Obama and Agenda 21

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Republicans warn world that Obama U.N. plan could be undone

Obama Offers Major Blueprint on Climate Change


WaPo: Even the backstory on Kerry’s climate-change brag was a lie


House Committee Issues Subpoena For EPA Chief’s ‘Deleted’ Text Messages


Electricity Price Index Climbed to New Record in February


U.S. biodiesel and renewable diesel imports decline 36% in 2014

Obama to US offices: Cut carbon emissions by 40%


Obama Administration Unveils Federal Fracking Regulations


Obama Orders 40 Percent Cut in Government's Greenhouse Gases

White House Claims About Wind Power Are Implausible and Dangerous

Lawsuit accuses feds of closing forest, locking door Agency is 'restricting access to thousands of roads'


EPA Wants to Monitor How Long Hotel Guests Spend in the Shower

EPA ‘burning the Constitution’ with carbon rules, Harvard scholar says


Anti-Smart Meter Bill Introduced In Missouri


John Kerry: 'By What Right Do People' Dispute Climate Change?

Kerry: Climate Change an ‘Elementary Truth’ – Like the Laws of Gravity


Listen to Answer Senator Gets When He Asks Obama’s EPA Chief If Climate Change Temperature Models Have Been Accurate

EPA chief races to finish climate rules before Obama leaves office


Senate Democrats Block Keystone Pipeline Override


Judge rules EPA lied about transparency, tells agency to halt discrimination against conservatives


White House: Seven in Ten Doctors Say Climate Change Is Harming Patients


Obama Vetoes Keystone XL: ‘This Act of Congress Conflicts with Executive Branch Procedures’

President Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline

Read Obama´s Keystone veto statement

Reporters Laugh as WH Tries to Explain Why Keystone Review has Taken Over 2,300 Days

GOP attacks EPA on ‘secret science’


Republicans To Investigate NASA Over Climate Data Tampering

New water heater rules coming; expect more expensive units, tighter fits

Three counties hope to salvage $88M solar project by borrowing more money, officials say


How Billionaires Run Solar Plant Scams

Study: Obama’s Carbon Rules Could Cost Thousands of Manufacturing Jobs in Your State


Taxpayers in 3 counties could be on hook for millions after solar project fizzles


 Feds Buying Million Dollar ‘Green’ Buses Government Spending $54.5 Million for 60 Electric Buses


 Report: Solar Energy Subsidies Cost $39 Billion Per Year Solar makes up only 0.6 percent of total U.S. electricity generation


 Thanks, EPA: Your New ´Navigable Waters´ Rule Strengthens The Case Against Administrative Law


Oil Industry: Obama’s Energy Tax ‘Would Thwart the Very Goals Expressed in His SOTU’

Obama administration shuts down Bush’s ‘clean coal’ project


AP Reporter Hammers Psaki on Keystone: ‘What Happened to This Transparency Idea?’

Obama’s $4B “clean power” slush fund is likely unconstitutional


Head Of EPA Advises Pope On Climate Letter


Agenda 21: Obama Commits To Helping India Build ‘Smart Cities’ (Video)

Report: EPA Fudged The Numbers To Justify Its ‘Costliest Regulation Ever’

Cold shoulder: Obama leaves India without a global-warming deal as Modi refuses to commit on CO2 emissions and Air Force One emits 809 TONS of it

EPA Chief Headed to Vatican to Discuss “Moral Issue” of Global Warming


EPA director warns of vanishing snow due to global warming as historic blizzard approaches

Exposed EPA Memo: Tie Fighting Global Warming To Americans’ ‘Personal Worries’


Obama seeks to put Alaska refuge off limits to drilling


State Department Official Wants Disney´s ´Frozen´ to Teach Kids About Climate Change

Obama: We’re No. 1 in Wind Power


EPA Putting Electricity Grid At Risk: Existing EPA regulations already have led to the scheduled shutdown of nearly 20 percent of the U.S. coal fleet


EPA faces internal review over scrubbed text messages


Price of Electricity Hit Record High in U.S. in 2014  


White House floats first-ever methane rules for oil and gas industry

Obama pushes new methane limits for gas drilling, industry says ‘energy renaissance’ at risk


Kerry, Obama Pressuring India on Climate Change


Kerry Gets It Wrong on Climate’s Impact on New Zealand’s Dairy Farmers

Kerry: Climate Change 'Enormous Cloud Hanging Over All of Us' 


Proposed Water Rule Could Put ‘Property Rights of Every American Entirely at the Mercy’ of EPA


Joe Manchin: We could override Obama veto on Keystone bill


Obama administration sued over failure to release information on fracking in Gulf of Mexico

 New Let’s Move Executive Director is a ‘Food Justice’ Activist Debra Eschmeyer wants ‘transformation of the current food system’


API Chief: Obama's Claim on Keystone Pipeline 'Factually Incorrect'


Big threat for Obama's climate efforts from GOP-run Congress

Obama Pledges To Help Mexico Meet Its Climate Goals

California: Gov. Jerry Brown Touts Climate Change Fight


John Howard rebukes Barack Obama over climate speech


Abandoned by Democrats, Obama Enlisting GOP Help to Pass Trans Pacific Partnership


Obama Science Aide Says Humans Preventing New Ice Age

Poll: 'Only 32 Percent … View the EPA Favorably'


Evidence discovered that ´ocean acidification´ scare may be as fraudulent as ´global warming´

Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is ´not melting´, says global warming expert


EPA can't regulate lead bullets, says federal court


Obama Admin. Trying to Shut Down Crude Transport in US?

NOAAgate: how ‘ocean acidification’ could turn out to be the biggest con since Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick

Video: WH Science advisor says man made global warming saving us from another ice age


EPA Regs Issued Under Obama Are 43 Times as Long as The Bible


Obama says in year-end presser that Keystone pipeline will carry only Canadian oil and have minimal impact on gas prices*


Obama Operative Joins Taxpayer-Backed Solar Company


Obama withdraws Alaska's Bristol Bay from oil drilling

White House issues climate change guide for hospitals

Scott Walker to EPA: Take Your Clean Power Plan and Keep Walking


175 to be laid off at SunCoke facilities


The Government Just Grabbed Yet More Land - The Feds Now Own Close to a Third of American Soil

Obama admin. sued by Colo. Gov. Hickenlooper over Gunnison sage grouse


EPA uses Jonathan Gruber tactic to impose harmful regulations


Obama Revives Ozone Regulation He Once Opposed for Being 'Too Severe a Burden' on Economy


Harvard Law Professor: EPA Climate Rule Is Unconstitutional


Obama Is 826,000 Short of His 1 M Electric Car Promise

Audit: Taxpayer dollars paid for eco group’s $25G Christmas party, and more


EPA power-plant proposal draws 1.6 million comments


EPA staffers linked to 'alleged serious misconduct,' agency reveals


Obama defends ozone rules despite feared economic harm


EPA: Coal Plants Should Spend $2B To Cut Emissions


Taxpayers Paid 8 EPA Employees $1 Million to Do Nothing OIG: EPA employees on paid administrative leave ‘for years’


EPA chief denies McConnell´s ´war on coal´

Boehner: Keystone Veto Would Be Like 'Calling the American People Stupid'

Obama Launches Global Warming 'Toolkit' as Nation Freezes


‘I want my grandchildren to be able to see it in 50 years’: Barack Obama warns Tony Abbott over threat of climate change to Great Barrier Ree

Obama: ‘Judge’ Keystone on ‘Whether or Not It Accelerates Climate Change’


Obama Touts Energy Taxes To Fight Global Warming

Obama to Blow $3 Billion on World Climate Change Fund

Obama unmoved by looming Keystone XL vote: ´My position hasn´t changed´

Andrea Mitchell to EPA Chief: How Will You Handle GOP 'Climate Deniers'?


Administration Official: We’re Ready to Ram Carbon Emissions Deal Through

Obama Signs Agreement With China to Cut US EMISSIONS (Video)

China, U.S. agree to limit greenhouse gases; DEAL: U.S. to make sharp reductions by 2025; China to keep increasing emissions until 2030

McConnell: US-China deal ‘unrealistic’

Proposed Water Rule Could Put ‘Property Rights of Every American Entirely at the Mercy’ of EPA

New England coastal communities threatened by feds' ban on cod fishing


Flashback October 2, 2010:  President Obama Highlights BrightSource's Ivanpah Project

Obama’s 1.6 Billion Dollar Ivanpah Solar Plant Can’t Pay Its Bills – Needs Bailout


McConnell: Priority is to ‘get the EPA reined in’


Hagan’s Husband Used Stimulus Money To Hire His Own Company Solar company formed weeks before Chip Hagan's business received grant


Kerry Warns: 'Our Planet Is Warming'--During Record-Breaking Blizzard


EPA Director on Environmental Laws: ‘Enforcement Really is Democracy in Action’

EPA threatens to fine man $75k per day for homemade pond


Eric Holder's Wife Is Granted Executive Privilege in Fast and Furious


The EPA jumps the shark, banning – ARGON ?


EPA Chief Insists: 'People Overwhelmingly Consider Climate Change a Problem'


EPA review board finds 'strong scientific support' for water rule

Obama Wages War on American Fracking: US Senate Republicans


WV Coal Mine Company Lays Off 130 Workers


Official Barack Obama Twitter Account Invites People to ‘Stick It to Climate Change Deniers’


U.S. considers climate change plan that would mandate emission cuts

Senator: Emails Reveal EPA, Green Group in ‘Beyond Cozy’ Relationship


 Survey: 1 in 3 Seniors Went Without Medical Care Due to High Energy Prices

Union Workers Protest Obama’s EPA Regs: ‘Don’t Even Mention His Name’


EPA Pulls An IRS And Admits To Losing Agency Text Messages


Mine workers protest at U.S. EPA


Hillary Dodges On Keystone… Again


 Solar power is growing so fast that older energy companies are trying to stop it


U.S. Forest Service wants to charge $1,500 to take photos on federal wild lands


Forest Service says media needs photography permit in wilderness areas

Kerry: World is 'On Track To Warm At Least 4 Degrees' in 20-40 Years

Federal Government to ATV Owners: One at a Time


Obama’s Undersecretary on Science Casts Shadow on Global Warming Junk Science


Kerry: 'People Killing Each Other Over Water' Shortages Due To Climate Change


 Ninety Percent of EPA Stimulus Funding for Diesel Reduction Program Misspent IG: ‘Significant financial management issues’


Obama seeks faster phaseout of popular coolant in effort to curb greenhouse gases


Emails Reveal EPA Imposing ‘Progressive National Policy’


White House reportedly assures Hill lawmakers about executive action this year on immigration reform


Plans to Turn ‘Politically Binding’ UN Climate Change Accord Into Federal Law


Pacific pushback: Podesta, White House warned about ocean preserve expansion to combat ´climate change´


House votes to block proposed EPA clean water rule

New FDA restrictions on the levels of harmless bacteria found in imported cheese have effectively banned a number of artisan French cheeses, including Roquefort, Morbier, and Tomme de Savoie


Electricity Prices on the Rise; New England Leads the Pack

Climate: EPA eyes limits on airline carbon pollution


EPA Fakes Regulatory Cost-Benefit Calculations

EPA takes step toward regulating plane emissions

 Forest Service says drop chocolate, add fruit to your s'mores


Kerry: Confronting Climate Change a ‘Responsibility Laid Down in Scriptures’

Republicans To Investigate Coziness Between The EPA And Enviros


Report: Households See Electricity Prices Rising At Record Levels


Obama pushes green standards for everything but the kitchen sink

Having solved all other problems, Obama to fix your dishwasher


Blueprint for water ‘control’? Pol says EPA made secret maps for new regulatory push


EPA Chief: CO2 Regulations Are About ‘Justice’ For ‘Communities Of Color’

Who needs Keystone XL? Oil sands flow to US via loophole


The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress.

