crying foul over new Interior Department guidelines that resurrect the controversial Wild Lands policy that was killed by Congress in April 2011.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Terrorist Who Killed US Soldiers Freed Because Obama Would Not Bring to Gitmo


Obama chief of staff Daley briefed on Solyndra concerns six months before bankruptcy


Coal CEO Tells Soledad O'Brien 'Obama Responsible Entirely for Closure of Mine and Loss of Jobs'

Oil Prices Jump on US Jobs Data

Former Obama economic adviser on jobs report: What did you expect from our measly growth rate?

Jobless Rate Rises, Government Says 'Essentially Unchanged'

Unemployment rises, WH calls it 'evidence' of recovery

1-800-FOOD-STAMPS: How states expand eligibility for welfare program

Obama Recovery: 7.5 Million Have Given Up Looking for Work Since June '09

175,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs in July; 94,000 Dropped Out of Labor Force

195,000 Fewer Americans Had Jobs in July; 150,000 Dropped Out of Labor Force

4.4 Million 'Permanent Job Losers in July

Weak US hiring expected for fourth straight month

July jobs report: 163K jobs added, 8.3% jobless rate

Big miss in June manufacturing: Orders down 0.5%, shipments down 1.1%

Energy Dept. spends $43 billion on researching better electric car batteries

GM's Ongoing Tax Break From Uncle Sam, Continued Dealer Channel Stuffing


Republicans Grill IRS Commissioner on Healthcare

The HHS Mandate takes effect - and the Obama Administration releases a report on religious freedom

Doctors Fear for Medicine's Future

Cass Sunstein Olympics

Regulatory czar leaving White House to return to Harvard Law School

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama: I "Wont Give Any Ground" Defending Unlimited Abortion

Obama Revises Economic History In New Ad

 Labor Dept. Waives 60-Day Notice To Help Obama Win

It's 3am and nobody's there

ICE Agents: Obama Won’t Let Us Arrest Illegals

Obama Immigration Policy Devastating Morale Among ICE Agents

McCain, Graham to Newsmax: Sequestration Will Cause 'Inability to  Defend Nation'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

 Romney: White House behind Reid’s claim he paid no federal income taxes for 10 years (AUDIO)

Reid: My source on Romney’s taxes is so incredibly credible that I won’t say who he is

Awesome new scoop on Romney — his high school report card

Associated Propaganda?......AP: 'Stronger Job Creation Could Help Obama's Re-election'

Obama and Israel

Panetta Gets Earful From Netanyahu and Barak on Iran

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Fort Hood Lawmaker Grills FBI Official: At What Point Is It 'Islamic Terrorism'?


Federal agents take aim at Fortune's Fast and Furious report

GOP prepares to file lawsuit against Holder

Deputy Director William Hoover resigns from ATF in wake of critical report

Obama and Egypt

New Egypt government puts Brotherhood in key posts