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 The Obama Administration: Year Six

President Obama's Three Hundred and First Week in Office

News and Notes:  " As ex WH staffer, I can safely say staff wouldn't publicly call someone "chickensh*t" if POTUS hadn't privately said something similar 1st" Ari Fleischer (Twitter)


 Video/Audio of the moment:   Krauthammer: ‘No Doubt’ Chickensh*t Story Accurately Reflects Obama’s View


Obama and the IRS

IRS Stonewalls Cruz Investigation; Cruz Threatens Subpoena Come January


Q3 GDP Rises 3.5% Despite Sharp Slowdown In Consumption, Pushed Higher By Government Spending Spree

U.S. Economy Up 3.5% in 3rd Quarter, Capping Best 6 Months in Over a Decade (commerce dept.)

Initial Jobless Claims Average Nears 40-Year Low:  ...but it does little to change the overall picture of a jobs market where there is no hiring and therefore no firing.

Three Ways The Middle Class Is Not Thriving

If income is going up, can median household income go down? It’s possible

The middle class can’t afford to live in liberal cities

Obama Administration Announces Final Gainful Employment Rule

Obama Voter Fraud

New O'Keefe Video Allegedly Shows Democratic Poll Workers Assisting Illegal, Non-Citizen to Vote in NC

HUNDREDS of Illegals Caught Voting in Maryland

Massive Non-Citizan Voting Uncovered in Maryland

La Raza Promotes Washington Post Guide On Where People Can Vote Without An ID

Russian Reset

Putin To Western Elites: Play-Time Is Over

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. military ordered to hide identities, change routines to avoid jihad terrorist attacks

Former US Ambassador to Iraq: Obama Administration was warned about rise of the Islamic State, “did almost nothing”

Kerry: ‘Worst Stereotypes’ of American Behavior Abroad ‘Have Brought Us to the Difficulties We’re Living With Today’

Sources: Former Guantanamo detainees suspected of joining ISIS, other groups in Syria

White House Officials Say John Kerry Like Astronaut Somersaulting Through Space

VA Death Panels

 DOJ Won’t Prosecute Vet Affairs Criminal Referrals Rejects cases for ‘lack of criminal intent,’ recommends ‘administrative action’

The Ebola Plague

Both Obama and Bush Signed Executive Orders to Approve Quarantines for Infectious Disease

Amb. Power Says Ebola Has “No Greater Friend Than Fear” …(But Won’t Shake Hands With African Leader)

Chris Christie Fires Back at Obama: We Need Leadership on Ebola not Lectures

Obama's quarantine remarks draw fire from military spouses

White House DISOWNS State Dept proposal to fly foreign Ebola sufferers to the US for treatment

CDC changes its tune on Ebola again: Easier to catch


Eric Holder's Wife Is Granted Executive Privilege in Fast and Furious

Eric the Red

DOJ Convenes Grand Jury For Zimmerman Civil Rights Case

Holder: 'Wholesale Change' in Ferguson Police Department 'Is Appropriate'

Obama and Israel, Year 6

Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama’s Unprecedented Attack on Israel

Majority of Israeli Jews believe Obama is pro-'Palestinian'

‘Post’ poll finds significant drop in Israelis’ view of Obama

US Urges Israel to Open Temple Mount to Muslims State Dept. spokesperson calls for 'status quo' at site where Jews banned from prayer, denounces murder attempt.

White House Apologizes for 'Aspergery' Slur White House apologizes for the use of the term "Aspergery" by unnamed officials quoted in Jeffrey Goldberg.

CBS News: ‘Chickens***’ Comment ‘Drove US-Israeli Relations To A New Low’

CBS: Obama Official’s ‘Disparaging Avian Adjective Drove U.S.-Israeli Relations to a New Low’

Community Organizer to the World

Obama’s party fundraisers shutting out media

Poll: Americans Think Obama Admin’s Playing Politics By Delaying Obamacare Sign-ups Until After Election

Obama Amnesty

Border Patrol agents beg for public’s help, afraid of Obama’s order for millions of blank work permits


Brookings study reveals Minnesota’s individual insurance market is not faring well under ACA

Mitch McConnell willing to kill Obamacare with just 51 votes

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Inspires Federal Office to Ban Halloween Candy…From Kids’ Halloween Parade


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The Ebola Plague

The V.A. Death Panel      Bad Bergdahl Bargain    Obama Amnesty

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The Boston Marathon Massacre    Sandy Hook Massacre       Socialists/Communists in the White House    

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Elena Kagan Mania          Van Jones "Laugh-a-Thon"        Obama and Eric Whitaker        Obama and Derrick Bell

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Obama and TARP        Sestak-Gate        The Madness of Eric Holder

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Obama records which have not been released


Obama’s Indispensable Leadership

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