EPA tells new students: Only 1 napkin, 1 salt packet, 1 ketchup pouch at school lunches


EPA’s air quality measures would hammer Nevada


New Solar Power Plants are Incinerating Birds


Soros Aligns With Obama Policy in Massive CONSOL Energy Buy


EPA’s ozone rule threatens Florida jobs and families


Kerry: Climate Change is ‘The Biggest Challenge of All That We Face Right Now’


The EPA's Latest Threat to Economic Growth The agency's needless new ozone standard could cost Americans $270 billion annually.


GAO: EPA Used 20-Year-Old Jobs Data To Justify Regulations


Kerry: Starving Africa Shouldn’t Build More Farms Because It Would Contribute to Global Warming


12 States Sue Obama Administration for Regulatory ‘Overreach’

The Keystone Delay is Costing us More than Jobs and Revenues


Coal Miners Union In Full Revolt After Supporting Obama In 2008

A Humble Coal Miner Delivered Mic-Dropping Testimony at an EPA Hearing That Will Blow You Away


Senate report details how EPA officials divert millions of tax dollars to activist groups

Homeland Security Seizing Cars That Violate EPA Standards

Feds raid S.C. home to seize Land Rover in EPA emission-control crackdown


Manufacuturers' study: New EPA rules could cost Arkansas 10,000 jobs

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Heavily Armed Agents Here to Seize Your Car. Who Are You With? The EPA.


EPA to Republicans: You´re making it ´very difficult´ to do our job

Report: US, Foreign Elites Pay Greens To Push EPA Policies


White House Blocks Construction of ‘Lifesaving’ Road, Tells Alaskans: ‘Get Over It’


Fight heats up over EPA sabotage of Alaska gold mine


Mark Levin Sues EPA for Destroying Emails

EPA Chief: 'This Is Not About Pollution Control...It's an Investment Strategy'


EPA chief McCarthy, critics spar at Senate hearing over new rules


Obama attributes wildfires to climate change


Obama administration hands oil industry a big win

EPA proposes limits on Alaska mine project


 Dietary Guideline Committee ‘Quadruples’ Down on Moving Americans Towards ‘Plant-Based Diets’ Committee member: Less meat, more plants ‘should be encouraged across all food sectors’

Watchdog: EPA IG Report Provides Cover For ‘Transparency Abuses’  Read more:


Obama: Climate Change a Direct Threat to US Cities

U.S. Amb. Blames ´Climate Change´ for Hotel That Collapsed 12 Yrs Ago on African Beach


EPA pulls back from plan to garnish paychecks

White House Readies Unilateral Sanctions On Russia As US Utilities Scramble For Russian Coal

Obama announces funds to prepare country for climate change


EPA regs likely to kill 68-year-old Louisiana peach orchard


GOP senators slam EPA on wage garnishment


U.S., China strike climate-change agreements

EPA Regulations Killing Family-Owned Peach Orchards


EPA Claims It Has The Power To Garnish Wages Without Court Approval

Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water on Own Property Enters Jail


EPA promoting water rule to farmers in Missouri


Forget Farm Owners, The EPA Is Drafting A Rule To Claim Control Over Local Waterways Like Ditches And Streams

Coal poised for rare win over Obama


 Feds Declare Mouse Endangered, Family Might Lose Everything

Obama pleas to China, India to forgo use of coal falls on deaf ears


Republicans: EPA Rule Could Ruin Fourth Of July


NOAA Quietly Reinstates July 1936 As Hottest Month on Record


EPA spends $1.6 million on hotel for ‘Environmental Justice’ conference

EPA moves on green refrigerants


Obama Mocks Climate Change Skeptics: It’s Not Some ‘Liberal Plot’

EPA Chief: Costly 'Clean Power Plan' Gives Americans 'More Opportunities to Reduce Waste'


Obama Mocks Climate Skeptics in Congress: ‘I’m Going to Just Pretend Like – I Don’t Know, I Can’t Read.”

EPA Joins Obama IRS in Missing Emails and Crashed Hard Drives Club (Video)

EPA Workers ‘Told To Stop Pooping In the Hallways’


Obama EPA Suffers Humiliating Defeat at SCOTUS: the Supreme Court declared Monday in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA, rejecting the Obama administration’s unprecedented claim of executive power under the Clean Air Act (CAA)

New EPA Regs Issued Under Obama Are 38 Times as Long as Bible


Supreme Court limits greenhouse gas regulations


EPA in Contempt for Destroying Computer Files


“I am scared to death for our country” : Energy CEO says Obama DESTROYING low-cost energy with EPA


Watch How Democrat-Invited Witnesses React When Asked to Raise Their Hands If They Agree With Obama’s Big Global Warming Claim

Kerry: ´At Least 98, 99 Percent of All The Scientists in Our Country’ Believe in Climate Change


Obama will propose vast expansion of Pacific Ocean marine sanctuary

Kerry Wants 10% of World's Oceans Off-Limits to Human Activity


EPA Chief: Yes, We're Fighting a 'War on Coal'


At Commencement, Obama Mocks Lawmakers Who Deny Climate Change

Exposed: The Horrific Cost And Utter Pointlessness of Obama´s War on Carbon Dioxide


White House goes all-hands-on- deck for power plant rules


Obama Says He Wants To “Go Off” On Climate Deniers


Obama Coal Regulations Threatening Jobs, Driving Up Energy Costs in Indiana


Obama EPA Demands Washington State Cut Emissions by 72 Percent

Obama Sprinting to Finish Line to 'Transform' America


Obama: EPA Power Plant Rule Will Shrink Power Prices

EPA unveils landmark climate rule

EPA spokeswonk tries to sell Obama’s power plan with nirvana style graphics

Obama administration unveils controversial emissions cap on power plants

5 Dense Carbon Polluters In EPA Crosshairs


EPA eyeing 30 percent emissions cut for power plants


Obama suggests his upcoming rule on coal plants will avert long- term health crisis

GOP: Obama´s new EPA regs will kill 800,000 jobs

Chairman: UN, White House Climate Reports ‘an Excuse to Control the American People’


West Virginia Rep. Blasts EPA Over Coal Power Plant Regulations

 Report: EPA Could Be Relying on Fraudulent Data, Inspector general warns agency lacks process for uncovering fraud in pollution data


Obama to claim credit for economy-killing EPA plan

EPA Administrator: 'I'm Not Against Cars'

Lumber Union Protectionists Incited SWAT Raid On My Factory, Says Gibson Guitar CEO

New Safety Requirements Set for Keystone Pipeline

EPA To Unilaterally Push Cap And Trade On Carbon Emissions

EPA leans toward broad scope for regulating power plants

Retired officers poised to profit after Pentagon’s alarmist climate change report


University Received Millions in Governement Funds to Develop Climate Change Video Game


EPA’s next target in fight against climate change: cooking stoves U.S. fight against climate change moves into the kitchen


Obama seizes N.M. land for national monument in Bundy-like showdown Bundy types of protests feared in New Mexico


Kerry Says--Wrongly--Some Temps This Week Broke ‘Every Record That’s Ever Been Seen’


Land grab? Local officials blast move by Obama to set side 500,000 acres in NM

US windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought


600,000 Acre Border ‘Monument’ Could Become Corridor for Cartels into USA

Kerry: If We're Wrong on Climate Change, "What's the Worst That Can Happen?"


John Kerry slams climate change critics in graduation speech: ´We are risking nothing less than the future of the entire planet´

Feds Review Plans For 5,000 New Wyoming Wells

Scientists Rebut White House Global Warming Claims

Obama's War on Coal, on the ground in W.Va.


Obama Endorses the Orwellian 'B1 Emissions Path'

Government's power over ranchers and their land is frightening


EPA readies rules on CO2

"Cliven Bundy's Thugs: 'We Had a "Bead On The" Feds With Intent to Kill Them.'"


Obama Devotes $2 Bil to Make Federal Buildings Energy Efficient


Obama Said to Put Personal Push Behind EPA Emission Rules


Marxist BLM Seizes New Mexico Ranch Land for a Jumping Mouse


Obama Blocks Keystone To Start Energy Takeover


Newly Installed White House Solar Panels Will Generate Power For a Whopping Six Light Bulbs

EPA Takes First Step Toward Regulating Fracking Chemicals

Bundy Ranch disinformation?..More Unsubstantiated BS From Greg Evensen Courtesy Of Before It's Disinformation.

Dozens illegally ride ATVs into Utah canyon in lands dispute rally

BLM copies the Russians in the Ukraine?-  BLM workers on alert after wrangler threatened with gun on I-15 Terror ploy? » Assailants hide behind hoods, mask license plate while making death threat.


Obama: Climate Deniers Are Wasting Everybody’s Time

Policing for Profit? Lawmakers, advocates raise alarm at growing gov’t power to seize property

Obama Puts Solar Panels on Roof of the White House


Issa: 'How Much Pornography' Does it Take 'to Get Fired' at EPA?

Feds Give Chinese-Backed Firm $47 Million to Build Wind Farm N.J. Doesn’t Want


FBI investigating Bundy supporters in BLM dispute

Obama Spiritual Adviser Joel Hunter Launches Interfaith Initiative to Tackle Climate Change

Report: Pentagon Paid $150 Per Gallon for Green Jet Fuel; GAO report notes exorbitant prices act as de facto subsidy for biofuel firms




ILLEGAL Obama EPA law enforcement unit BLOCKING Inspector General from investigating EPA wrongdoing

WH Climate Report: Sea Level Could Rise 8 Inches, 11 Inches, 4 Feet, or 6.6 Feet

Obama Gave $32 Mil to British Electric Milk Truck Company He Called “The Future of America”

White House sets out looming climate risks for U.S., calls for ´urgent action´

Fed report: Warming disrupting Americans´ lives


Another Obama-backed 'green' company, Smith Electric Vehicles, leaves trail of unpaid bills and broken promises

EPA paid nearly $500,000 in unauthorized bonuses, watchdog finds


Largest coal producing state slams administration over EPA rules

Memos show EPA officials tried to kill mine project before scientific review


Federal Land Grab Comes to California at Vail Lake

Utah lawmaker moves to disarm BLM, IRS, says 'They're not paramilitary units'


 EPA Delayed Climate Change Regulation Until After Midterms Inhofe: 'Possibility of electioneering is deeply troubling'

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: 'Pollution Is Holding Back Millions of African Americans' (Video)

EPA Chief Promises To Go After Republicans Who Question Agency Science

Texas Boy Scouts: BLM Eyeing Our Camp (Video)


Caught on Tape: Kids Admit to Being Brainwashed at School on Fracking (Video)


U.S. electricity prices may be going up for good

Nevada Congressman: Bundy Militia Needs to Leave Because They're Making Residents Nervous

BLM to Spend $10M on Contraception for Wild Horses, Burros


'Secret Dealing'? Emails Show Cozy Relationship Between EPA, Environmental Groups (Keystone)

Tombstone's water woes continue [ Arizona ]


Ted Cruz sends letter to Bureau of Land Management requesting answers regarding Red River lands

 BLM on Texas Land: Not a Land Grab, It’s Already Ours

HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy's Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks Vs. NYTimes' Deceptively Edited Version


BLM Designated 50 million Acres Open for Solar Development in Nevada

Martin Armstrong Asks "Will We Have Another 'Waco' In Nevada?"...Eric Holder now Attorney General, called the shots on Waco back then. He got away with it before – why not again?

