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British Petroleum-gate

Special master sought to oversee oil spill claims

Judge Says BP Can't See White House Emails on Gulf Oil Spill

One year later........   Video: The costs of Obama’s drilling moratorium – one year later 

All the money has flowed to Obama, the Congress, and the Ayer's family. Fancy that.

1) Pres_ _ent Obama and Rahm and the DNC gets $$$$$ from BP ............. check
"Obama biggest recipient of BP cash
.. more than $3.5 million…with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama"

"British Petroleum (BP) pumped $71,000 into Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign"

"White House chief tied to BP adviser"

Rahm Emanuel’s BP Connection

"Top PR firm for BP tied to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel"

Bombshell expose'. The real money is in the use of dispersements.
NALCO is based in Chicago with subsidiaries in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia. "

Oil dispersant manufacturer NALCO is associated with Exelon
which was Rahm Emanuel's first big deal on Wall Street,
and with ComEd -for which Axelrod did the PR which Bill Ayers' father was CEO.
ComED & Exelon are connected to NALCO through UChicago Argonne and Fermilab.
UCHICAGO ARGONNE, LLC--Stimulus Contract: $163,724,912.00 DOE May 22, 2009

Agencies to Study Dispersant Use and Ecosystem Impacts of Dispersed Oil in the Gulf of Mexico"

‘Mistress Of Disaster’ Mired in BP Mess – Jamie Gorelick

Bonner: BP spill fund 'a monster' created by Obama Administration

2) The secret reasons for the $$$$$ to Obama ............. check
BP oil leak: Fallen Deepwater Horizon was tapping second largest oil deposit in the world"

Reuters is reporting that Brazil stands to benefit from the BP oil spill disaster as the US moratorium makes more rigs available for other countries.

Oil companies are planning on moving their rigs from the Gulf of Mexico to South America off the coast of Brazil where the government is more friendly to energy corporations.

VIDEO: Sen. Mitch McConnell says Obama is "holding the Gulf hostage" in order to promote a national energy tax (known as cap and trade).

Obama and BP reached agreement Wednesday on a $20 billion fund to compensate victims of the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the giant British company's chairman apologized to America for the worst spill in U.S. history

Ken Salazar awards one deep water drilling permit … to BP?

3) Pres_ _ent Obama exempts BP from normal requirements ......... check
U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study (Obama let it happen)"

"RICO Investigation Needed NOW about Gulf, Energy & CCX"

"Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy"

Gulf oil spill: BP has a long record of legal, ethical violations "

Federal Regulator Repeatedly Failed to Inspect Deepwater Horizon "

"U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study"

"Obama admin exempted BP's Gulf drilling from environmental impact study "

"Obama sheltered BP's Deepwater Horizon rig from regulatory requirement"

"Red Flags Were Ignored Aboard Doomed Rig "

"US allowed drilling 'without required permits"

"U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits"

4) Pres_ _ent Obama creates a dangerous, negligent environment before, during, and after the event ......... check

BP's new plan risks worsening oil spill"

Internal Documents Show Early Worries About Safety of Rig"

BP reports warning signs before gulf oil rig explosion"

"Heated Argument on Rig Hours Before Blast ( Deepwater Horizon oil spill )"

"Workers on doomed BP oil rig: Corners were cut to save money"

"BP Used Riskier Method to Seal Oil Well Before Blast"

"U.S. oil drilling regulator ignored experts' red flags on environmental risks"

Obama hired media expert to monitor 'negative' coverage of BP oil spill

5) Pres_ _ent Obama, BP, and the DNC begin the obstruction ......... check
"Coast Guard Logs Show Administration Knew Extent of Oil Spill within 24 Hours"

"There Was 'Nobody in Charge' (Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Fire)"

Limited Media Access to Oil Spill"

"McCarthy: Obama hasn't returned call of lawmaker representing district of rig!! "

"Obama sat on sand berm request 2 weeks, still no reply"

"Frustration over sand barriers boils in Louisiana as federal government offers few answers"

Obama waited 58 days to meet the CEO of BP

Obama oil spill panel full of anti-oil-drilling activists

Obama oil spill panel is unlikely to lift the 6 month drilling ban early.  The environmentalist stacked panel will delay its final report until next year

6) Pres_ _ent Obama, BP and the DNC begin the coverup ......... check
"Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy"

"BP well may be spewing 100,000 barrels a day"

In their most tenacious effort to control the 'spin' on the worst oil spill disaster in the history,
BP has purchased top internet search engine words so they can re-direct people away from real news on the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe."