'It's Not a Dare, It’s a Promise': Gov. Rick Perry Warns Feds Over Concerns of New Land Grab in Texas


Bundy Ranch Posts Response to Readers of USA Today


BLM Seizes Texas Rancher’s Land – Without Any Compensation; The Bureau of Land Management seized 140 acres from Texas Rancher Teddy Henderson (Video)

Texas AG Abbott to BLM: 'Come and Take It'

BLM Eyes 90,000 Acres of Texas Land

Kerry: Climate Change 'Forcing Farmers Out of Business and Driving Up Grocery Bills'

Reid: 'Something Will Happen' To Stop Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy

BLM Confirms It Killed Six Of Bundy´s Cattle


This Clip Of Chris Hayes Vs. Bundy Supporter Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Is Awesome


9 Western States Talk Takeover of Federal Lands, How Bundy Made It Front and Center

Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover

Diamond Bar Ranch in NM Seized by US Forest Service

BLM Whistleblower: Reid Bunkerville and the Military Industrial Complex at Bundy Ranch

Department of Interior Asked To Investigate ALEC Bills In Wake Of Bundy Ranch Standoff

A San Francisco Billionaire Just Bought Obama and Delayed the Keystone XL Pipeline


Sheriff Mack's assertion about pre-planning of the cynical use of women and kids at the Bundy confrontation is flat wrong.

Bundy Ranch Militias Planned To Use Women As Human Shields

AN INCONVENIENT RANCHER: BLM Docs Show Feds' Solar Plan Targets Bundy for Elimination


Obama Accused By Congressman Of Illegal Action At Bundy Ranch

Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe

Reid: Bundy Supporters Are "Domestic Terrorists"

Harry Reid's Connection to Bundy Ranch Siege

Reid's Bagman, Jay Brown Harry Reid's Connection to Bundy Ranch Siege

HARRY: Money Mob & Influence In Harry Reid's Nevada

Graphic Photos Show What The BLM Really Did To Bundy’s Cows

Rory Reid: We Don't Want to Depend on Ranching and Mining in Nevada (Video)


Electricity Price Surged to All-Time Record for March

Feds accused of leaving trail of wreckage after Nevada ranch standoff

Documents Related to Bundy Situation; Additional documents ;   BLM  ;  Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone


Sheriff: Feds strategize for 'raid' on ranch [Sheriff Mack]

Nevada rancher standoff turns on a states' rights debate

Citizens Rise Up – The Real Nevada Story the Media Won’t Show You (Video)

Notice of Temporary Closure on Public Lands (BLM plan published in Federal Register in March)


Harry Reid's Connection to Bundy Ranch Siege

Secret audio recording from Bundy Ranch reveals BLM Special Agent Dan Love and Pete Santilli threatening each other with arrest over violations of U.S. Constitution

Link with more Bundy photos: Pretty close to to a bad day today...looks like cooler heads prevailed

FAA 'no fly' zone over Bundy ranch reminiscent of Waco

Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch

BLM Documents ......-Additional Solar documents

EPA Concedes: We Can’t Produce All the Data Justifying Clean Air Rules

FEDS SEIZE FAMILY’S RANCH-Property owners fight government 'land grab'


Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins 'Range War' With Feds

Why The Standoff At The Bundy Ranch Is A Very Big Deal

Militiamen make their presence felt in protest of BLM's livestock grab

Another Government Grab Battle Waged Against Property Owners In Colorado

EPA coal rules leaving US vulnerable to power blackouts?


"Cattle Trespass Impacts” directly states that Bundy's cattle "impacts" solar development, more specifically the construction of "utility-scale solar power generation facilities" on “public lands."

Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch?

BLM Rangers Brought in From Out of State for Nevada Ranch 'Emergency'

Media-Suppressed Nevada Case History Shines Truth on Government Ranch invaders

BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases

Moment federal agents tasered son of last Nevada rancher caught on tape as critics accuse officers of acting like they're in 'Tiananmen Square' in fight over right to graze land


Standoff at Nevada Ranch Drags On 'The feelings run very high'

Nevada Governor Slams Feds in 'New Ruby Ridge' Battle

Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's.

GM Has Sold Only 58,000 Chevy Volts in Three Years

 Taxpayer-Backed Electric Car Company Closes U.S. Factory Government watchdog recommends DOE wind down controversial program


Obama targets climate change in wildfire strategy


Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State - The Sagebrush Rebellion

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State - The Sagebrush Rebellion Update

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State Energy Independent

Common Core IS UN Agenda 21


GOP lawmakers push EPA to ax proposed water rule amid outcry from farmers


Interior Secretary Jewell Plugs Methane Reduction to Deal With 'Climate Change'

Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda


EPA sends proposed emissions rule for existing power plants to White House


Feds Push Anti-Oil Environmentalist Agenda Over Prairie Chicken


Reporter detained by Capitol Hill police for trying to ask EPA chief a question

White House eyes new regulations to cut methane from oil, gas sector

Bombshell In WaPo/Keystone Scandal: Did the Post Coordinate With Congressional Democrats?


EPA land grab? Agency claims authority over more streams, wetlands

Progress: Indiana Clean Coal Plant Uses More Energy Than It Produces


WRONG AGAIN… Despite Obama’s Dire Warnings – March 2014 Tornado Drought May Set Record


EPA Using Satellites, Drones to Fine, Bankrupt Citizens


'Democratic Donors Benefit Financially from Climate Policy'


Obama unleashing power of data on climate change

White House to Introduce Climate Data Website


Obama, EU to stand together on climate change draft


Kerry: I’m approaching the Keystone XL pipeline with a totally blank slate

Massive Fraud Has Been Unveiled At The EPA (Again)


House GOP starts investigation on EPA power plant rules

EPA employees used government credit cards for gym memberships, gift cards, meals and even charity donations – all from taxpayer funds

White House on Democrats' global-warming talkathon: We salute you

Obama Blew $120 Billion on Global Warming


Climate Extremists Will Help Write the New Food Nutrition Guidelines


Inhofe: Obama Wasted $120 Billion on Global Warming Which Could Buy 1400 F-35s

Report: EPA coal plant rule tainted by secretiveness, collusion with green groups


EPA's Climate Regulations Will Harm American Manufacturing

Kerry urges US envoys to make climate change a priority

Oklahoma legislators vote to nullify Agenda 21


Joe Biden's Brother Frank to Install Solar Energy Throughout Latin America


E.P.A. Set to Reveal Tough New Sulfur Emissions Rule


EPA Officials Obstructed Fraud Investigation

Obama's science czar: Opposing climate views outside the 'mainstream scientific opinion'

Feds to Alaskans: No road for humans, lots of land for animals

Obama appointee subsidizes electric bus company, then goes to work for it


Report Panel on EPA Circumventing Congress


California almond farmers face tough choices


Electricity Price Index Soars to New Record at Start of 2014; U.S. Electricity Production Declining

California farmers won´t get federal water

Obama on Keystone Pipeline: 'We Only Have One Planet'


Obama blesses climate science as 'irrefutable'

EPA Video Contest Teaches Budding Child-Activists to Worry About 'Climate Change'


Revolving Door: LaHood Joins Board of Electric Car Battery Company He Championed as Transportation Secretary


Obama Credits Self for Decreasing Carbon Pollution that Has 'Severe Impacts on Our Weather'

Obama: 'Unchecked' Carbon Pollution Had 'Severe Impacts on Our Weather'

Obama to take executive action on fuel efficiency

Barely News: EPA 'Carbon Capture' Rules to Increase Wholesale Electicity Costs by Up to 80%


Obama Admin Denies New Jersey Quick Access to Rock Salt Administration refuses to grant waiver for 1920 law to speed transport of salt for icy roads

Oklahoma May Strip EPA Of Powers Within Borders


Kerry: Global Warming Is as Big a Threat as Terrorism

Kerry: Climate Change Is 'the World’s Largest Weapon of Mass Destruction'

Kerry: Climate Change Deniers Believe 'Earth is Flat'

Climate scientist faults Obama science advisor for 'Zombie science'

Kerry to Begin Climate Push in Asia

White House: "Weather practically everywhere is being caused by climate change"


Obama: Climate change makes droughts 'harsher, costlier'

Wyoming officials take EPA to court after ruling gives land to tribes

World's largest solar plant scorching birds in Nevada desert


Obama to Announce $1 Billion 'Climate Resilience Fund'

Report: Coal Power Plant Shutdowns to Accelerate

Federal rules leave drought- stricken California high and dry


EPA's use of secret email addresses was widespread: report

John Podesta, key player in administration's regulation drive, also helped UN develop radical new global agenda

Illinois Electricity Customers Forced to Get 'Smart Meters' or Pay Fine


Wyoming officials prepare for court fight after EPA ruling hands land to tribes

Obama's New Clean Coal Rules Will Increase Energy Costs By 70-80% (Video)


Obama and Hollande call for "ambitious" global climate change deal

Solar panel trade feud between US, India escalates


Mold? Leaky Roof? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have 'Healthy Housing'


Obama to visit Fresno to discuss drought response

EPA set to strike key blow against coal?


Salazar says support of Keystone comes from new information


Obama Pushes Climate Change at National Prayer Breakfast

REVOLT! Six major unions beg the Senate to stop EPA coal regulations


U.S. to launch 'climate hubs' to help farmers face climate change


WH chief of staff: Hey now, Obama's always been very clear that he’s going to insulate Keystone from politics

Did an EPA Report Just Kill 30,000 Jobs?


DOT plans to mandate 'talking' cars

As Keystone XL Pipeline Clears One Hurdle, WH Hints at Further Delay

EPA's Wood-Burning Stove Ban Has Chilling Consequences For Many Rural People


EPA Administrator: We 'Look at Climate Change As Something Where We ... Can Grow Jobs'

 Gibson Sticks Thumb in Obama Administration´s Eye with 'Government Series' Guitars

Automakers continue to quietly void warranties if you use E-15 gas


State Department report finds no major climate impact from Keystone XL pipeline

EPA Administrator to Scientists: ´Speak the Truth' on Climate Change to Meet Obama's ´Needs'


EPA Administrator to Scientists: "Speak the Truth" on Climate Change to Meet Obama's "Needs"


Solar Provides 0.2% of Electric Supply--Up From 0.02% Before Obama

President Obama: 'Climate change is a fact'


White House Chief of Staff Admits Obama Has Had Nothing to Do With American Energy Revolution

Idaho firm that beat EPA in court now targeted by Army Corps of Engineers?

Podesta: Obama Has 'Warmed Up'to Executive Action; Will Use It for Climate Change, 'Energy Transformation'

Obama Donor Will Run Anti-Keystone Ad During SOTU


Obama admits his climate agenda won’t curb global warming

Emails show EPA ignored request for more reali'tic cost ranges for coal regulations


Ex-EPA official told lawmakers of project to 'modify the DNA' of capitalism


'Secret dealing'? Emails show cozy relationship between EPA, environmental groups


EPA Decree Shrinks Size of Wyoming by a Million Acres

EPA Administrator Says Coal Rules Necessary Because of 'Devastating Impacts on the Planet'


Ranchers, farmers fear eco-terrorists after EPA releases private info

Canada Is Tired Of Obama's Keystone XL Pipeline Delays

Kerry: No rush to decide on Keystone XL pipeline


INFOGRAPHIC: Despite Obama’s Best Efforts – There Is a Massive Energy Boom Taking Place in America Today


Emails Show Extensive Collaboration Between EPA, Environmentalist Orgs

'Not looking good': Coal workers see future dim amid regulation burden


EPA Grants $230K to Two Cities in Mexico for Environmental Projects


Omnibus deal cuts EPA spending, ends light bulb ban


DOE Plugs Energy Rating for Homes, Similar to MPG Rating for Cars


Sierra Club Pressed EPA to Create Impossible Coal Standards, Environmentalist suggested EPA head was lying when she told reporters coal would remain viable under new standards


Obama Administration Blames Record Cold On Global Warming (Video)

War on coal, phase two: EPA finally publishes rules for new power plants


EPA's Next Target: Wood Burning Stoves

GOP lawmakers accuse EPA of muzzling scientists on climate regulations

Executive Order: 'Excessively High Temperatures' 'Already' Harming Public Health


Just Two Months Ago Barack Obama Was Warning Of "Record Warm Temperatures"

Green Energy Stimulus Recipient Laughs at the Amount of Money Wasted by U.S.


Americans Spent $7.45B in 3 Years Helping Other Countries Deal With 'Climate Change'


Bankrupt car charging firm funded by stimulus still doling out bonuses


The Solar Swindle


Smart Grid Technology, Now Spreading Across U.S., Will Raise Energy Prices to Reduce Demand


'MUZZLED': EPA Silenced Scientists that Challenged their Agenda

Hunters, Fishermen Targeted by Feds for Local Violations


Interior Dept. Nominee Helped Steer Millions to Environmentalist Groups Could potentially obstruct energy projects in new role

The state of California just approved a $34.7-million tax break for electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors to expand the company's production capability by another 35,000 additional units per year


 Report: Palestinians Reject Kerry Peace Plan Abbas: 'This looks like a plan drafted by Israel'


Kerry Awards Vietnam With $17 Million to Fight Global Warming


Obama issues executive order to triple government’s renewable-energy usage by 2020


IG Report: EPA Employees Get Slaps on the Wrist for Integrity Violations


White House offers new 30-year permits for killing eagles under plan to spur wind industry


White House offers new 30-year permits for killing eagles under plan to spur wind industry


Obama to feds: Boost renewable power 20 percent


EPA Chief: 'No More Urgent Threat to Public Health Than Climate Change'


California Considers Giving Away Free Electric Cars to the Poor


Keystone Pipeline Update: Obama Approves New Cross-Border Pipeline Benefiting Canadian Oil


EPA preparing to unleash a deluge of new regulations


EPA Appoints Green Group Scientist as Integrity Official Agency criticized for not releasing scientific data justifying controversial regulations


Energy loses $139M on loan to electric car maker


UN talks approve climate pact principles

Obama tries to rescue UN climate summit--sends it into overtime

Price of Electricity Hit Record for October; Up 42% in Decade

Keystone XL opponents now turning to blocking rail transport in earnest


EPA power grab? Pols, states claim new water reg could bring feds into your backyard


Secretary of State John Kerry calls climate change the world´s biggest threat


The U.S. may be hitting its ethanol limit. So EPA wants to relax its biofuels goals.


Rahm Emanuel Wanted to 'Kill' Secretary Chu for Talking About Global Warming


EPA Stealthily Propels Toward 'Massive Power Grab of Private Property Across the U.S.'

Millions of Acres of Conservation Land Destroyed Due to Ethanol


 AP: Obama admin’s corn-ethanol policies are pretty terrible for the environment

The Secret, Dirty Cost of Obama´s Green Power Push


EPA Delays Release of Jackson Emails After White House Review Issa subpoenas EPA for records


Obama grasps for climate legacy as second-term agenda crumbles: Executive orders


Shades of Solyndra: Team Obama mum as another green energy firm went bust

Obama Admin. Has 680 'Green Military' Projects Underway Despite Slashing Budgets


Report: DOE Withheld Data on Bankrupt Green Energy Company- ECOtality received more than $100M in stimulus awards

White House Re-Evaluates 'Social Cost of Carbon' 


Obama's new climate council to regulate economy

Obama Issues Executive Order 'to Prepare the Nation for the Impacts of Climate Change'

Interior Secretary: Obama Will Use Executive Powers to Conserve Lands

Interior Secretary Orders 'Right Balance' of Energy Development on Public Lands

Coal Miner's Slaughter: Thousands Protest EPA and Obama's War On Coal

Energy Dept. Seeks Company to Turn Sunshine Into Gasoline


Global warming gets nearly twice as much taxpayer money as border security

 Why Electric Vehicles Have Stalled


Federal Solar Auction Gets No Bidders


Obama Dumps Green Energy Billions on "Moderate Muslim" Country that Stones Adulterers


Allysia Finley: How Government Is Making Solar Billionaires; SolarCity has never recorded a profit, but powered by subsidies, its stock price is $57 a share


Sale of Fisker: Chinese investors again benefit from U.S. green energy loans


N. Idaho man who battled EPA charged with sex trafficking [federal charges]


Supreme Court to Review EPA Climate Rules


 Special counsel to investigate armed EPA mining raid in Alaska


EPA to hold coal plant hearings nowhere near coal country

Over 93% of EPA Employees Considered 'Non-Essential'


EPA official who faked CIA ties takes the Fifth

Obama Energy Nominee Withdraws Name in Face of Coal Opposition


Lawmakers: Obama "Greenhouse Gas" Rules Will Raise Energy Bills


Colorado: Salazar Rules Blamed for Shell’s Departure


Jim Messina Joins Board of Firm That Received Millions in Federal Money: OFA head, Obama campaign manager Messina joins green energy company LanzaTech's board

EPA admits banning coal plants won't impact global warming


EPA Coal Regs Will Require Halving of Carbon Emissions in New Plants


EPA coal rules tighter than expected, will fuel backlash in Congress

Obama takes on coal with first-ever carbon limits


Manchin: Obama is beating the 'living crap' out of coal country

Watchdog group: DOE violates records laws


Another Obama Green Energy Co. Goes Bust! ECOtality Added To Obama’s Loser List

President Obama prepares to take on Big Coal


Greens, lobbyists and partisans helping Ron Binz, Obama's FERC pick, move through Senate

Clean water tax: EPA urges midwest to drink bottled water, not tap


Coal Industry Cries Foul Over Obama Emission Rules

Sequestration nation: DoD doles out $7 billion in wind-energy contracts


Ecotality: Electric Car Company That Received 115 Million In Stimulus Dollars Now Near Collapse


 Lisa Jackson Denies Skirting FOIA Laws: Jackson claims she was instructed by past officials to use an alias that could not be easily traced back to her


Chu: Expect more green energy bankruptcies


California raisin grower battles federal order taking almost half his crop

Energy Department loses $42M on clean-energy loan to Mich. van company


Gold miners in remote Alaska town want answers after task force storms in


Gold miners near Chicken cry foul over 'heavy-handed' EPA raids


EPA to Regulate Water Vapor Emissions


John Kerry says there is 'irrefutable and alarming evidence' that climate change is real


Senators Scold Obama on Keystone Pipeline

People Don’t Fear Climate Change Enough


EPA employee stole $886K from the agency


Penalized: EPA Wrings Public Service Out of a Private Company


 Former EPA Admin Lisa Jackson Hires Lawyer for Email Investigation ...Jackson has used private email accounts in possible violation of FOIA law


CDC: Environmental Justice Is ‘Access to Healthy Homes, Healthy Food, Transportation´

 Letter dated 5 August, 2013 from the UN Disarmament Office

Henry Waxman leads newest attack on guns Plan would ban 'virtually any part used to build a semi-automatic weapon'


Judge: EPA's personal email accounts may have aimed at skirting Freedom of Information law

Obama EPA Chief Supports Sidestepping Congress on Climate Change


Senator Launches Probe to See If WH Violated Hatch Act to Promote Climate Agenda

Lisa Jackson Contacted Lobbyist from Private Email

Interior Secretary: We Benefit From 'Federal Gov't Encouraging the Right Kinds of Behavior'

Kerry Tells Brazil: Obama Won't Wait for Congressional Action on Climate Change

War on Coal Escalates: Over 200 Power Plants Expected to Close, Thousands of Jobs to Disappear


OFA Gets Zero Attendance for Climate Change Rally

$100 Mil Stimulus Green Company Obama Praised in State of the Union Address Goes Bankrupt

DOE Defends $100M Grant to Green Company that Now May File Bankruptcy


Interior Secretary: I don't want any climate-change deniers in my department

Fossil Fuel Production on Federal Land Down 4% in 2012

Obama group: 'Gravity exists. The Earth is round. Climate change is happening'


IHS: Rejecting Keystone Will Have Little to No Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Washington's Latest Special Favor Of the nation's 143 refineries, one was exempted from the EPA's ethanol mandate. Why?

Coal country begs Obama for mercy as hundreds of coal plants ready for closing


EPA Sets Biofuel Supply Requirements to Decrease Fossil Fuel Reliance


BUSTED: Obama Administration Blew $500 Million on Green Jobs That DO NOT EXIST (Video)

House Panel Subpoenas EPA for Air Pollution Data


Obama Inc. Gave $50 Mil in "Green Jobs" Training Cash to Unions


Documents obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute after it filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency prove Gina McCarthy, EPA's recently confirmed Administrator, was a frequent user of text messaging on her agency-funded phone while serving as Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation. What makes this discovery something of a statistical miracle is EPA’s insistence that it has no text message records for McCarthy on the 18 dates when McCarthy testified before Congress.

New EPA chief: Can everybody please "stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs?"


Electric vehicle manufacturer ECO Totality hires DOE official Brandon Hurlbut after receiving more than $100M in federal funds

Obama admin may have interfered with fracking studies


Obama Questions Job Numbers from Keystone XL Pipeline


 Darrell Issa: Energy Department Whistleblowers Gagged Whistleblowers; warned against cooperating with congressional investigators


Energy Department nominee struggled with financial management at NASA


Senator Barbara Boxer's Own Experts Contradict Obama On Global Warming


Attorneys General in 12 States File Suit Against Environmental Protection Agency AGs target 'sue and settle' suits that create new regulation


Obama spending $650 million on shorelines

Cost of Carbon: Critics 'connect the dots' on Obama admin cost estimates


Power down: DOE poised to order all computers, servers use less electricity

Energy Department: Global warming made Hurricane Sandy worse

Report: Energy Department Sitting on Billions of Dollars in Natural Gas Projects Approval could add nearly 500,000 jobs, up to $73.6B in revenue


Obama administration preparing host of new environmental regs

Whatever Happened to "Green Jobs"?


EPA Wants Gov't To Control How Cold Your Beer Can Be


EPA Encourages Utility-Controlled Refrigerators


Obama's war on coal comes to Kentucky


Obama Hints at Global Warming in Firefighter Deaths

Coal workers respond to Obama's climate change plan

Electricity Prices Highest on Record for May

Seattle Mariners, Portland Trailblazers Support Obama Global Warming Agenda

Study: Electric cars no greener than gasoline vehicles


Obama's War on Coal Goes to the Senate Floor

Obama administration denies waging 'war on coal'

Obama: Planet Will 'Boil Over' If Africans Are Allowed Cars and Air-Conditioning

Obama Plans to Power Africa--With Soccer Balls


Americans pay 3x more for gasoline than Russians


Coal-state Dems chisel away at Obama climate plan

President Obama: Climate change plan is balanced and achievable (article written by BHO)

From Africa, Obama sends home more global warming worries

Things That Will Cost More Under Obama's Climate Change Plan


Transportation Secretary: Buy a hybrid, gas prices will never go down

Obama Donor Set To Profit From Keystone Demise


Report: Obama's EPA power balloons

Obama Announces Plan to Save the Earth from a Problem That Doesn't Exist

As Obama Speaks, Top Scientist Questions Warming Models


WH Email: ´The Debate´s Over´ on Man-Caused Climate Change:  labeled opponents of climate change legislation "the flat-Earth society"

OFA talking points: Don't mention cost or impact of Obama´s environmental policies

Obama: No to Keystone If it Increases 'Emissions'

Obama unveils climate change plan that goes around Congress

Obama's new climate plan relies on unilateral executive power

Obama picks climate fight with regulations on current power plants

McConnell: Obama Has Declared a 'War on Coal'

WH Climate Adviser: 'A War on Coal Is Exactly What's Needed'