BP's Photo Blockade of the Gulf Oil Spill"

BP buses in 400 for photo op with Obama

"BP shipped in workers for president's visit"

"Oil Spill - CBS Threatened With Arrest For Filming The Oil Spill (Coast Guard: "This Is BP's Rules."

"Lab Chosen To Test Oil Spill Water & Animal Samples Has Ties To BP"

President Delays Oil Spill Recovery Efforts For San Francisco Fundraiser With Getty Oil Heirs"

Members of a panel of experts brought in to advise the Obama administration on how to address offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon disaster now say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar falsely implied they supported a six-month drilling moratorium they actually oppose.

Coast Guard Head Was Informed of Maine Oil Boom on 5/21. Yesterday, He Claimed He Didn’t Know

The Federal Aviation Administration banned flights over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and affected coastline this week

John Podesta of the Center for American Progress is nearly scripting the White House’s BP response, according to Jonathan Weisman at the Wall Street Journal in a blog post

Clinton administration Justice Department official, Jamie Gorelick, whose name was floated as a possible attorney general pick for Obama represents BP in meeting with Obama.  BP agrees to a 20 billion dollar fund for victims.

The deepwater drilling experts that President Obama consulted on his drilling ban and referenced in his announcement of the ban are now saying that they recommended nothing of the sort.

Feds refuse to provide spill response plans for top oil companies drilling in Gulf.  The adminstration is stonewalling FOIA requests for information

Evidence that the BP disaster started in February? Did the White House know?

Obama Administration Only Accepted Help From 5 Countries Out of 28 That Offered Assistance, still ignores crisis

Jones Act not hampering Gulf clean up, (why did Obama turn down foreign help?)

VIDEO: Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in 2007: BP is Going to Help Us Save the World

The Justice Department on Friday urged a federal appeals court to delay a judge's ruling overturning a drilling moratorium in the Gulf. In court papers, the Obama administration said the suspensions in deepwater drilling are crucially important to protect human health and the environment from another disaster.

White House Enacts Rules Inhibiting Media From Covering Oil Spill

Most Transparent Administration Ever Makes Effective Reporting from Gulf a Felony

The government is expected to announce on Wednesday that three-quarters of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak has already evaporated, dispersed, been captured or otherwise eliminated — and that much of the rest is so diluted that it does not seem to pose much additional risk of harm.

Obama’s Drilling Moratorium Has Not Increased Unemployment in Gulf Region, Administration Report Says

The White House blocked efforts by federal scientists to tell the public just how bad the Gulf oil spill could have been, according to a panel appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

White House Covered Up Dramatic Gulf Spill Figures “From Day One”

An inspector general says the White House edited a report about the administration's moratorium on offshore oil drilling to make it appear that scientists and experts supported the idea of a six-month ban on new drilling

The While House oil-spill commission made it official today: The entire oil industry, not BP, is evil and potentially the source of another Deepwater-sized spill

Obama's drill commission failure

Since Oil Spill, Rising Gas Prices Linked to Obama Drilling Ban in Just 1% of Evening News Stories

7) The REAL DEAL: Pres_ _ent Obama displays utter incompetance (again) ......... check
"Louisianans take oil cleanup in own hands as frustration mounts."

"The President couldn't determine if MMS head Elizabeth Birnbaum was fired or she resigned."

"President Obama Returns to LA to Assess the Oil Crisis"

VIDEO: Obama can’t explain why he hasn’t spoken to BP’s CEO

Gibbs: Obama hasn't talked to Hayward because BP board calls the shots

Obama and senior administration officials will meet BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg next Wednesday, the White House announced on Thursday

President attended fundraiser during Gulf memorial service

Obama said Friday that some members of Congress should share the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Barack Obama: I’m not anti-British

Obama is sticking with his tried and true play-the-victim-then-blame-others approach. In an interview on Friday, he claimed that criticism of his handling of the situation is unfair because if he had tried to prevent the spill from happening, his political opponents would not have let him.

Obama's schedule shows him spending just 20 minutes in the meeting with BP executives

White House --BP Meeting to last a few hours but Obama will only be there 15 minutes

New Obama "oil spill czar": Thad Allen was officially designated the “National Incident Commander of the Unified Command for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico” (45 czars now), appointed on June 15, 2010

The U.S. Government has apparently reconsidered a Dutch offer to supply 4 oil skimmers.