Washington Post: Yes, Obama Is Waging a War on Coal

Coal Stocks Plummet, Environmentalist Hopes Rise Ahead of Obama's Climate Speech

Liberal supporters get Obama climate speech before public

 Renewable Energy Subsidies Do Little to Reduce Emissions Experts concerned about government policies ahead of Obama energy speech


Oil industry loses legal battle against E15

Supreme Court could consider suit to block sales of high-ethanol gas blend

EPA Covers Up The Safety Of Fracking


Obama gives details on plan to cut carbon pollution, expected to target coal plants


Obama to Pivot to 'Climate Change'; Introduce 'National Plan to Reduce Carbon Pollution'

Obama administration cuts back oil shale development

Study: Gov't losing billions on 'inefficient' tax subsidies that don't curb climate change


EPA declines to confirm a connection between fracking and groundwater pollution in Wyoming

EPA fails to link fracking to water contamination for the third time


Boehner says Obama climate change plan is 'absolutely crazy'


Obama Readying Emissions Limits on Power Plants

Obama Warns Against Rising Oceans, Climate Change—'Global Threat of Our Time'

Top White House climate adviser vows Obama will act soon

Moniz: No worries, the DOE is going to keep "aggressively pursuing" more solar energy projects


Alaska Makes Obama An Offer He Should, But Won't Take


U.S. Oil Notches Record Growth Rise in Production Is World's Largest; Fueled by Fracking


 Clean Coal Cronyism DOE pledged $100M to over-budget program after Dem donor's company stepped in

Rogue EPA Staff Spies On U.S. Farmers, Releases Data

Obama Quietly Raises 'Carbon Price' as Costs to Climate Increase


Another Scandal? - New EPA Leak Farmers' Info Given To Environmental Groups

There are four separate scandals going on at EPA right now


Ex-Energy Secretary Praises Solyndra-Style Loans: 'More Successful Than Wall Street'

White House knew about Lisa Jackson's secret email account

States consider fees for hybrids to recoup lost gasoline taxes


President Obama's Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures: 36 as of 10/18/2012


Interior chief: New drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific? Yeah, we're not doing that

Obama administration raises the 'social cost' of CO2

An obscure new rule on microwaves can tell us a lot about Obama's climate policies


DOJ Pushes to Jail Hershberger After Jury Acquittal

Stricter EPA Ozone Rules Could Put 'Entire Country' Out of Business, Industry Group Warns


Newly released emails show EPA director's extensive use of fictional alter ego

Kinder Morgan Cancels $2B California Oil Pipeline


New Energy Secretary (Ernest Moniz) on Climate Change: 'I'm Not Here to Debate What's Not Debatable'


Oil Shale Boom: U.S. Oil Stockpile Highest in More Than 80 Years

Obama: 'I Don't Have Much Patience for People Who Deny Climate Change'


Tesla is worse than Solyndra


Russia Warns Obama: Monsanto

Department of Homeland Security Teaching Kids To Go To FEMA Camps In a Time of Crisis


Obama's EPA Scandal Begins To See The Light Of Day


Biden: Offshore oil drilling threatens national security


Obama administration threatens Keystone veto


Solution in Search of a Problem: Federal Takeover of State Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations Threatens Jobs, Energy Production


Lawmakers to investigate EPA FOIA scandal


US ends freeze on new natural gas exports, approves Texas terminal

EPA waives fee requests for friendly groups, denies conservative groups


Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal 'no different than the IRS disaster'

EPA to review claims of bias against conservatives amid fight over IRS

Of course: Keystone pipeline decision probably won't be ready until early 2014 or so

Kerry Apologizes For America In Sweden (About Climate Change)


Obama administration gives wind farms a pass on eagle deaths, prosecutes oil companies

EPA waives fee requests for friendly groups, denies conservative groups


Team Obama calls global warming doubters 'crazy'

EPA tries hard to keep nominee Gina McCarthy 'clean' before confirmation hearings

Second Obama Green Venture in Weeks Folds after Getting Millions: Vehicle Production Group (VPG)

$12 million to help Bengal tigers survive global warming--in Bangladesh


Environmentalists Killing US Economy


Fact-checkers rip Obama group's claim on climate change 'hoax' vote


DoD still buying $59/gallon "green" jet fuel, despite sequester


Disgraced EPA Chief Used Fake Name to Coordinate with Liberal Groups


New emails: EPA chief pretended to be 'Richard Windsor'


Senators demand transparency on EPA interactions with environmentalists


Methane study, EPA debunk claims of water pollution, climate change from fracking

EPA study cites report from admitted data fakers

Defense Department becomes a wildlife protector


Canadian Minister: Put Up Or Shut Up On Keystone XL


47 depressing facts about Fisker’s epic electric car failure

Fisker Automotive, Energy Department officials face congressional questions over electric car manufacturer's failure

Chicago-based utilities company, Excelon Corp., faces questions from shareholder about crony relationship to Obama administration


Obviously: State's Keystone pipeline review is "insufficient," says the EPA


EPA's dirty secret about the environment.


Acting EPA boss: We might go after existing coal plants in 2014

‘Anthropogenic’ Climate Change Is Kerry’s Priority in Asia


Obama Talks 'Climate Change' with U.N. Secretary General


Obama's Budget Targets Energy Producers

'War on coal' may burn EPA nominee

Virginia's Fears of a 'Visa-for-Sale Scheme' Economic advisers to Tim Kaine had concerns about McAuliffe's green-car company


The 'Rain Tax'

Obama's EPA Nominee McCarthy Is A Case Of Green Government Run Amok [favors deadly "green" chemical]


EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency


Another Solar Company Can't Take The Heat, Closes Despite $10 Million In Stimulus: Flabeg Solar U.S. Corp...( a German Company)


Biden: 'Affirmative Task' Before Us Is to 'Create a New World Order'


Signs of Solyndra? Fisker Lays Off 75 Percent of Employees......may file for bankruptcy


DOE awarding more than $1.2 billion in energy subsidies despite sequester

EPA Settlement: Company Must Spend $76,952 to Replace Light Bulbs

Secretive McCarthy not fit to head EPA


Chevy Volt Sales Plunge - Obama's Flagship EV a Failure

BP to Sell Entire U.S. Wind Power Business for Long-Term Financial Growth of Company


Obama Green Loan Recipient Fisker Preps for Bankruptcy


Obama signs bill that protects makers of genetically engineered crops from federal courts


Obama Withholds Mineral Royalties to States, Citing Sequester

Court: EPA can stop changes at DTE´s Monroe coal plant


Oil industry, lawmakers say EPA fuel rule would hike prices at the pump

EPA taking aim at auto emissions, sulfur in gas.... would increase cost of gas 9 cents/gallon

New K-12 education standards to mandate climate change, discourage skeptics

Critics slam Obama for "protecting" Creve Coeur-based Monsanto


Obama administration moves ahead with sweeping rules requiring cleaner gasoline

Embattled DOE-Grant Recipient Changes Name from A123 to B456

How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law


Obama eyes taking millions of acres to save habitat from global warming

Genetically Modified Crops Protected By New Budget Bill

Flashback: 9/19/2012 Horrific Results of New GMO Food Study Reveal Obama Has Abandoned FDA Regulation to Chemical Industry Profits, Says Occupy Monsanto


Obama's Energy nominee: We need carbon tax to double or triple energy cost

 Production Obstruction- Critics cite mounting evidence that Obama administration is blocking oil and gas production

Obama’s science advisers press for carbon standards


BLS Releases Another Phony 'Green Jobs' Report

As Air Traffic Control Towers Close, FAA Hiring 'Community Planners'


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is likely to miss the deadline to finalize the anti-coal New Source Performance Standards


Supreme Court sides with timber industry in logging road runoff dispute

Kerry: 'We Call It Earth, but It Could Well Have Been Called Ocean'


Obama's Plans for the Suburbs: And How to Stop Them


Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change


Obama: Get 'off of oil for good'

Obama says US must shift cars, trucks off of oil

Obama predicts cars that drive from 'coast to coast without a drop of oil'

Did Obama Just Block Keystone?

Why Obama's "Energy Security Trust" Is A Bad Idea

Obama doubles down on alternative energy

Obama touts energy his administration has hindered

Obama flies a 747 to Chicago to tout his fuel-saving plan


 EPA likely to delay climate rules for new power plants

Obama to call for $2 billion green energy fund


EPA official who wanted to 'crucify' oil companies praised EPA nominee for help in 'shaming states'


NYT to Obama: Prohibit Pipeline to Choke-Off Oil Supply


Waxman on Keystone: 'We Don’t Need this Dirty Oil'


Obama Administration Buries Good News on Keystone Pipeline

Obama rounds out Cabinet with EPA, Energy picks: Gina McCarthy, Ernest Moniz

Gina McCarthy, Obama's 'Green Quarterback,' Has a History of Working With Industry

Environmental Groups Target Ernest Moniz, President Obama's Likely Choice for Energy Secretary


EPA Official & Colorado Power Broker Resigns Following Transparency Inquiry


Environmental Protection Agency Funding Up 51% Since 2008


EPA Increases Mandates For Fuels That Don't Exist

California Girds for Electricity Woes Increased Reliance on Wind, Solar Power Means Power Production Fluctuates


Open for Business-Oyster company wins emergency injunction

Electric utility forced to shut down three coal plants in settlement with environmentalists/EPA

Beaverton to host first of 100 White House meetings on federal-city cooperation

Beaverton urban renewal district selected for Environmental Protection Agency program


EPA inspector general warns sequestration will diminish agency transparency

Obama Administration Moves Forward on Climate Change Without Congress -Forthcoming regulation likely means no new coal-fired power plants will be built in the United States


Kerry Gives First Foreign Policy Speech … on Climate Change

CEI: Lisa Jackson used yet another non-EPA email account as 'safe harbor' from transparency


5 Crazy-Funny Moments from Lisa Jackson's Secret Emails

EPA covert email system scandal deepens

Renewables constitute all new US electricity capacity added in January

Coal Industry Regulations Were A Laughing Matter to the EPA

Obama advances globalist '2-ocean' plan Grandiose expansion of 'North American Union' pushed by Bush

Of course: Former EPA chief "Richard Windsor" had some buddies


EPA official scrutinized over emails to resign: Region 8 Administrator James Martin

Another top EPA official caught using private email account: Bob Perciasepe

EPA releases thousands of heavily redacted emails from secret account


Regulations, litigation force cancellation of Texas coal-fired power plant construction


Under President Obama's Leadership, Permits to Drill on Federal Lands Take 30 Percent Longer to Approve


Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying so many bullets?

Waxman: Obama Should Regulate Oil Refineries, Household Appliances to Stop Global Warming


Boxer Introduces Carbon Tax Bill Three Months After WH Promised 'We Would Never Propose' One

U.S. Grant Funded Workers' Play at LG Chem Factory

IG: Add LG Chem to Obama's green-tech subsidy flops

Obama plans to bypass Congress to combat climate change


Beaverton to host first of 100 White House meetings on federal-city cooperation

Beaverton urban renewal district selected for Environmental Protection Agency program

Obama says he will use executive action on climate if needed


Corn shortage idles 20 ethanol plants nationwide


Woman With Pacemaker Refuses Smart Meter- Has Power Cut In The Dead Of Winter

Administration's New Climate Report: Next Ice Age 'Has Now Been Delayed Indefinitely'

Explosive Fed. Mandate Killing Thousands of Red Snapper


Obama Administration Shuts Down 100 Year Old Oyster Farm This Week

Flashback: Obama Interior Nominee Sally Jewell Interview On 'Green Business'

Stonewalling Justice EPA shields information regarding administrator's secret email account

Interior secretary nominee Sally Jewell previously served on the board of an environmental group that has filed dozens of lawsuits against the federal government, including against the Department of Interior.


 Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare

Sally Jewell: Obama's pick to head Dept of Interior gets the nod from environmentalists

Treasury fights to keep carbon emails secret

Obama administration getting strangely less specific about their electric-vehicle goals

White House Weighs Emission Rules; State of the Union Could Signal Effort to Curb Greenhouse Gases From Existing Coal-Powered Facilities


Secretary Chu Says DOE Research Led Shale Revolution, and Forecasts the Same for Renewables

Arizona sues EPA over "absurd" coal emission rules

Coal, solar companies claim Super Bowl outage makes their case

Biden says Obama agrees with French socialist on climate change


Outgoing EPA chief regrets lack of dialogue with rural America

'Father of the Prius' Declares Electric Cars 'Not Viable'

Greenest Super Bowl in History Goes Dark Mid-Game

Energy Dept. Last Week: 'Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront'

Pitkin Confrontation with Forest Service


Solar development absorbing Calif. farmland


Keystone pipeline decision to languish until mid-June-US source

Energy Secretary Chu steps down, blasts climate-change skeptics

Flashback: BP oil spill cap design was stolen, Virginia inventor claims

Obama credits Chu with designing cap for Gulf oil spill

1/31/2013: Study: New E15 gas can ruin auto engines

1/31/2013: The EPA once again raises its biofuels standards - for biofuels that still do not exist

1/30/2013:Colorado Energy Office Misspends Millions in Stimulus Funds

1/29/2013: Daryl Issa's letter to @EPAgov on evidence "alias" email accounts have been used for official business

1/29/2013: Vitter, Issa demand records regarding top EPA official's use of private email account

1/29/2013: Pro-Obama company builds wind power project in same area where coal plant closed

1/29/2013: Obama Czar Rattner Decries 'Climate-Change Deniers' - But Flies Big Private Jet

1/28/2013: EPA Email Scandal Is Worse than Originally Thought

1/27/2013: Chicago Suburb Arrests Mothers for Refusing Energy Meters (Naperville, IL)

1/26/2013: Judge rules EPA can't mandate use of nonexistent biofuels

1/25/2013: Turning America's water into Big Green´s elite empire

1/25/2013: Video: FEMA won't let us rebuild our home

1/24/2013: Republicans threaten 'formal action' over EPA head's 'Richard Windsor' emails

1/24/2013: Obama EPA kills power plant, 3,900 jobs in Texas

1/24/2013: 3M to Cut 300 Jobs in Restructuring Move

1/23/2013: Nebraska OKs re-routed Keystone XL pipeline, now it's Obama's problem

1/22/2013: Carney: 'No Specific Storm or Weather Event Can Be Tied to Climate Change'

1/22/2013: State Department delays Keystone pipeline decision

1/22/2013: Salazar Gets to Work on Last-Minute Push of Obama's Green Agenda

1/21/2013: Obama: 'We Will Respond to the Threat of Climate Change'

1/19/2013: Government Scientist Gets Fired for Telling the Truth: Eight government scientists were recently fired or reassigned after voicing concerns to their superiors about faulty environmental science used for policy decisions.

1/19/2013: Senior State Dept. Climate Official Heads to Department Of Energy

1/19/2013: Former Clinton, Obama Officials Call For Halt to Arctic Drilling

1/19/2013: Obama's DOE now making "investments" in algae

1/18/2013: The Mysterious Case Of Richard Windsor

1/16/2013: EPA Circles Wagons in 'Richard Windsor' Email Scandal

1/16/2013: AP source: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar leaving

1/15/2013: EPA Email Release "Gravely Compounded Unlawful Activity We Have Exposed"

1/15/2013: New mysteries in EPA´s Windsorgate scandal

1/14/2013: DOJ to Release Secret EPA E-Mails

1/12/2013: US taking steps to protect Gunnison sage grouse..-proposed designating 1.7 million acres in southwest Colorado and southeast Utah as critical habitat

1/10/2013:Top EPA official used private email account to correspond with environmental groups

1/8/2013: Obama´s Green Ethanol Bureaucrats Starve The Poor

1/8/2013: DoE doubling down on feeding "green" ambitions and hiking third-world food prices

1/7/2013: Georgia Power to close 15 coal, oil units: One Sixth of the power grid capacity

1/7/2013: Goodbye, Lisa Jackson...-Since January 2009, Jackson’s EPA has issued 20 "major" regulations - defined as rules with an economic cost of $100 million or more each year.

1/7/2013: Tree-fruit growers see proposed rules as burden

1/6/2013: Biofuels cause pollution, not as green as thought - study

1/6/2013: Great News: Obama’s Cash for Clunkers Actually Hurt the Environment

1/4/2013: Issa threatens subpoena on EPA Alaska mine review

1/4/2013: Wisconsin Energy Company To Cut Jobs After Heavy Handed EPA Settlement

1/4/2013:  Federal judge rules EPA overstepped authority trying to regulate water as pollutant in Virginia

1/4/2013: Study: Some Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs May Put Health At Risk

1/2/2013: EPA chief Lisa Jackson suddenly resigned last week because she was convinced that President Obama is planning to green-light the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline

1/2/2013: New California regs forcing trucks off the road

1/2/2013: EPA's illegal human experiments could break Nuremberg Code- Agency claims unfettered discretion in treatment of test subjects

12/29/2012: EPA chief Jackson resigns amid transparency investigations

12/27/2012: Is The EPA´s Lisa Jackson Trying To Dodge A Federal Probe?

12/27/2012: Attorney claims EPA chief resigned over alias email accounts

12/27/2012: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson resigns

12/27/2012: Departing Environmental Chief Suggests Obama Has Failed On Climate

12/27/2012: What is EPA Chief Lisa Jackson hiding?

12/26/2012: Kerry to Push Climate Change as Sec. of State

12/26/2012: Obama's Cap-and-Trade Scheme for Cars...Average cost of new car will increase $3,000

12/20/2012: Obama lists climate change among top 3 priorities

12/19/2012: Salazar announces Alaska Petroleum Reserve plan

12/18/2012: Chuck Hagel: Likely Obama Defense Pick Pushed U.N. Scheme-  has a long history of introducing legislation aimed at massive U.S. funding for the Third World, even pushing a de facto global tax.

12/15/2012: Number the Nukes -Ex-Russian strategic commander says new Chinese missiles threaten 1987 U.S.-Russia arms treaty

12/14/2012: New Tax to Allow Obama to Seize Half of 25 Percent of American Farms

12/14/2012: EPA to tighten standards for soot pollution

12/12/2012: A New Mexico couple has been warned by the federal government not to touch trash – tin cans, broken glass and the like – that has accumulated over the years on the 20 acres of desert land they bought for their retirement home near Santa Fe because it could hurt the Rio Grande River, 25 miles away

12/12/2012: 7 Northeast states to sue EPA over methane

12/11/2012: EPA Spending Taxpayer Money to Address 'Environmental Justice' Concerns in Nail Salons

12/10/2012: USDA Wants to Expand Protection for American Indians' 'Sacred Places' on Public Lands

12/10/2012: Tribal Leader Granted Rights to Build Refinery Is Outspoken Critic of Hydrofracking Regulations

12/9/2012: Obama Relents: Puts the Meat Back in "Lunch Meat"

12/8/2012: USDA chief: Rural America becoming less relevant

12/7/2012: Energy Industry Concerned Obama Could Pursue End-Run on Climate Change Rules

12/6/2012: NHTSA gets White House OK to mandate vehicle 'black boxes'

12/5/2012: Taxpayers footing the bill for next generation of electric car batteries

12/4/2012: Sen. Sessions to EPA: Show Me Evidence for Obama´s Global Warming Agitprop

12/3/2012: Obama Says No to Oil Leases, But Yes to Windmills, Off the Atlantic Coast

12/3/2012: Ethanol Eating Up U.S. Corn Exports

12/3/2012: A123 Logs Its Own List of Failures

12/1/2012: USS Enterprise destinedfor scrapyard

11/30/2012: New ethanol blend could damage vehicles and void warranties, AAA warns

11/29/2012: Video: Feds shut down 100-year-old oyster company, destroy some lives and dreams

11/27/2012: Willow Lake Mine to remain closed; 400 layoffs to result (Illinois coal mine)

11/27/2012: Obama quietly signs bill shielding airlines from carbon fees in Europe

11/26/2012: New federal law may make replacing your furnace much costlier

11/25/2012: EPA forces green agenda into immigrants' language classes

11/24/2012: EPA Teaching Guide Tells Non-English Speakers to Spy on Neighbors, Workplace

11/22/2012: Thanksgiving eve surprise: Feds to block off 9M acres for spotted owl

11/21/2012: EPA rejects suspension of corn-based ethanol mandate

11/21/2012: As More Climate Talks Loom, Senator Presses Treasury on its Plans For $100bn Global Green Fund

11/21/2012: Sen. Vitter alleges administration hiding internal discussions on a carbon tax

11/20/2012: Secret 'alias' account was available on EPA chief Lisa Jackson's computers

11/20/2012: Is The Obama EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program?

11/19/2012: Georgia GOP Lawmakers Investigate If Obama Is Using Soviet Style Mind Control

11/19/2012: The EPA vs. State Economies

11/18/2012: National Heritage Sites and Agenda 21

11/18/2012: EPA rules Ariz. power plants must upgrade

11/17/2012: Congress demands EPA's secret email accounts

11/15/2012: President Obama: 'I am a firm believer that climate change is real'

11/14/2012: House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) threw cold water Tuesday on supporting a carbon tax

11/9/2012: Interior proposal would block oil shale development on federal lands in West

11/9/2012: White House says Obama is not planning a carbon tax proposal

11/9/2012: 102 Utah miners laid off because of 'war on coal,' company says

11/8/2012: 'Man Who Crushed Keystone' Is Targeting Fossil Fuels in Anti- Apartheid-Style Campaign

11/7/2012: Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit, HSBC Says

11/5/2012: WH Adviser Explains Vision for 'Public-Private Partnerships Involving Foreign Nations'

11/5/2012: EPA grants 16 states clean gas waivers after Sandy (in time for the election)

11/1/2012: Obama Administration Mandates Oil Firms Hire Sea Turtle Observers

11/1/2012: EPA Determines That Pollution Is Okay in an Emergency  

11/1/2012: Eco-Taxes? Study Financed by U.S. Treasury Will Link Tax Code to Carbon Emissions

10/26/2012: Obama Urged Governors to Celebrate UN Day

10/26/2012: Audit: Green jobs stimulus program wastes cash: 16% rate of success

10/25/2012: Obama's EPA Plans for 2013

10/21/2012: Inhofe: EPA delaying job killing regulations until AFTER Obama is reelected.

10/20/2012: EPA's war on consumers, affordable electricity and jobs

10/19/2012: Interior Department creating their very own climate-change committee

10/19/2012: Obama Washington Wink-Winking like crazy at EPA

10/19/2012: Gas Prices Are Up Because of Obama's Offshore Ban

10/16/2012: Ethanol Mandates Plague Developing Countries With Rising Food Prices

10/05/2012: EPA Celebrates 'Children Health Month,' Encourages Recruiting Students for 'Energy Patrols' at School

10/05/2012: Agent Was Killed on Federal Land Where Border Patrol Has Hands Tied ...-Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) talks with PJM: Environmental rules keep agents out of vehicles and give cartels the run of the territory.