The Dutch say Obama did not call for the skimmers

Today, the Coast Guard stopped oil skimming vessels that were hired by the state of Louisiana...because they couldn't verify if the ships had life preservers and fire extinguishers.

Over 2,000 Skimmers Available In US That Obama Refuses To Use

Federal Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging

Obama’s Drilling Moratorium Affecting More Than 33 Wells

71 days into the Oil Spill, the Obama administration says will take foreign help

The largest skimming ship in the world — known as an “A Whale” — is expected to arrive in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, but will be prevented from contracting with BP to help clean up the oil spill until the federal government decides that the vessel is “effective.”

Feds taking the Independence day weekend off in oil fight

Despite promises to ‘not rest,’ President Obama to take third vacation since Gulf Coast oil spill began

Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, released a report today titled, “Failure of Leadership: President Obama and the Flawed Federal Response to the BP Disaster.

Gulf Oil Spill Could Have Been Stopped 48 days Earlier

Buried deep in a 551-page technical forensic report lies new evidence that BP and the U.S. government, in their frantic attempts to stop the Gulf oil gusher, made the situation far worse.

Time-Line video of Obama response to Gulf oil spill (video)

8) The REAL DEAL: Pres_ _ent Obama destroys America (again) ......... check
"Analysis: Could U.S. Lose 200 Rigs by the End of Summer? "

"RICO Investigation Needed NOW about Gulf, Energy & CCX"

‘Thousands of Louisianans are going to be out of work because the president wanted a get-tough headline’

Senior Tories today warned Barack Obama to back off as billions of pounds were wiped off BP shares in the row over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Mayor Boris Johnson demanded an end to “anti-British rhetoric, buck-passing and name-calling”

Obama has refused to waive the Jones Act. His Administration keeps putting the blame on the Coast Guard who puts the blame on others for not requesting the Jones Act be waived.

The Obama ban on drilling in the Gulf is estimated to cost 120,000 people their jobs

No skimmers in sight as oil floods into Mississippi waters

Kenneth Feinberg, who is administering the new claims process for victims of the Gulf oil disaster, made crystal clear today that individuals and businesses hurt by the drilling moratorium are not eligible for a piece of the $20 billion escrow fund BP set aside to pay all eligible claims

AUDIO: Lousiana Governor Jindal rails against Obama's failures in Gulf oil disaster

Issa’s report on the Gulf cleanup: "How the White House Public Relations Campaign on the Oil Spill is Harming the Actual Clean-up"

Finance Expert: Obama's Drilling Moratorium Devastates The Economy In The Gulf Coast Region

Offshore Drilling Moratorium Would Cost United States 175,000 Jobs Per Year Through 2035

A damning memo shows the administration knew its oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico would kill tens of thousands of jobs but did it anyway.

Obama Says Moratorium Doesn’t Really Hurt Anybody; Louisiana Seethes With Indignation

Obama administration policies have caused “irreperable harm” to the Gulf Coast economy, stifling the energy sector and culling employment within it to a degree previously underestimated by the administration itself. That is the conclusion drawn by Louisiana State University economics professor, Dr. Joseph Mason

EPW report shows new EPA rules will cost more than 800,000 jobs

Obamanomics: The Interior Department’s top drilling declined to give details on when the department will begin issuing new deepwater drilling permits for the Gulf of Mexico

Obama Administration Blocking 103 Gulf Drilling Permits

Did Steven Chu Sabotage BP's Top Kill Effort Just as It Was Succeeding?

9) Obama tries to buy votes and improve poll numbers

VIDEO: Kenneth Feinberg – head of the “Oil Spill Compensation Fund” – saying people in the Gulf Region can file a claim with the Government and receive “emergency payments” without providing “the type of corroboration that would normally be provided.” Feinberg said they only need to provide “basic information,” which he did not explain.

Obama rejected criticism of his response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill Sunday, saying in an interview airing on “NBC Nightly News” that his administration jumped on the crisis immediately and was determined to hold BP accountable.

Obama, who was widely criticized for a slow response to the environmentally disastrous gulf oil spill last spring, was quick to respond Sunday and claim credit for the final sealing of the well.


10) BP Bails on Obama

BP: U.S. hiding evidence on size of Gulf oil spill: It was smaller


11) The Investigation Begins

House committee says Obama administration may have edited 2010 report to favor Gulf oil drilling moratorium

Obama administration rebuffs subpoena

Feds make 1st arrest in BP oil spill case ... engineer who destroyed evidence

IG investigator says White House hindered probe of oil spill report

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