10/04/2012: Video Shines Light on Obama-EPA Green "Way of Life" Agenda

10/03/2012: Environmental Protection Agency senior executives used secret email addresses to skirt freedom of information laws, a lawsuit by a free-market think tank alleges

10/02/2012: Obama Proclaims October ‘Energy Action Month’ Despite Rejecting Pipeline, Threats To Natural Gas And Coal Industries

10/02/2012: Under a Green International Plan, the Price of US Wood and Paper Products Will Necessarily Skyrocket

9/25/2012; EPA Sued Over Heinous Experiments on Humans

9/23/2012: Smart meter data shared far and wide

9/22/2012: California Businesses Protest Forthcoming Cap-and-Trade Program

9/22/2012 Speak Up: US law enforcement to use Russian software to store millions of voices

9/22/2012 Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition?

9/21/2012: Napolitano Says Cybersecurity Executive Order Almost Ready

9/21/2012: Appalachia coal mine closures strain ministry centers

9/19/2012: EPA Institutes Minimum Gas Purchase Requirement For Some Stations

9/19/2012: Coal company facing aggressive regulations announces 1,200 layoffs

9/14/2012: EPA to America: You will use more biofuels, and you will like it

9/14/2012: The Green Tape Letters Obama Energy official coordinated message with Center for American Progress, emails show

9/14/2012: EPA Honors Hispanic Heritage Month With Poster Of Che Guevara And A Bit Of Plagiarism

9/9/2012: Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them

9/7/2012: Obama’s War On America’s Fresh Water Supply

9/6/2012: Obama, EPA actions make cap-and-trade more likely

9/6/2012: Convention: Climate change so serious Democrats mention it once in over 80 speeches over two days (Daily Caller)

9/5/2012: Democratic Platform Seeks to Rid U.S. of Oil

9/2/2012: EPA's Alaska power-grab will hurt the nation

8/31/2012: Bureau of Land Management declares Burning Man (Nevada) Second Amendment-free zone

8/31/2012: Obama order targets industrial efficiency, emissions

8/29/2012: Obama calls for cars to get almost 55 mpg (Price of autos to increase by at least $3,000)

8/28/2012: Obama touts finalization of fuel standards

8/25/2012: Calls to lower ethanol quota rise as U.S. corn crop withers

8/24/2012: EPA Levies $40,000+ Fines on Landlords Who Fail to Provide 'EPA-Approved' Pamphlets to Tenants

8/24/2012: Obama's war on coal can be stopped, not reversed, says CEO of coal company

8/23/2012: Environmental regulations hit manufacturing hardest (Daily Caller)

8/22/2012: EPA to Shut Down LEPC Database: Establishing procedures for receiving and processing public requests for information collected under EPCRA

8/21/2012: A federal court has struck down an Environmental Protection Agency rule that forces cuts in soot- and smog-forming power plant emissions that cross state lines, dealing a major blow to the White House's air quality agenda.

8/21/2012: EPA denies challenge to biofuels rule

8/17/2012: Feds propose 1,200 sq. miles for jaguar habitat in S. AZz (and more in NM)

8/17/2012: GAO: EPA rules to cause energy price increases in Midwest, 'compromise' electric grid

8/16/2012: EPA actions at mine could hurt $220 billion in investments

8/14/2012:  National Weather Service Follows DHS In Huge Ammo Purchase... Hollow point bullets designed to cause maximum organ damage

8/13/2012: Texas prevails at Fifth Circuit in air case against EPA

8/13/2012: Obama's Three-Tiered Wealth Redistribution Plan: Individual, Regional, and Global

8/12/2012: EPA commercial takes a cheap shot at Romney,"Double the Mileage" (video)

8/12/2012: Corn production down 13%, Ethanol requirements to use corn remain... corn prices expected to grow 85% this year

8/9/2012: Next from the EPA: Four-Gallon- minimum Gas Purchases

8/9/2012: An agency of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is walking back an onerous rule change that would have primarily affected trucks at fracking sites after GOP congressmen and industry officials have cried foul.

8/9/2012: Napolitano accused of double- dealing after DHS levies $15M fine for towing a rig

8/9/2012: E-mails about clean-energy loans provide new details on White House involvement

8/7/2012: Obama Administration To Accelerate Seven New Green Energy Plants

8/6/2012: Video: EPA Targets Florida With Outrageous "Water Tax"

8/6/2012: Ousted EPA administrator vows to "stop the construction of any new coal plants in Texas"

8/3/2012: 'Wild Lands 2.0': Defeated Salazar Policy Resurrected in Back-Door BLM Move....- Lawmakers compared the policies and found the new language to be even "harsher" than the controversial Wild Lands proposal in the "carte blanche authority" granted.  Western lawmakers are crying foul over new Interior Department guidelines that resurrect the controversial Wild Lands policy that was killed by Congress in April 2011.

8/1/2012: Team Obama Seizing Western Water Supplies

8/1/2012: U.S. government sues New Mexico for damages in groundwater case

8/1/2012: Washington's new massive snooping plan – 'biosurveillance'

8/1/2012: Ohioamerican Energy Inc. Coal Mining Operation Closed in Eastern Ohio: Actions of the Obama Administration cited as the reason

7/31/2012: Obama 'evaluates' multiple gun control bills advanced by Senate Democrats

7/30/2012: Obama to transform U.S. military into social workers New focus on 'global warming,' poverty, 'injustice,' bolstering U.N.

7/30/2012: WH Fast-Tracks Solar Energy Zone (Fed public land)

7/30/2012: The US government body in charge of America's temperature record, has systematically exaggerated the extent of late 20th century global warming. In fact, it has doubled it.

7/28/2012:  Record number of coal-fired generators to be shut down in 2012 (Daily Caller)

7/27/2012: U.S. backs away from supporting global arms trade treaty

7/26/2012: Video: Say, why is the USDA attacking meat-eating?

7/26/2012: USDA newsletter encourages employees not to eat meat (Daily Caller)

7/24/2012: $500B Alaskan gold mine in upstream battle with EPA, salmon advocates

7/23/2012: White House won’t say if climate change is responsible for natural disasters (Daily Caller)

7/23/2012: A Hungry World Population? Oh Well, Let Them Eat Ethanol!

7/21/2012: EPA: Thou Shalt Purchase Fuel That Doesn't Exist

7/16/2012: GOP senators effectively kill UN sea takeover

7/16/2012: EPA could thwart mineral mother lode and sets dangerous precedent

7/16/2012: New Ethanol-Blend Fuel Approved by EPA Can Damage Car Engines, Group Warns

7/15/2012: Another new EPA regulation making things more expensive: the U.S. Coast Guard, is set to begin enforcing a new rule on August 1st that will require all large marine vessels (like cargo and cruise ships) sailing in southern Alaska waters to use low-sulfur fuel.

7/15/2012: Solar Cells 23,000 Times Worse for Environment Than Carbon Dioxide

7/15/2012: The United Mineworkers talk to IrishCentral and put a face on the war on coal

7/13/2012: DOE Official: Loan guarantee program has been an 'enormous success'

7/12/2012: DOE Official: Loan Program Wasn’t About Job Creation

7/10/2012: Study: EPA’s Probe Into Fracking’s Effect on Drinking Water Isn’t So Clean

7/10/2012: Energy Department sneaks offshore moratorium past public

7/7/2012: EPA Begins Civil Rights Investigation of TVA Coal Ash Disposal

7/3/2012: Feds force Oregon town to cancel fireworks to spare sea birds

7/3/2012: Cancellation of fireworks show in Oregon to hurt residents' business

7/1/2012: Darrell Issa Asks To 'Observe' Next Round Of TPP Negotations

6/29/2012: Obama-appointed Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator,Al Armendariz, who bragged about the agency’s “crucify” oil and gas producers enforcement policy is returning to his activist roots...  Will now work for the Sierra Club

6/29/2012: The Washington Court of Appeals gave the EPA a blank check to run roughshod over U.S. industry without Congressional input

6/26/2012: Federal court upholds Obama EPA’s climate change regulations

6/26/2012: Obama's Interior chief: State regulation of fracking 'not good enough for me'

6/26/2012: Clinton Disappointed That Rio Text Includes Family Planning but Omits 'Reproductive Rights'

6/25/2012: Court: Can EPA regulate mud from logging roads?

6/22/2012: EPA blasted for requiring oil refiners to add type of fuel that's merely hypothetical

6/20/2012: Video: Of course there’s no Obama war on coal!

6/20/2012: Union demands investigation into ‘climate of fear,’ alleged staff abuse at EPA

6/15/2012: EPA to propose tougher rules on soot

6/12/2012: Democrats’ plan for a ‘backdoor’ Kyoto Protocol

6/12/2012:  EPA’s scary-air sniffers: ...Americans on their way to work or school may soon be reaching for a new high-tech device as they head out the door - a personal air-quality monitor.

6/11/2012: EPA drones over Iowa....- Rep. Latham: ‘Don’t treat Iowa farmers like the Taliban’

6/11/2012: Lisa Jackson: EPA isn’t to blame for coal industry’s problems

6/11/2012: Senator opens inquiry into EPA’s armed visit to NC man’s home

6/11/2012: EPA power grab to regulate ditches, gullies on private property

6/10/2012: Blogger Busts EPA's Fake Fuel Figures: Lindsay Leveen..- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created data "that disobey the laws of thermodynamics.."

6/10/2012: National security expert: Law of the Sea treaty a 'question of sovereignty' (Video)

6/10/2012: Government plans to install smart meters in our homes 'will leave us open to cyber attack'

6/8/2012: EPA Official Showers Love on Anti-Fossil Fuel Activists

6/7/2012: Former ‘crucify them’ EPA leader met with environmentalists instead of testifying before Congress

6/7/2012:  Former EPA official avoids his own crucifixion

6/7/2012: U.S. Support of the Arms Trade Treaty

6/6/2012: NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center caught cooling the past

6/6/2012: Armed EPA Agents Visit Asheville Man

6/6/2012: Former EPA official, of “crucify” fame, bails from Hill hearing at the last minute

6/5/2012: EPA Enforcers: 'Way Of Life Act' Needed;' 'Individual Change' Isn't Enough

6/5/2012: DOD looks to foreign allies for help passing Law of the Sea treaty

6/2/2012:  EPA Tracking Cows From the Air

6/1/2012: EPA told to come clean on feedlot flyovers

5/30/2012: Nebraska lawmakers question EPA's aerial livestock surveillance

5/24/2012: EPA holds 12-hour hearings with environmentalists to slow coal production

5/24/2012: Hillary Clinton: Opposition to Sea Treaty Based on 'Mythology'

5/23/2012: Kerry: No vote on Sea Treaty before election

5/22/2012:  EPA-NASCAR green deal covers everything--but racing

5/17/2012: The Obama Administration's Radical Environmental Justice Blueprint

5/16/2012: Law of the Sea Treaty in US Senate for Approval

5/11/2012: Obama Administration Renews Push to Ratify Law of Sea Treaty

5/2/2012: Obama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer To A North American Union

4/26/2012: Labor Dept. withdraws farm child labor rule one day after Daily Caller report goes viral

4/25/2012: 54 National Park Areas Jeopardized Under Bogus "National Security" Bill Advancing in U.S. House

4/21/2012: President Obama designates Ft. Ord a national monument

4/17/2012: Obama signs another executive order, zoning the oceans

3/16/2012: Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law

3/16/2012: President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

3/6/2012: Obama’s Dept Of Ed. Indoctrinating Children In Environmental Literacy

Feb. 2012: Department of Homeland Security's "Environmental Justice" Strategy

2/22/2012: Obama Adviser Argued: Kids from Big Families Have Lower IQ's

2/16/2012: U.S. Joins Effort to Fight Climate Change

1/15/2012: Obama Funding ICLEI And “Sustainable Development” $71,480,165 Just Through HUD In 2011

12/19/11: Obama’s EPA Ponders Expanded Regulatory Power In Name of UN’s “Sustainable Development” Plan

11//10/11: The Interior Department on Thursday proposed setting aside hundreds of thousands of acres of public land in Utah as wilderness, though it passed on pushing protection for several other areas following objections from local officials.

9/20/2011: EPA to preside over fish cases: Commercial fishermen will no longer have their regulatory cases heard by Coast Guard Administrative Law Judges

9/20/2011: Agencies prepare to carve up coastal waters Unprecedented zoning process will be based on ecosystem approach

8/14/2011: Obama administration encounters opposition to international climate agenda

8/4/2011: Gov’t report: EPA should push ‘sustainability,’ track ‘social’ policy outcomes

8/2/2011: Obama Dedicates Another $95 Mil To “Social Equity” Program:  Sustainable Wealth Redistribution

7/21/2011: A new house bill wants to allow the Department of Homeland Security to have jurisdiction over all federal lands on national seashores and coastal areas:  HR Bill 1505 allows for DHS takeover of seashores and coastal areas

Principles We Can Live With: The Obama Administration Promises to Support Sustainable Development

6/21/2011: Does The New "White House Rural Council" =UN's Agenda 21?

6/18/11 Secretary of Energy is looking at Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) Cold Fusion as a part of implementing President Obama’s ambitious agenda to invest in clean energy

6/9/2011: Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council

5/31/2011 DOT proposed a rule change for farm equipment

5/11/2011 USDA and DOE Award Biomass Research and Development Grants to Reduce America’s Reliance on Imported Oil

4/4/2011 Remarks Kerri-Ann Jones Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Head of Delegation, United States of America Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

3/16/2011 Remarks by Elizabeth Cousens, Principal Policy Adviser, U.S. Mission to the United Nations, at an Interactive Dialogue on the Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability

3/13/2011 Intervention at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Opening Plenary  John Matuszak Washington, DC

3/11/2011: Obama Administration Announces Launch of i6 Green Challenge to Promote Clean Energy Innovation and Economic Growth

3/10/2011 The Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication     Speaker: Deputy Assistant Secretary Lawrence J. Gumbiner

3/8/2011 The Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development, Affairs -  Intervention- Lawrence J. Gumbiner Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Second PrepCom of UNCSD Washington, DC

3/7/2011 Objectives of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development- Speaker: Deputy Assistant Secretary Lawrence J. Gumbiner

3/7/2011 Remarks by Lawrence J. Gumbiner, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Science, Space and Health, at the Second Preparatory Committee of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development

3/7/2011 Lawrence Gumbiner at the UN: The Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication

2/3/2011: Obama: Penn State poised to help U.S. 'Win the Future'

1/6/2011: Obama administration factors "sustainability" principles into transportation funding

10/21/2010: Partnership for Sustainable Communities Awards Grants to Build Infrastructure Nationwide

10/21/2010: HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities

8/5/2010: Censored Gulf news: Terror in Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt III) Disinformation, depopulation  ..Terror in Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt III) Disinformation, depopulation

8/3/2010: Censored Gulf news: State-sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt II)

8/3/2010: Censored Gulf news: State-sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt1)

9/22/2010: EPA Hosts Historic Meeting on Environmental Justice / Obama administration cabinet members show commitment to healthy environment and strong economy for all Americans

7/11/2010: The Unholy Alliance: Monsanto, Dupont & Obama

6/23/2010 A USDA Regional Roadmap to Meeting the Biofuels Goals of the Renewable Fuels Standard by 2022

2/8/2010: HUD promotes Obama's pitch for sustainable communities

2/4/2010: Top Obama Administration Officials to Promote Sustainable Communities, Environmental Justice at Smart Growth Conference


White House Document: .Growing America’s Fuel

5/11/2009: Michelle Obama's Smart Growth, Smart Eating, Smart Parenting... measurable outcomes

11/5/2008: President-Elect Obama on Smart Growth, Transportation, Cities, and Regions

8/11/2008: Smart Growth The good news about high gas prices..the last page of Sen. Barack Obama's "New Energy for America" plan -- build more livable and sustainable communities

5/5/2009: President Obama Announces Steps to Support Sustainable Energy Options, Departments of Agriculture and Energy, Environmental Protection Agency to Lead Efforts

Sustainable Development
Investing in Our Future
Investment Biography Anne Martin
Investing Team Jonathan Hook
Fisher Investments Brian Track
Yale Investing Office David Swensen
Investing Office Scott Richland

Reference Links

Agenda 21 implementation: Progress report, compiled from the national reports to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development five years after Agenda 21 was adopted in Rio de Janeiro -From eco-logic, May/June, 1998

UN Document S/19-2.  Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21- September 19, 1997

Core Publications Agenda 21: UN Dept. of Economic and Social Affais- Division for Sustainable Developement - June 14, 1992

RIO DECLARATION ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT...Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992.

Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was created in December 1992

Five year review of Earth Summit progress - made in 1997 by the United Nations General Assembly meeting in special session

"Smart Growth, A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs

(12/10/1974) National Security Study Memorandum 200 Part 1  (Population control, National Security Council)

(12/10/1974)National Security Study Memorandum 200 Part 2 (Population control National Security Council)

(12/10/1974)National Security Study Memorandum 200 Part 3 (Population control National Security Council)

Agenda 21 programs and their sites

Biomass Research and Development

Biomass Program

Sustainability Peer Review - (Biomass Research)

California: The Emerald Cities Program  - Communties currently participating are Riverside and Tracy

California Emerald Cities Fact Sheet (PDF)

California Emerald Cities Goals and Objectives (PDF)

California 'central planning' bill: Senate Bill 375  - Actual Bill -  List of 18 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).

Emerald Cities Program Partner Agencies:...Air Resources Board    Office of Planning & Research  California Energy Commission  California Department of Water Resources  California Department of Parks and Recreation  California Department of Transportation  California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection  California Department of Public Health  California Housing and Community Development  Department of Toxic Substances Control  Department of General Services  State Water Resources Control Board

California Dept.of Conservation

Maryland: Smart Growth Program

Michigan Land Use Institute

Minnesota:  (no link)

Smart Growth Online - New Jersey programs

Growing Smart Legislative Guidelines- The American Planning Association

New York State: Quality Communities Task Force (no link)

Oregon Land Use Information Center ( no link)

Pennsylvania's Growing Greener Program (no link)

Portland: Sustainable Portland (no link)

Washington State: Growth Management Program

Smart Growth for Tennessee Towns and Cities: A Process Guide

Tennessee Public Act 1101

NRCS Landscape Initiatives

USDA Funds Projects to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 24 States (

Vilsack Announces New Projects Designed to Improve Natural Resources on Agricultural Operations in 11 States  (

NRCS Helps Address Nitrates in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

ICLEI: International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives -  (Soros funded land grab org.)

Washington State's 10-65 Rule (reported on in article)


Protest Organizations

The Post Sustainability Institute

Democrats against Agenda 21

Freedom 21 Lake County

Freedom Works' group: Crush Agenda 21

Freedom Advocates

John Birch Society: Stop Agenda 21

Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition

Sovereignty International, Inc.

Mother Load Tea Party, Amador County California

American Policy Center


We Are Change Colorado


Agenda 21 In One Easy Lesson

Agenda 21: A Global Economic Disaster in the Making

Agenda 21 Part II: Globalist Totalitarian Dictatorship Invading a Town near You – With Your Permission

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Agenda 21 UN: The History of Sustainable Development - Connecting the Dots

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Special Report Sustainable Development: Transforming America

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‘Sustainable Development’ Explained

How Agenda 21 influences the BCC 2035 Joint Strategic Plan

Agenda 21 is in your community

Your Hometown & the United Nations’ Agenda 21

How to Fight Back Against Sustainable Development

Is the Soros-Sponsored ‘Agenda 21’ a Hidden Plan for World Government? (Yes, Only it Is Not Hidden)

White House Executive Order on Rural Council

The Fascist Stealth of Agenda 21

4/11/2011 Agenda 21... The 'Planned' Depopulation Project... It's Happening at Stealth Speed... Right Before Your Eyes!

Codex Alimentarius: Big Brother's Plan to Control Health Supplements

Codex Alimentarius: Official WHO Chart, Current Standards

Codex Alimentarius - Dare you ignore it? (control of vitamins and nutrients)

2/2/2010 Global ObamaCare & the “Good Club” Billionaires

5/3/2009 They're called the Good Club - and they want to save the world

5/24/2009 Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory or Real Threat?

Agenda 21 – “Outsmarting” America- Smart Meters

EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Issue Proposed Guidance That Would Expand Their Jurisdiction Under the Clean Water Act

EPA and Corps plan to seize control of all water

2007: Army Corp of Engineers letter, No impact on Missouri River

Koster files lawsuit against Corps of Engineers to stop diversion of Missouri River water upstream

The Purposeful Flooding of America's Heartland

Marxists gang up on Old MacDonald’s Farm

Feds buying up farmland they flooded; Soros in on it

Agenda 21 Update: Family Farms Are Under Attack

NFU Says Farm Equipment Should be Exempt from CDL Requirements

Obama’s Takeover of Rural America – Vetting Obama

$76 Trillion to Engineer a Green Economy?

United Nations - Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development and the Regional One Bay Area Plan

7/27/2011 California Wages War On Single-Family Homes

 Sustainable SNAKES, Reinvented TOILETS and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS!

Welcome to the U.N.‘s Agenda 21’s `Walkability’ -Sustainability Agenda 21 marches on

DOD, DHS Among Agencies Dedicated To Environmental Justice

The UN Agenda 21 Marches on in America with the USDA-EPA National Partnership

Obama Administration Racing Towards Rio + 20

UN’s Agenda 21 forcing society back to the Ghetto

Canada's Role In Sustainable Development

Smart Meters Big Brother of Our Day

Obama’s 'Law of the Sea' Treaty Spreads the Wealth Around


Obama Supported - GeoEngineering & chemtrails

Outgoing EPA chief regrets lack of dialogue with rural America

'Father of the Prius' Declares Electric Cars 'Not Viable'

Greenest Super Bowl in History Goes Dark Mid-Game

Energy Dept. Last Week: 'Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront'

Pitkin Confrontation with Forest Service

What Is Agenda 21? After Watching This, You May Not Want to Know

Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You?

Beck Urges More Local Action Against UN’s Agenda 21

Sessions Hammers Boxer At Global Warming Hearing

Sen. Rand Paul Testifies on The FOCUS Act At The House Natural Resources Committee

Nancy Pelosi Pushes Agenda 21 On House Floor

U.N. Taking Over City Councils Across America (Dec. 24, 2011)

Agenda 21 and Your Home Town, Palin Smith ( 9 videos)

Reason TV Battle  for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks Off the Land

Implied Consent: Smart Meters (video)

Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

Government Stealing Food?

U.N. Agenda 21 Depopulation, radio show, Listen to Dr Stan Monteith interview Orlean Koehle (2/4)

2009 New World Observer, Agenda 21 and Depopulation videos

7/4/11 Debate on Fox News: President Obama Signs Executive Order 13575 (Agenda 21) to Take Over Rural Farmland

America's Choice - Liberty or Sustainable Development (1 of 3)

Agenda 21 For Dummies

WOMAN ARRESTED For Protesting Smart Meter Installation

John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government Exposes Agenda 21 to Austin City Council

How your community is implementing AGENDA 21

Arlington City Council and Mayor stiffle the citizens voices during debate

Agenda 21 for Public Officials - Nov. 8, 2011

Agenda 21; Coming to a Farm Near You - July 29, 2011

John Birch Society video on Agenda 21

John Birch Society President John McManus interviews American Policy Center President Tom DeWeese regarding the current status of the Stop Agenda 21 movement 3/20/12

Changing The Conversation - July 5, 2011


Agenda 21 in Kansas: Project 17, "We Succeed"; audio

Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory or Real Threat (audio)


Collected files on Agenda 21 scams

British Petroleum-Gate List

The Solyndra Scandal


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